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  • Natural remedies for cognitive decline disease



    Cognitive decline disease also called Alzheimer is regressive brain trauma. It breaks down and destroys brain cells and the neurons that connect brain cells to one another. Although people look down on natural remedies their remain the best treatment to definitely heal cognitive decline in a short time. To order for our natural remedies kindly call us on:


    Natural remedies for cognitive decline

    Herbal tea 058

    Herbal tea 058 is the best natural remedy made from medicinal plants and leaves. It has been proven effective and has no side effects. The herbal tea is an antidepressant, psychotropic, immunoreconstituting dietary supplement that nourishes the brain, provides restorative sleep, and actually delays the ongoing cognitive decline. To know more about our natural remedies click on the link below:

    Ginkgo biloba

    A well knows supplement for cognition is Ginkgo Biloba, which is extracted from the leaf of the Maidenhair tree. Although it has been used as a supplement in the US, in many European countries it is part of mainstream medical care and requires a prescription. A standardized extract called EGb 761 is prescribed in many countries outside of the US.

    Ginkgo biloba must be used with caution in patients who are at increased risk for hemorrhage because it may potentiate bleeding. However, studies of its effect on bleeding function found ginkgo Biloba to be safe alone and in combination with antiplatelet drugs. Persons who are most likely to benefit from ginkgo biloba include those who already have dementia.

    Omega-3 fatty acids

    Omega-3 fatty acids may be beneficial in AD treatment. In one study, researchers found that regular consumption of omega-3 fatty acids reduced cognitive impairment. But, it’s important to note that this research was conducted in animals, not humans.

    You can get more omega-3 fatty acids in your diet by eating fish, nuts, and some oils.


    Ginseng may have cognitive-enhancing effects. In a study that compared Korean red ginseng with placebo, significant improvement was seen in ADAS-cog scores in participants who received 9 g of ginseng. Another study used 150 mg of Panax ginseng as well as other cognitive-enhancing agents, including 120 mg of ginkgo biloba and royal jelly. Statistically significant improvement in cognitive function was observed, as measured by about 2 points on the Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE); however, such improvement is not always considered clinically significant.


    Huperzine A is a bioactive constituent of Huperzia Serrata, which has been suggested to have cognitive-enhancing effects. Huperzine has several mechanisms of action similar to those of traditional cognitive-enhancing medications, such as acetylcholinesterase inhibitors, and the antagonistic effects on the NMDA receptor. The common dose range is from 200 to 400 µg.

    Vitamin D

    Vitamin D stimulates macrophage-induced phagocytosis of beta-amyloid protein. In a population study of 171 individuals, an increased incidence of all-cause dementia was seen in those who had vitamin D deficiency compared with those who had normal levels.

    Coconut oil

    Caprylic acid is a fatty acid found in processed coconut oil. The human body breaks down caprylic acid into the protein ketone. A similar protein is used in a drug called Ketasyn.

    Some research has found that people who took Ketasyn had better memory performance and less cognitive decline. Some people are using coconut oil as a cheaper alternative to medicine that contains Ketasyn


    Turmeric and other members of the ginger family of plants have been used for centuries in western medicine to improve symptoms of aging, including inflammation and oxidants of cells, and have recently shown promise in improving symptoms of dementia such as memory loss and ability to focus, as well as pain and swelling associated with arthritis. This plant is shown to be potentially harmful to those with gallstones as well as jaundice and those who take blood thinners- be sure to speak with your doctor before starting any new herbal regimen. 

    Although the cognitive decline has no vaccine there are still some alternative and natural remedies to get rid of this evil.

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  • Natural remedies for oviducts



    In the world and particularly in Africa oviducts also called blocked uterine tube is among the cause of fertility in women. Natural remedies are the most used to treat oviducts due to their cheapness and also because they have fewer side effects than medical treatment. This sickness affects fertility in two ways: the first one by reaching an egg, and by preventing a fertilized egg from implanting the uterus.


    Oviducts or uterine tube are the female reproductive organ that connects the ovaries to the uterus. Their function is to allow a fertilized egg to pass from the ovaries to the uterus for implantation.

    A blockage in the uterine tube prevents sperm from reaching the egg. It can also prevent a fertilized egg from making its way to the uterus. To order for our natural remedies or herbal tea calls us on:


    Herbal tea for oviducts

    Herbal tea 059 is a natural remedy made from medicinal plants and leaves. It has been proven effective and has no side effects. Because of its great vasodilator, depurative, and diuretic power, this decoction opens uterine tubes, facilitates ovulation, improves the quality of the cervical mucus, and facilitates the migration of eggs.

    To know more about our natural herbal tea kindly click on the link below:


    Natural remedies for oviducts*



    Turmeric is a natural anti-inflammatory. Curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, has been shown to reduce inflammation. You can consume Curcumin in supplement form, add turmeric to your food, or have a turmeric drink.

    There are no known side effects of turmeric when taken in small doses. However, in doses of more than 8 grams per day, it can have an adverse effect. Be sure to take the correct dosage of turmeric, or better yet, add the spice to your cooking.

    While turmeric has many virtues, there are no studies on whether or not it can help unblock tubes.


    A common ingredient with a lot of, ginger is another natural anti-inflammatory. A 2014 paper showed that gingerol, the active ingredient in ginger, is both an antioxidant and an anti-inflammatory.

    There’s no scientific evidence that ginger can unblock fallopian tubes.

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    Garlic is often suggested as a way to boost fertility and unblock tubes. A 2004 study on the fertility benefits of garlic suggested that it might be able to improve fertility. More evidence is needed to confirm this.

    Beyond that dated study, there isn’t any evidence that garlic can improve fertility. That said, a moderate amount of garlic is perfectly safe, so it might be worth trying and there are other health benefits of adding garlic to your diet.


    Some natural and Eastern doctors recommend ginseng to increase fertility. While ginseng seems to have a number of potential benefits, there’s no evidence that it can improve female fertility, let alone treat blocked fallopian tubes.

    5-Vaginal steaming

    An alternative treatment that’s recently risen in popularity, vaginal steaming supposedly treats multiple conditions, from menstrual cramps to infertility. It’s also recommended by some as a treatment for unblocking fallopian tubes.

    Unfortunately, there’s no evidence behind these claims. It doesn’t seem anatomically possible for steam to enter the fallopian tubes through the cervix. Additionally, steaming the vagina might lead to a burn or an infection. This can actually harm your fertility.

    6-Fertility massage

    Some alternative medicine practitioners suggest fertility massages unblock fallopian tubes. These usually involve warm oil massages on the abdominal area. There’s no scientific evidence that this works.

    7- Castor oil

    Castor oil is a popular home remedy for infertility and blocked tubes. It’s also commonly used to induce labor, although a 2009 review shows that it’s neither harmful nor helpful in this regard.

    There’s no scientific evidence that proves that castor oil unblocks fallopian tubes. However, there aren’t any risks associated with the topical application of castor oil, so it might be worth a try and it can moisturize your skin.

    8-Herbal tampons

    Herbal tampons that are, herbs inserted into the vagina are popular home fertility treatments. However, there aren’t any studies that test the efficacy of this treatment.

    Bear in mind that these tampons aren’t sterile, and they can lead to a vaginal infection. Use these with caution. Investigate each herb before use and work with a licensed practitioner.


    Maca is a Peruvian plant with a number of record benefits. One of those alleged benefits is that it boosts fertility. While a 2016 review of studies shows that it could improve semen quality, no evidence suggests it unblocks the fallopian tubes.


    Exercise is a lifestyle change sometimes believed to improve fertility and unblock fallopian tubes. A recent study that studied 3,628 women suggested that exercise can improve fertility levels. But so far, no studies have been conducted on the link between exercise and blocked fallopian tubes.

    11-Reducing alcohol taking

    Drinking alcohol hasn’t been directly linked with blocked fallopian tubes. However, it’s worth cutting out alcohol if you’re trying to conceive. This lifestyle change can improve your overall health and fertility.

    12- Meditation

    Similar to yoga, meditating is scientifically proven to reduce stress; according to this recent review. Meditation might be a useful tool for improving your fertility. Nevertheless, no studies have been conducted on whether meditating affects the fallopian tubes.

    13-Improving diet

    While diet is important when it comes to fertility, there’s no evidence linking diet to blocked fallopian tubes. It’s still a wise idea to eat a varied diet and stay hydrated so your body has sufficient nutrients while you’re trying to conceive.

    You should take prenatal vitamins the year before you try to conceive as low folic acid, a nutrient found in green leafy vegetables has been associated with spinal Bifida and other similar problems.

    Modern treatment for uterine tubes

    There are medical treatments you can pursue if you have blocked tubes. For example, a laparoscopy not only diagnoses blockages. It can also sometimes be used to remove any blockages. Alternatively, a surgeon can remove damaged parts of the tubes and connect the two healthy parts during surgery.

    While these treatment options are generally more expensive than natural treatments to unblock Fallopian tubes, they have a higher success rate.

    However, if large parts of the tubes are damaged or blocked, it might not be possible to remove the blockages.

    Things to avoid

    If none of the above medical or natural treatments work, there are a number of alternative methods for getting pregnant. These include:

    • In-vitro Fertilization using your own eggs
    • IVF using donor eggs
    • surrogacy

    Speak to your doctor about a fertility plan if you’re having difficulty conceiving. Together, you can figure out the cause, possible treatments, and a way forward.

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  • Natural herbs and remedies for HIV and AIDS


    HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) is a virus that attacks the body’s immune system. If HIV is not treated, it can lead to AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome). There is currently no effective cure. Once people get HIV, they have it for life. Fortunately, traditional medicine has gone a long way through the research of this evil disease.

    Through they research AFRICAN HEALTH ORGANIC has found a natural remedy made from medicinal plant and leaves in order to get rid of the evil in a short time.

    To get in touch with the center call us on

    : 22967546677.

    Herbal tea 048 and 128 for HIV and Aids

    Herbal tea 048 and 128 are natural remedies made from medicinal plants and leaves. The natural remedies are rich in active ingredients of proven effectiveness against HIV and another skin disease.

     Instruction of use:

    Boil one tablespoon of the powder in one liter, let cool, and filter. Keep in a cool place. Drink half a glass, 3 times a day. Add the juice of a ripe lemon when setting.03 months of the treatment and the healing is assured.




    Herbal tea and spices can improve digestion, stimulate appetite and preserve foods. A list of herbs and the beneficial effects claimed by people living with HIV/AIDS are given in the table opposite. The effects may not be the same for all people. People can try these herbs and decide for themselves whether they are helpful. They may also know of other remedies used in their country that they want to add.

    Know that all herbs and spices should be used in moderate amounts. Exceeding these amounts may cause problems and have a toxic effect; moreover, the function of the herbs and spices will not be increased. They cannot replace healthy eating and should not be used in place of a healthy and balanced diet.


    Benefits found by some people living with HIV/AIDS

    How to use


    Helps to relieve constipation

    Use as an extract; boil and drink the concentrated water. To be used in limited amounts; stop immediately if it causes cramps or diarrhea


    Helps to relieve nausea and aid digestion; has an antiseptic function for mouth sores

    Add to food to treat nausea and digestive problems. Use as a gargle for mouth sores


    Flower heads have an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and healing function. Helps with infections of the upper digestive tract

    Use as a compress to treat infected wounds. Prepare as a tea to help digestion


    Helps with digestive problems, pain, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, and loss of appetite

    Add to food during cooking or prepare as a tea


    Stimulates appetite, helps fight infection, heals ulcers and intestinal inflammation

    Add a pinch to cooked or raw foods. For an energizing drink add fruit juice or water


    Helps digestion and provides relief for nausea

    Prepare tea from the leaves and flowers and drink several cups throughout the day


    Good for colds and for weakness after colds or flu. Also used when feeling cold, for diarrhea and nausea. Stimulates appetite. Gently stimulates digestive juices, encouraging bowel movements

    Either add to meals or in tea, particularly ginger cinnamon tea for chesty colds or tuberculosis (see recipe in Annex 1)


    Stimulate appetite, help weak digestion, diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting

    Use in soups, stews warmed fruit juice and tea


    Helps to increase appetite and reduce flatulence. Controls bacteria and fungi

    Add herb to meals


    Has an antibacterial function, particularly for the lungs and during bronchitis. Eucalyptus oil from leaves increases the blood flow and reduces the symptoms of inflammation

    Prepare tea from the leaves or extract (see recipe in Annex 1)


    Helps to increase appetite, combat flatulence, and expel gas

    Add spice to foods or prepare tea from the seeds. Use in limited amounts


    Has antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal function, particularly in the gut, intestines, lungs, and vagina. Helps digestion and feeling of weakness. Also good for thrush, throat infections, herpes, and diarrhea

    Prepare tea or energy drink (see recipe in Annex 1), or use in food


    Improves digestion, energizes, relieves diarrhea, and stimulates appetite. Used for treating common colds, flu, and nausea

    Use either as a spice in meals or prepare a ginger tea (see recipe in Annex 1)


    Is antibacterial and helps digestion

    Add lemon juice to food or drinks


    Has a calming effect as well as soothing digestion and alleviating stress

    Use as tea


    Has an anti-inflammatory effect and helps digestion

    Use as tea or gargle for mouth sores. Chew mint leaves to aid digestion


    Brings down fever

    Cut a fresh twig, remove the leaves and boil the bark in water; drink as tea. The bark can also be chewed


    Reduces intestinal colic. Stimulates stomach secretions and activities and produces a feeling of hunger. The seed is used to remove excess water from the body

    You may also like parsley virtues and health benefits:

    Add raw or cooked to food


    It May help with nausea. Reduces colic (abdominal pain and cramps), helps to control diarrhea and stops vomiting. Used for relieving tension and sleeplessness

    Prepare as tea, by boiling the leaves for about ten minutes. Add to food. (Peppermint can easily be grown in the garden and or in a pot near the house)


    Has antiseptic and antifungal function. Relaxes nervous coughing and increases mucosal secretions. (particularly effective in the gut) Stimulates digestion and the growth of the good intestinal flora in the gut

    Use as gargle or mouthwash, as a vaginal douche, or as tea

    Turmeric/ yellow root

    Digestive aid, antiseptic and antioxidant

    Use powdered in rice, cereals, etc.

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  • Natural and homes remedies for bartholin's cyst


    The Vestibular gland is two small organs under the skin in a woman's genital area. They are on either side of the folds of skin (labia) that surround the vagina and urethra. Most of the time, you can't feel or see these glands.

    If a Bartholin duct gets blocked, fluid builds up in the gland. The blocked gland is called a Vestibular gland cyst. (Sometimes it's called a Vestibular gland  duct cyst.) These cysts can range in size from a pea to a large marble. They usually grow slowly. If the Bartholin gland or duct gets infected, it's called a Bartholin gland abscess.

    Bartholin gland cysts are often small and painless. Some go away without treatment. But if you have symptoms, you might want treatment. If the cyst is infected, you will need treatment. Read till the end to know more about our natural remedies or join us on 22967546677.

    Vestibular gland cyst causes

    Things like an infection, thick mucus, or swelling can block a Bartholin gland duct and cause a cyst. The cyst can get bigger after sex because the glands make more fluid during sex.

    Home remedies for Vestibular gland Cysts and Abscesses

    Before trying these, you need to decide whether, in the case of small cysts that are not otherwise bothering you, it is better to leave them alone.  The vulval and vaginal skin is very delicate and applying things such as Tea Tree Oil may cause you some discomfort.  Proceed with caution.

    Phoebe’s Cure

    You’ll need:-

    • 1 oz calamine lotion
    • 1 tsp tea tree oil
    • 1 tsp witch hazel

    Put all these on a cotton pad or gauze and apply for one hour (or longer).  Other sufferers have had better results by increasing the ingredients to, for example, 6 oz of calamine and 2 teaspoons of tea tree oil and witch hazel.  You may need to play around with the ‘recipe’ to find what works best for you.

    Sitz Bath

    You can buy sitz baths from Amazon a plastic bowl that fits over your toilet and allows you to ‘sit’ in it to bathe your nether regions in warm water. Otherwise, just fill your bathtub with water up to your hips. Try adding Epsom Salts or some sea salt if you don’t have anything else to hand.  Soak for around 20 minutes 3-4 times a day – depending on how painful your cysts or abscess is.

    Hot water bottle

    You could try getting the cysts to ‘pop’ by sitting on a hot water bottle but make sure it is wrapped in a muslin cloth or tea towel to avoid burning yourself.

    Hot compress

    Alternatively, you could use a washcloth dipped in hot water and carefully wrung out. Apply the compress for 10 minutes and repeat 4 times each day.

    Tea Tree Oil or Witch Hazel

    Add a couple of drops to a cotton pad and apply.  Check first whether you need to dilute it.


    This is a homoeopathic drawing salve that claims to ‘draw out the pus and infection. Its main ingredients are carbolic acid, arnica, calendula, echinacea and sulphur in an ointment of beeswax, petrolatum and parabens.  Apply direct or on a gauze pad.

    A much cheaper alternative would be Magnesium Sulphate Paste, a topical treatment for skin infections such as boils and carbuncles (so roughly similar). Prid is a US product which you may not be able to get hold of so easily in the UK.

    Silica supplement

    Silica is a trace mineral that is only required by the body in small amounts.  It is said to support joint structures, hair, skin and nail health whilst its efficacy for Bartholin’s Cysts seems to be anecdotal.

    Silicea 10 homoeopathic remedy

    There seems to be some confusion between silica and silicea 10, a homoeopathic remedy for cysts.  I have tried the latter on numerous occasions.  These are little sugar pills you place beneath your tongue until they dissolve.

    Serrapeptase supplement

    Serrapeptase is an enzyme that acts as an anti-inflammatory and an analgesic.  It is said to boost antibiotic activity and tackle bacterial resistance.  There are huge claims made for Serrapeptase but again, its reputation seems to be based on hearsay.  I have taken this supplement on many occasions but am not sure whether it made much difference.  You are advised to take these on an empty stomach so watch the dose as the stronger ones can upset your stomach a little.

    Castor Oil

    Castor Oil may help cysts in the same way as apple cider vinegar or tea tree. Research shows that this oil is antimicrobial making it effective at killing bacteria that live in the skin (causing, for example, cysts and acne).  Apply directly to the cyst on a gauze or cotton pad.

    Calamine Lotion

    The stuff we were slathered in as kids to treat chickenpox – helps to dry out oozing skin irritations and is one of the key ingredients in Phoebe’s Cure (see above).

    Aloe Vera

    Aloe Vera has confirmed the anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties and both may help with pain and irritation in cysts. It may also help reduce the appearance or get rid of certain cysts caused by bacteria or other pathogens.  You can find an aloe vera gel in your local pharmacy or online.

    Those unfortunate enough to suffer these blighters repeatedly may use one or several of these remedies whilst waiting to get to their doctor.  It is a matter of trial and error.

    Tea tree oil: Applying a mixture of tea tree oil and castor oil to the abscess may encourage drainage. Tea tree oil has natural antibacterial properties. Use gauze to apply the mixture and place a hot compress on top of the gauze. Hold in place for 15 minutes.

    Apple cider vinegar (ACV): Typically, people who use ACV to treat a Bartholin’s abscess dilute it and apply it to the cyst with a cotton ball.

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    When the abscess ‘pops’

    Sufferers report that when their abscesses burst there will be quite a lot of unpleasant liquid which seeps from the cyst.  You may need to wear a sanitary pad.  The site of the cyst and the surrounding skin may be tender so you should make sure you gently wash it and then call your GP for a check-up.

    Have you suffered from a Bartholin’s Cyst or abscess?  What has worked for you?

    Read further to know more about the virtues of soybeans on health click Below to discover.

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  • Natural remedies and herbal for hemorrhoids


    Hemorrhoids, also called piles, are swollen veins in your anus and rectum. Common symptoms can include pain, itching, and rectal bleeding. They can develop inside or outside of the anus and rectum, called internal and external Hemorrhoids, respectively. Hemorrhoids are an extremely common problem.

    Are you considering home remedies and herbal for your Hemorrhoids? Don’t look too far, here’s what you need to know. You can also call us on 22967546677 for further information.

    There are two types of hemorrhoids:

    • Internal Hemorrhoids: They are present deep inside the rectum. They are usually not seen externally or felt and are painless.
    • External Hemorrhoids: They are present under the skin surrounding the anus. They are painful because of the painful, sensitive nerves surrounding the anus.

    Hemorrhoids may go away on their own or with home remedies in a couple of weeks. If the Hemorrhoids don’t improve or the symptoms worsen, it is advised to consult a doctor to seek medical treatment.

    Herbal remedies for piles

    Herbal tea 048, 049,051 is a set of concoction, cream, and natural ovum that help to get rid of Hemorrhoids in a short time. It has made from medicinal plants and leaves. It has been proven effective and has no side effects. For more information about our natural remedies kindly click on the link below:

    Natural remedies for piles

    1. Witch hazel

    Witch hazel can reduce both itching and pain, two main symptoms of Hemorrhoids. It’s a natural anti-inflammatory, so it could also reduce swelling.  Which hazel can be purchased in liquid form and applied directly to the Hemorrhoids? It can also be found in products like anti-itch wipes and soaps.

    2. Aloe vera

    Aloe vera gel has been used historically to treat Hemorrhoids and various skin conditions. It’s thought to have anti-inflammatory properties, which might help reduce irritation. The gel can be found as an ingredient in other products, but you should only use pure aloe vera gel on Hemorrhoids. Pure aloe vera gel can also be harvested directly from inside an aloe plant’s leaves. Some people are allergic to aloe vera, particularly those who are allergic to garlic or onions. Check for allergic reactions by rubbing a dime-sized amount onto your forearm. Wait 24 to 48 hours. If no reaction occurs, it should be safe to use.

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    3. Warm bath with Epsom salt

    Warm baths can help soothe the irritation from Hemorrhoids. You can use a sitz bath, which is a small plastic tub that fits over a toilet seat or take a full-body bath in your tub. 

    4-Tea tree oil

    Some people say the antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties of tea tree oil may reduce swelling and itching caused by Hemorrhoids.


    5-Epsom salt and glycerin

    This less-known home treatment can help painful hemorrhoids’ these simple ingredients to make a compound that you apply directly to the inflamed area:

    1.Mix 2 tablespoons of Epsom salt with 2 tablespoons of glycerin.

    2.Apply the mixture to a gauze pad and place it on the painful area.

    3.Leave this application in the area for 15 to 20 minute:

    4.Repeat every four t six hours until the pain eases.


    A diet rich in insoluble fiber can help relieve constipation and prevent hemorrhoids from returning. By gently softening stools, Hemorrhoids will be better able to heal with less pain and bleeding.

    You should aim to consume between 25 and 35 grams of fiber daily. Excellent sources include:

    • Beans and legumes
    • Dried fruit
    • Fresh vegetables, including greens, peas, and green beans
    • Fresh fruits (avoid bananas, which may be binding)
    • Prune juice
    • Whole grains, including barley, bran, brown rice, and whole-grain bread

     Fiber supplements containing psyllium, methylcellulose, inulin, calcium polycarbophil, or wheat dextrin can also help.

    In case of bleeding and severe complication kindly talk to your doctor for more advice

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  • Hemastospermia natural and homes remedies


    Hemastospermia also knows as the presence of blood in the semen is a non-life-threatening disease that usually goes away and does not need medical attention. Often if the symptoms are regular and the age of a person is above 40 years, then evaluation of prostate problems and prostate cancer check needs to be done. Our article will be brought you more light about the appropriate natural and home remedies to use for this evil.

    To get more information on this matter to please call on


    Hemastospermia causes

    The most likely cause of blood in semen are:

    • Trauma from a prostate biopsy. You may see blood for up to four weeks after the procedure.
    • Trauma from a vasectomy. You may see blood for over a week.
    • Treatment of prostate cancer with external beam radiation or brachytherapy.
    • A Seminal tract infection or inflammation.
    • Leaking of blood from a small blood vessel that bursts during ejaculation -- the same way that a person gets a nose bleed after blowing their nose.

    Other potential causes or associated conditions may include:

    • Sexually transmitted infections (STI): Including gonorrhea, chlamydia, or other viral or bacterial infection.
    • Prostate conditions: Including benign prostatic hyperplasia, acute bacterial prostatitis, cysts, and polyps.

    Natural remedies for Hemastospermia

    Herbal tea 163 for Hemastospermia

    It is the best herbal tea that has been made specially by http://AFRICAN HEALTH ORGANIC center to give hope to all Hemastospermia Patient. It has been made from medicinal plants and leaves.  It has been proven effective and has no side effects. Know more about this natural remedy by clicking on the link below:

    Cranberry herb for Hemastospermia

    Cranberry is an evergreen shrub that grows up to 2M and grows in temperate climates. Cranberry is rich in minerals, vitamins, and nutrients. The high levels of acidity in Cranberry prevent the growth of bacteria inside the body. It contains a nutrient knows as proanthocyanidins which fight against bacteria and prevent infection. It is highly effective and has no side effects.

    Uses Direction

    Take one glass of Cranberry juice two times a day.



    • Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables
    • Eat wholesome foods such as beans, lentils, quinoa
    • Include more soybean in your diet
    • Use of meat (especially seafood), heavy food intake & Indigestion, excess salt & astringent materials should be avoided

    We also recommend your natural food supplement below:


    • Excessive exercise and suppression of urges (vegavidharan) must be avoided
    • Avoid alcohol and caffeine

    Homes remedies for Hemastospermia

    If you have blood in your semen as a result of a trauma, simply resting and allowing your body to heal may help. If you also have to swell in your groin, you can apply ice to the area for 10 to 20 minutes at a time, but no longer than that.

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  • Natural herbal tea for cancer


    In ancient times our forefathers used safely herbal, leaves and roots to heal themselves. During recent finding, some research shows that 90% of effective cancer medicine contain active herbal ingredients.

    It has also been proven that herbal medicine presents fewer side effects than prescription medication.

    Herbal medicines often have a lower risk of side effects than standard-of-care drugs. This is partly because they are less potent than pharmaceuticals.

    Herbal medicine may come in the form of tablets or capsules, creams, teas, or tinctures (an alcohol-based concentrate).

    Before engaging in any herbal medicine treatment try to inform your doctor for more guidance.

    You can also get in touch with us on

    22967546677 for further explanation.

    Herbal medicines for cancer

    Herbal tea 100

    Herbal tea 100 is a multi-healing remedy that kills more than 12 types of cancer. It is an absorbent and adsorbent remedy that neutralizes malignant cells and preserves healthy cells. The herbal tea acts quickly on cancer cells, affecting them in such a way that they disintegrate within 72hours, which allows the regeneration of new healthy cells in the body. Click on the link below to know more about this natural herbal tea:



    This compound is found in St. John’s Wort and it may help kill cancer cells. According to a recent study published in the Medical Journal of Australia, hypericin makes certain cancer cells more likely to die after photodynamic therapy which is an experimental treatment for mesothelioma.


    This herb shows anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer effects in lab studies. It can also reduce chemotherapy-related nausea and vomiting, according to a review published in the British Journal of Anaesthesia. But ginger should be strictly avoided before and after surgery. It promotes bleeding and should be avoided by patients with a low platelet count.

    Aloe Vera

    A recent review published in Cochrane Database Systematic Reviews reported that taking aloe vera during chemotherapy helped prevent mouth sores in some patients.

    You may also like fibroid removal with aloe vera.


    Mistletoe Extracts

    Also known as Iscador, research done in humans suggests that mistletoe reduces symptoms and improves the quality of life. A recent study published in the European Journal of Cancer found that mistletoe reduces side effects of chemotherapy in lung cancer patients.

    A recent study published in Evidenced Based Complimentary Alternative Medicine found that cancer patients with advanced tumors were able to tolerate higher doses of gemcitabine (a chemotherapy drug used to treat mesothelioma) with the addition of mistletoe.


    This herb contains a compound known as curcumin. A 2011 study published in Cancer Chemotherapy and Pharmacology shows that curcumin extract may be safe to combine with gemcitabine chemotherapy in pancreatic cancer patients.

    Turmeric is used as an anti-inflammatory. It may reduce bruising in surgery patients when combined with bromelain (an extract from pineapples) and arnica (an herbaceous plant).

    Moringa Tree

    A test-tube study published in the Journal of Experimental Therapeutics in Oncology found a compound in moringa tree effective at killing ovarian cancer cells. Other research suggests it help cancer symptoms including difficulty breathing, cough, sore throat, fever, and joint pain.

    Precautions for Using Herbal Medicine

    Herbal medicines may be less likely to cause side effects than traditional drugs. But patients can still experience complications. Some herbs can cause negative interactions with chemotherapy drugs. Others may prevent blood from clotting properly after surgery.

    Closely monitor how you feel before and after taking herbal remedies. Patients should always consult with their doctor before trying herbs to avoid complications.

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  • Heal myositis with nutrition and food supplement


    Using the right foods can give myositis patient a lot of benefits, such as avoiding nutritional deficiencies, reducing the side effects of medicine, maintaining a healthy weight, and promoting an overall feeling of well-being. Throughout our research, we listed some nutrition, supplement, and vitamins. Read till the end to know more about that stuff.

    Before you adopted nutrition or supplement advised your doctor.

    For more information about our natural remedies kindly join us on:



    It has to do with the nutrient contained in each food group on a daily basis:                

    • Grains: a good low-fat source of fiber and energy. Whole grains, such as brown and wild rice, whole wheat bread, whole-wheat pasta, rye, oats, quinoa, corn, and barley, are best, as they also provide a good supply of folate, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B2, selenium, and zinc.
    • Fruits and vegetables: contain antioxidants (a group of nutrients that fight free radicals, which can damage cells), and fiber. They are also excellent sources of Vitamin C and Vitamin A and are naturally low in salt and fat. Fresh or frozen varieties (without sauces) are recommended. If canned fruits and vegetables are consumed, choose low-salt preparations. Intake of dried fruit and fruit juice should be limited, because of their high sugar content. Try to have one or more servings of fruit OR vegetable OR both per meal. A single serving is equal to ½ cup of cooked vegetables or fruit, or 1 cup of raw vegetables or fruit.
    • Dairy products: the richest source of calcium - an essential mineral that builds bone and muscle; they are also excellent sources of zinc, B vitamins, Vitamin D, and selenium. Individuals who are lactose-intolerant (unable to digest lactose in dairy) may choose from lactose-free milk, soy milk, almond milk, and other lactose-free products that provide calcium, such as calcium-fortified juices. The goal is to consume three servings of dairy products or dairy substitutes per day.
    • Meat, fish, and poultry: excellent sources of protein. To meet the recommended guideline of one portion of lean protein at most meals, remove the skin from poultry, trim away fat, and avoid frying; instead, broil, roast, poach, or grill these foods. In addition, practice portion control. The serving size should be 4 ounces (about the size of your palm.) Meat, fish, and poultry are also excellent sources of zinc, B vitamins, and iron.
    • Beans, nuts, and seeds: provide vegetable protein and fiber. They are excellent sources of Vitamin E and selenium. Beans are also a healthy meat substitute. Choose unsalted nuts and low sodium beans including Brazil nuts, wheat germ, flaxseed, soybeans, kidney beans, and tofu; walnuts and lentils are also recommended for their high nutritional content.
    • Healthier Fats: Foods that provide healthier fats, include monounsaturated oils, nuts, seeds, and avocado. Olive oil is a monounsaturated fat rich in the antioxidant polyphenol. Try to limit solid fats, such as butter, stick margarine, shortening, and lard as they may contribute to heart disease.

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    It has to do with:

    • Creatine: studied in muscle disease and thought to build muscle. This supplement is found naturally in meat and fish, though cooking slightly decreases the level. High doses have been found to harm the kidneys; however, these findings involve the long-term use of creatine in athletes. Consultation is advised if considering creatine supplementation.
    • Fish oil: may play a role in chronic heart and autoimmune disease by reducing inflammation. Fish oils contain large amounts of Omega-3s, EPA, and DHA. Caution should be taken when using fish oils. Speak to your physician if you are taking fish oil and if surgery is planned or if taking blood thinners.
    • Calcium and Vitamin D: have bone-building nutrients that may help to prevent or slow down the progress of osteoporosis. As there has been an increased awareness of the damaging effects of overexposure to the sun, especially in people with autoimmune diseases, Vitamin D deficiency is common, and many doctors include Vitamin D testing in their regular checkups. Since corticosteroids play a role in increasing osteoporosis risk, it is important to speak with your doctor about the calcium and Vitamin D dosage that is right for you. In addition to dairy products, calcium can be found in wild salmon and sardines (with bones), enriched/fortified soy milk, shitake mushrooms, broccoli, kale, and fortified breakfast cereals.

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  • Natural remedies for hydratenitis suppurativa


    Hidradenitis suppurativa is a chronic skin condition that provokes small lumps under your skin. These lumps can be red, swollen, and very painful. They’re most likely to develop where your skin rubs together, such as your underarms, groin, or between the buttocks.

    Over time, these lumps may break open, resulting in an unpleasant smell or tunnels under your skin.

    This condition occurs when hair follicles become blocked and then inflamed. While scientists are unsure why this occurs, they believe it may be tied to:

    • Other underlying conditions
    • Smoking
    • Family history

    It’s not caused by infection or poor hygiene, though the condition can leave you more susceptible to bacterial infections.

    While there are effective treatment options available through your doctor, you may prefer to use natural, alternative treatments instead. These treatments can be lower in cost, risks, and side effects.

    To get more information about our natural remedies kindly call us on:22967546677

    Natural treatment options for hidradenitis suppurativa

    There are a lot of different natural treatments you can try to reduce your symptoms of hidradenitis suppurativa. It’s worth noting that many of these treatments have only strong anecdotal evidence, with little research available to definitively prove their effectiveness.

    The Food and Drug Administration doesn’t monitor the purity or quality of supplements or essential oils. It’s important to talk with your doctor before you begin taking supplements or using essential oils.

    Warm compress

    A warm compress can immediately reduce pain in the affected area. For best results, use a dry source of heat, like a heating pad, instead of a hot washcloth. Keeping the area dry can help it heal faster.


    Turmeric has strong anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antibacterial properties. It may help reduce inflammation and prevent infection from developing.

    To use as a treatment, you can mix 1 tablespoon of turmeric with 1/2 tablespoon of carrier oil, like coconut oil. Apply the mixture directly to the affected area for 15 minutes. If this is irritating or too warm, rinse well with cool water and let the area rest before trying again.


    Like turmeric, honey has long been used for its, antimicrobial, healing, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial properties. It also has antibacterial properties that may prevent infection.

    You can mix honey with turmeric for added power and apply it to the affected area. Leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes before washing it off.

    You may also want honey virtues on hepatitis B by clicking on the link below:


    Aloe vera

    Aloe vera is known for its strong anti-inflammatory and antiseptic benefits. It can soothe the inflammation and discomfort of flare-ups. Use pure aloe vera gel (with no additives) and apply it directly to the affected area. You can let it soak into your skin.

    Rubbing alcohol

    Rubbing alcohol is a strong disinfectant. It may help remove dirt and impurities from clogged pores. It might even soothe pain or irritation during a flare-up.

    To use rubbing alcohol, add to a cotton pad and apply it to the affected area. This shouldn’t be used on open wounds, as it can cause burning pain.

    Neem oil

    Neem oil has long been used to treat skin conditions like acne. It can help reduce bacteria, redness, and inflammation. It also contains a high fatty-acid content, which may aid in healing scars.

    Apply neem oil directly to the affected site with a cotton ball or pad. You can wash it off or let it soak into your skin. It can also be combined with other ingredients like aloe, honey, or turmeric.

    Apple cider vinegar

    Apple cider vinegar might not do much to treat flare-ups directly, but it may prevent bacterial infections from developing. Put a small amount of apple cider vinegar on a cotton pad and apply it to the affected area. You can leave it on and let it soak into your skin.

    Eat anti-inflammatory foods

    Foods with anti-inflammatory properties may help prevent and reduce swelling and inflammation. Following an anti-inflammatory diet may reduce flare-ups of hidradenitis suppurativa and possibly help current symptoms to resolve faster.

    Anti-inflammatory foods include :

    • Cinnamone
    • Salmon and other oily fish
    • Walnut

    A well-balanced diet will often include a number of different anti-inflammatory foods, so long as it contains:

    • Oily fish
    • Fresh fruits and vegetables
    • sources of healthy fats like nuts and seeds

    Prevention tips

    Fortunately, there are steps you can take to help prevent further flare-ups of hidradenitis suppurativa. If you can incorporate these into your daily life, they’ll be even more effective.

    Wear loose cotton clothing

    Loose cotton clothing is breathable, doesn’t hold moisture, and won’t rub against your skin and aggravate it. It will help keep your skin clean, dry, and bacteria-free.

    Keep the area dry

    Keeping the affected area dry can prevent further flare-ups. Moist areas allow bacteria and fungus to grow.

    Maintain proper hygiene

    Showering daily can help wash away dirt and bacteria from your skin. Use a non-comedogenic soap or body wash, which won’t clog pores. If needed, you can also choose a shampoo and conditioner that doesn’t contain aggravating ingredients.

    Armpit and pubic hair removal

    Removing the hair on your underarms and pubic area might help prevent future flare-ups.

    Talk to your dermatologist or primary physician about your best options for hair removal. Some people find that shaving during a flare-up can irritate the area further, intensifying symptoms.

    Maintain a healthy weight

    Research has shown that weight loss may help relieve the hidradenitis suppurativa symptoms of people who are overweight.

    Stop smoking

    Smoking is unhealthy for many reasons but is strongly associated with hidradenitis suppurativa outbreaks. To support your plan to stop smoking, talk with your doctor, seek help from friends and family, and follow an effective method of smoking cessation. 

    The takeaway

    Hidradenitis suppurativa is a chronic condition. There’s no cure, but early treatment can help to lessen your symptoms, prevent infection, and prevent new lumps from forming.

    If home remedies aren’t working for you, or if you believe that you have hidradenitis suppurativa but haven’t received a diagnosis, make an appointment to see your doctor. If you don’t already have a dermatologist, the AFRICAN HERBAL TEA CENTER can help you find a physician in your area.

    They can also prescribe you anti-inflammatory and pain medications, topical or oral retinoids, and immunosuppressants if natural remedies aren’t enough.

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  • Glaucoma natural remedies


    Glaucoma is a serious eye disorder that can cause permanent vision loss. The disease often has no warning signs, and if left undetected and untreated, it can lead to blindness.

    In most cases, glaucoma is caused by too much pressure inside the eye (intraocular pressure, or IOP), which damages the optic nerve and causes vision loss. 

    As soon as glaucoma is found, patients should follow their eye doctor’s glaucoma treatment recommendations to slow or prevent vision loss. Your doctor can recommend you some natural and home remedies. For more information about the appropriate natural remedies to use join us on:

    http:// 22967546677

    Natural remedies for glaucoma

    Although there is no cure for glaucoma, there are some natural health and wellness tips that might help your eyes respond as well as possible to medical treatment. Natural remedies for glaucoma are not enough to treat the condition on their own and will not cure the disease, but they may be a good supplement to prescribed treatment. 

    Be aware of “fast fixes” and so-called miracle remedies for glaucoma you may find online. Always speak to your eye care specialist before beginning a new regimen that could affect your condition or your health, or interact with your current treatment.

    From incorporating certain foods and nutrients into your diet to ending unhealthy habits, there are several ways to implement drug-free, natural “remedies” to complement your glaucoma treatment. 

    Adopt a healthy diet for glaucoma

    Good nutrition has been shown to play a role in eye health and may even slow the progression of conditions such as glaucoma.

    Some research shows that certain vitamins and nutrients may have an impact on IOP and the incidence and progression of glaucoma. In particular, fruits and vegetables that are higher in vitamins A and C, as well as carotenoids, appear to be helpful.

    For this reason, some of the most important vegetables to incorporate into your diet include leafy greens like spinach, collard greens, kale, and Brussels sprouts.

    Antioxidants also may help prevent further damage to the optic nerve. You can find antioxidants in foods like cranberries, black and green teas, flax seeds, pomegranates, and acai berries. 

    Other foods like peaches, carrots, beets, green beans, and radishes are important to include in your fruit and vegetable intake as well. Experts warn against drinking too much coffee and caffeinated beverages, however, as caffeine may increase eye pressure.

    http://SEE RELATED:

    Exercise regularly to promote healthy IOP

    Moderate exercise can help you maintain healthy IOP levels. This is because exercise improves blood flow to your eyes and throughout the rest of your body. Vigorous exercise, on the other hand, can elevate IOP, so don’t overdo it.

    Some yoga positions can also contribute to a higher IOP, which is not good for glaucoma patients. If you have glaucoma and practice yoga, be sure to avoid poses such as headstands and prolonged downward-facing dog, legs up the wall, plow, and standing forward bends.

    Natural supplements for glaucoma

    If you have a vitamin or mineral deficiency, natural and over-the-counter supplements can be taken to restore it, including: 

    • Zinc
    • Calcium
    • Magnesium
    • Vitamins A, B-complex, C, and E 

    All are particularly important for those with glaucoma. If you feel that your nutrition intake is inadequate, taking a daily multivitamin can help. 

    However, it’s important to remember that vitamin supplements are not clinically proven to prevent or cure glaucoma. Always check with your doctor before taking any kind of medication or supplements to treat your glaucoma, even if you are considering natural products.

    http:// SEE RELATED

    Herbs for glaucoma

    Some herbs are believed to aid in glaucoma treatments. Specifically, ginkgo, bilberry, and forskolin may have some benefits. Benefits of these herbal remedies for glaucoma include:

    • Ginkgo (Ginkgo biloba): In some scientific models, this herb has shown an increase in ocular blood flow.
    • Bilberry (vaccinium myrtillus): Bilberry is popular thanks to its strong antioxidant nature. One study showed that bilberry decreased retinal ganglion cell damage in mice., but there have been no studies showing such an effect in humans. 
    • Forskolin (coleus forskolin): This herb may lower IOP when applied topically by reducing the rate of aqueous fluid within the eye.
    • Medical marijuana (cannabis): Some studies suggest that marijuana may temporarily lower IOP, but only with frequent use, which can lead to potentially dangerous side effects.

    It is important to note that while these herbs have shown promise in some studies, they are not clinically proven treatments for glaucoma. Some herbs may even have harmful effects or negative interactions with other medications, so check with your doctor before using any herbal remedies for glaucoma. And never replace doctor-prescribed or -recommended treatments with herbal remedies.

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  • Staphylococcus herbal and natural treatment


    Because of increasing antibiotic resistance, herbal teas and natural remedies are the most popular natural alternatives for the treatment of infectious diseases and are currently gaining more importance. Our main focused will be on staphylococcus infections. Read till the end to know more about our natural herbal and remedies.

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    Herbal tea for staphylococcus

    Herbal 044

    It is purely natural made from medicinal plants and leaves. The herbal tea 044 is the best remedy for staphylococcus. The remedy cures and heals completely the evil in a short time. The powder is rich in active ingredients of proven effectiveness against germs such as Gonococcus, Candida Albicans. The powder also facilitates the evacuation of exterminated microbes and the sanitation of affected areas.

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    Leaves of the European chestnut

    Leaves of the European chestnut tree contain ingredients with the power to disarm dangerous staph bacteria without boosting its drug resistance, scientists have found.

    According to ploos one publication the study of a chestnut leaf extract, rich in ursine and oleanane derivatives, that blocks Staphylococcus aureus virulence and pathogenesis without detectable resistance.

    The use of chestnut leaves in traditional folk remedies inspired the research, led by Cassandra Quave, an ethnobotanist at Emory University.

    Rosehip, rosehip bag, pomegranate blossom, thyme, wormwood, mint, echinacea bag, cinnamon, black, and green teas were active against most of the studied microorganisms. In the combination studies, we characterized all the expected effects (synergistic, additive, and antagonistic) between the teas and the antimicrobials. While synergy was observed more frequently between ampicillin, ampicillin-sulbactam, or nystatin, and the various tea combinations, most of the effects between the ciprofloxacin, erythromycin, cefuroxime, or amikacin and various tea combinations, particularly rosehip, rosehip bag, and pomegranate blossom teas, were antagonistic. The results of the time-kill curve analyses showed that none of the herbal teas were bactericidal in their usage concentrations; however, in combination with antibiotics, they showed some bactericidal effect.

    The antimicrobial activity of green tea against Staphylococcus aureus both in vitro and in vivo has been reported recently. Studies on the clinical efficacy and safety of green tea as an antibacterial agent against S. aureus in human cases are rare.

    Green tea has a significant antibacterial effect against multidrug-resistant S. aureus. The minimum inhibitory concentration of green tea is established and is promising in methicillin-resistant S. aureus infections.

    Staphylococcus Natural treatment

    Most small staph skin infections can be treated at home:

    • Soak the affected area in warm water or apply warm, moist washcloths. Use a cloth or towel only once when you soak or clean an area of infected skin. Then, wash them in soap and hot water and dry them fully in a clothes dryer.
    • Put a heating pad or a hot water bottle to the skin for about 20 minutes, three or four times a day.
    • Apply an antibiotic ointment, if recommended by your doctor.
    • Cover the skin with a clean dressing or bandage.

    Treat a stye by using warm compresses over the eye (with the eye closed) three or four times a day. Always use a clean washcloth each time. Occasionally, a stye will need a topical antibiotic.

    Teens who get a staph infection on skin areas that are normally shaved should stop shaving until the infection clears up. If they do have to shave the area, they should use a clean disposable razor or clean the electric razor after each use.

    Testimony of a staphylococcus patient

    For treatment of my staph infections, I made a poultice and applied it

    directly to my wounds, I mixed it with coconut oil, as I found that using it directly was far too strong, and burnt very harshly. I also bathed in a mix of 1-4 activated garlic per bathtub. As garlic is gram-negative, and staph is a gram-positive bacterium, the garlic compound actively seeks out the staph bacteria and helps neutralize it. The allicin is not degraded further when suspended in a water solution, so chucking it in the bath will do a decent amount of good. I soaked for an hour or so, making sure I submerged my whole body every now and again.

    After around a week of garlic baths and topical application, my wounds had lost all of their redness and tenderness and were starting to heal up. Within a few weeks, it was all seemingly gone. After such a long period of pharmaceutical medicine had failed, my doctor was amazed at the work garlic had done. But he said to me with a touch of dismay in his voice, he would likely lose his job if he recommended it to many patients.

    Staphylococcus Prevention

    • Washing hands well and often is key to preventing staph infections.
    • Encourage kids to keep their skin clean with a daily bath or shower. If a skin condition such as eczema makes regular bathing difficult, ask your doctor for advice.
    • Keep areas of injured skin such as cut scrapes, and rashes caused by allergic reactions or poison ivy clean and covered, and follow any directions given by your doctor.
    • If someone in your family has a staph infection, don't share towels, sheets, or clothing until the infection has been fully treated.

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  • Get rid of Adipomastia without surgery



    You can get rid of Adipomastia without surgery. For all your fatty breast problem don’t waste your money and time in hospital. This article brings you the best solution and answers to your problem through our natural remedy. Get a seat and follow us.

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    Adipomastia, also known colloquially as fatty breasts, is a state defined as an excess of skin and skin tissue in the breast without true breast glandular tissue. It is commonly present in men with obesity and is particularly apparent in men who have undergone massive weight loss. A related/synonymous term is pseudo gynecomastia

    Herbal Tea 122 for Adipomastia

    It is purely natural made from medicinal plants and leaves. Natural remedy for Adipomastia is an herbal fat food supplement that helps eliminate fat in the chest in no time.  It is indeed a great depurative, a fat sensor, and a good conditioner.
    Good remedy against Adipomastia and excess body fat. It is a product to lose weight and combat obesity and body

    heaviness. It is also a good sensor of breast fat that firmed the chest in humans. It is a product to lose weight and combat obesity and body heaviness.

    It contains Astringent and absorbent tannins, anti-inflammatory and also anti-fibrinolytic glycosides, sterols, etc. Follow us on to get more relevant information about the treatment.



    Natural cream 123 for Adipomastia

    The natural cream purifies the bust and eliminates excess fat and adipose tissue. The cream is a fat-eating cream based on plants that help to eliminate fat from the chest in a short time. It is a great depurative, a fat catcher and a good firming revitalizer. The cream is applied to your chest. Its aim is to shrink the fat cells. It has been proven effective and has no side effects. For more information about our natural remedy kindly click on the link below:

    Differences between Adipomastia and gynecomastia

    The condition is different and should be distinguished from gynecomastia ("women's breasts"), which involves true glandular breast development in a male. The two conditions can usually be distinguished easily by palpation to check for the presence of glandular tissue. Another difference between the conditions is that breast pain/tenderness does not occur in pseudo gynecomastia. Sometimes, gynecomastia and pseudo gynecomastia are present together; this is related to the fact that fat tissue expresses aromatase, the enzyme responsible for the synthesis of oestrogen, and estrogen is produced to a disproportionate extent in men with excessive amounts of fat, resulting in simultaneous glandular enlargement.

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  • Luteinized follicle syndrome treatment



    Most of the cause of infertility in men and women is due to idiopathic or unexplained causes. Among them, we have luteinized follicle syndrome (LUFS). Our article will be focused mainly on LUFS meaning, treatment, causes, and prevention. Read till the end to discover.

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    Luteinized unruptured follicle syndrome (LUFS) is a dysfunction of ovulation that is common amongst women being treated for infertility, although relatively few practitioners are aware of its significance. This article describes the treatment through herbal and acupuncture.


    There are several methods to improve LUFS conditions including herbs and acupuncture. Herbs that have enlivening/moving blood or penetration are normally selected in combination with other symptoms.

    A recent literature review on acupuncture’s effect on LUFS has been published in the Journal of Acupuncture and Tuina Science. And if offers a safe and effective alternative.

    29 studies from China were included in the review. The researchers discovered that acupuncture enhanced the ovulation and pregnancy rate, and was more effective than standard medication treatment.

    Patients received electroacupuncture, ear, or standard acupuncture sessions, and, according to researches, all of them showed statistical differences over standard medication prescriptions.

    Furthermore, acupuncture therapy or acupuncture plus adjacent Chinese herbs helped to induce LH surge, improve the blood perforation of the ovarian artery, and induce ovulation; all more effective than Chlomiphene or hCG injections.

    Researchers observed no side effects resulting from acupuncture or/and Chinese herbs.

    The findings of acupuncture’s effectiveness for LUFS are encouraging. However, most of the reviewed studies had a low number of participants or had other methodological flaws.

    There is a need for further appropriately designed randomized controlled trials to confirm encouraging findings.

    Check other alternative treatment by clicking on the link below:



    • Luteinized unruptured follicle syndrome occurs when the dominant egg follicle does not rupture. When a woman has regular cycles, in more than 95% of cases it is the sign of regular ovulation. Most tests that are used to confirm ovulation document only the hormonal changes. It may also be due to:

    • Trapped egg syndrome or LUFS seems to occur more frequently in women taking fertility drugs and in women who have had Pelvic inflammatory disease.
    • Also, it is commonly seen in patients suffering from PCOD & Endometriosis



    There’s no clear prevention for LUFS to happen. On the other hand, the quality of alimentation has quite a great impact on the hormonal balance of the body, including progesterone production. Proper supplementation with fatty acids may help to maintain the progesterone balance within the body.

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  • Herbal and Natural remedies for fatty liver


    Fatty liver disease is a state that provokes fat to build up in the liver over time. There is no particular drugs or vaccine to heal the evil. All the same herbal tea, Diet and lifestyle changes are among the most effective ways to treat this condition.

    So, what types of diet and lifestyle changes can be helpful with this condition? Read on to learn more.

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    Fatty liver types    

    There are two types of fatty liver disease: alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Alcoholic fatty liver disease is caused by heavy alcohol use whereas Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) isn’t related to alcohol use.

    Although the cause of NAFLD is unknown, it’s more common in people who have:

    • Obesity
    • Type 2 diabetes
    • High cholesterol
    • High blood pressure

    Before using any herb make sure to inform a specialist or your doctor.

    http://Follow us on

    know more about our best herbal tea to heal completely fatty liver in a short time.

    Among our herbal tea from trusted sources that have shown positive effects on liver health include: Turmeric, milk thistle, resveratrol, and green tea.

    Natural remedies for fatty liver disease

    If you have NAFLD, keep in mind that not all diets and supplements are healthy for your liver. It’s important to discuss any alternative treatments with your healthcare provider before trying them.

    1. Lose excess weight

    The guide recommends that people with NAFLD lose between 3 and 5 percent of their body weight to reduce fat buildup in the liver.

    It also states that losing between 7 and 10 percent of body weight can improve other symptoms of NAFLD, such as inflammation, fibrosis, and scarring

    The best way to lose weight and maintain it is to take small steps toward your goal over time. Fasting and extreme diets are often unsustainable, and they can be hard on your liver.

    Before beginning any weight loss program, it’s important to speak with your healthcare provider to see if it’s right for you. A dietitian can develop an eating plan to help you reach your weight loss goals and make nutritious food choices.

    2. Try the Mediterranean diet

    Recent research suggests that the http://Mediterranean diet may help to reduce liver fat, even without weight loss.

    The Mediterranean diet also helps treat conditions commonly associated with NAFLD, including high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and type 2 diabetes.

    This eating plan focuses on a variety of plant-based foods, including fresh fruits and vegetables and legumes, along with healthy fats. Here’s a brief overview of foods to focus on:

    • Fruits and vegetables. Aim to eat a variety: Try berries, apples, oranges, bananas, dates, figs, melons, leafy greens, broccoli, peppers, sweet potatoes, carrots, squash, cucumbers, eggplant, and tomatoes.
    • Legumes. Try to include beans, peas, lentils, pulses, and chickpeas in your diet.
    • Healthy fats. Use healthy oils, such as extra virgin olive oil. Nuts, seeds, avocados, and olives also contain a high concentration of healthy fats.
    • Fish and lean meats. Opt for fish twice per week. Eggs and lean poultry, like skinless chicken and turkey, are fine in moderation.
    • Whole grains. Consume unprocessed grains and cereals, such as whole-wheat bread, brown rice, whole oats, couscous, whole-wheat pasta, or quinoa.

    3. Drink coffee

    According to Trusted Source, coffee offers a number of protective benefits for the liver. In particular, it stimulates the production of liver enzymes believed to fight inflammation.

    The same research reported that among people with NAFLD, regular coffee consumption reduces overall liver damage.

    Aim to drink two to three cups of coffee per day to lower the risk of liver disease. Black coffee is the best option, as it doesn’t contain any added fat or sugar.

    4. Avoid foods with added sugars

    Dietary sugars such as fructose and sucrose have been linked to the development of NAFLD. Research from 2017 describes how these sugars contribute to fat buildup in the liver.

    Major culprits include store-bought and commercially processed foods, such as:

    • baked goods, like cakes, cookies, doughnuts, pastries, and pies
    • Candy
    • Ice cream
    • Sugary cereals
    • Soft drinks
    • Sports drinks
    • Energy drinks
    • sweetened dairy products, like flavored yogurts

    To identify whether a packaged food contains added sugar, read the ingredients list on the product packaging. Words that end in “ose,” including sucrose, fructose, and maltose, are sugars.

    Other sugars commonly added to food products include:

    • Cane sugar
    • High-fructose corn syrup
    • Corn sweetener
    • Fruit juice concentrate
    • Honey
    • Molasses
    • Syrup

    Another way to tell how much sugar is in a food item is to read the nutrition facts label and to look at the number of grams of sugar that are in a serving for that item the lower, the better.

    6. Target high cholesterol

    According to research from 2012Trusted Source, NAFLD makes it harder for your body to manage cholesterol on its own. This can worsen NAFLD and increase your risk of heart disease.

    Try to limit your intake of certain types of fats to help control your cholesterol and treat NAFLD. Fats to avoid include :

    • Saturated fats. These are found in meats and full-fat dairy products.
    • Trans fats. Trans fats are often found in processed baked goods, crackers, and fried foods.

    Many of the lifestyle changes listed above including losing weight, staying active, and adopting a Mediterranean diet can also help you manage your cholesterol. Your doctor might also prescribe medication for high cholesterol.

    7. Avoid known liver irritants

    Certain substances can put excess stress on your liver. Some of these substances include alcohol, over-the-counter medications, and some vitamins and supplements.

    According to research from 2013Trusted Source, it’s best to avoid alcohol altogether if you have NAFLD. While moderate alcohol consumption may have some benefits among healthy people, it isn’t clear if those benefits also apply to people with NAFLD.

    In addition, speak to a doctor or pharmacist before taking any over-the-counter medication, vitamins, or supplements, as these can affect your liver.

    The bottom line 

    Lifestyle and dietary changes are currently the most effective treatment options for NAFLD. Losing weight, being physically active, cutting back on sugar, eating a healthier diet, and drinking coffee are some of the ways that may help improve symptoms associated with NALFD.

    If you have this condition, be sure to work closely with your doctor to develop a personalized treatment plan that’s right for you.

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  • Dermatofibroma home and Homeopathic Remedies


    Dermatofibromas are harmless small skin growths that can develop pretty much anywhere on our bodies. However, it most often appears on the upper arms, lower legs or back. These nodules appear mostly in adults and they feel like a piece of stone under the skin. The main cause of this evil is an overgrowth of a mixture of various cell types in the dermis layer of the skin. However, it is not clear as to why such overgrowth occurs. The growth often develops after some kind of mild trauma to the skin, including an insect bite or a puncture from a splinter.

    There are some home remedies and homoeopathic to cure Dermatofibroma, we get to that shortly. Read till the end to discover.

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    Home remedies to cure Dermatofibroma

    Below mentioned are some effective ways to cure dermatofibroma.

    1. The Jojoba oil tincture method

    This is one of the best methods to cure dermatofibroma. All you need is Jojoba oil and Vitamin C tincture.

    Apply a tincture with Vitamin C and the jojoba oil at least 3-5 times a day. Gently apply the lotion to the affected area and give a massage for 5-10 minutes. Now, this method may take a few weeks or even months, however, you will notice a difference in a few weeks itself. If you had itching or pain in the affected area, it will reduce if you regularly apply this lotion. 

    It may take 3-6 months for the dermatofibromas to completely disappear.  However, in the first 3 months, you will start noticing a major difference. The dermatofibromas will shrink in size and become less painful. The key here is consistency. You will have to be really consistent when it comes to applying this lotion every day for a few months if you are opting for a home remedy such as this.

    2. Apple cider vinegar

    For many centuries, people have been using apple cider vinegar as a natural remedy. The acidic properties in this vinegar can protect you against infection, heal wounds, and also preserve food.

    This method is quite popular as it removes dermatofibroma safely and without causing any serious pain. The acid content in the vinegar completely destroys the tissue that forms the extra growth, and the best thing is the surrounding skin is not damaged in the process. 

    The process:

    Firstly, clean the affected area with lukewarm water and dry the skin thoroughly. Now, use a toothpick to gently scratch the impacted area. Soak a piece of cotton ball in apple cider vinegar and place the soaked cotton on the affected area and hold it with a bandage. Leave it untouched for 8-10 hours (You can try this method preferably before going to bed).

    Next, remove the bandage and cotton after 8 hours and clean the surface with water. You can repeat the process for a week until you start seeing a significant difference. 

    Leave it untouched for 8-10 hours (You can try this method preferably before going to bed). Next, remove the bandage and cotton after 8 hours and clean the surface with water. You can repeat the process for a week until you start seeing a significant difference. 

    This method will also take time before you start noticing any significant changes. So, it is best to regularly apply the lotion until it is completely cured.

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    Homoeopathy today is a chop-chop growing organisation together with its beingness expert all over the world. Its trace lies inwards its evident effectiveness equally it takes a holistic approach towards the sick private through advertisement of inner relaxation at mental, emotional, spiritual together with physical levels. When dermatofibromas are concerned at that spot are many effective medicines are available inwards Homoeopathy, but the alternative depends upon the individuality of the patient, considering the mental together with physical symptoms.

    THUJA OCCIDENTALIS 200-Thuja occ is an effective remedy for treating whatsoever abnormal increment originating inwards the body. Thuja possesses a powerful mightiness to dissolve these unwanted growths.

    CALCREA CARB 200-Calcarea carb is one of the hand medicines for dermatofibromas inwards fat persons. These people are really sensitive to mutual frigidness air, grab mutual frigidness really easily. They receive got a special craving for boiled eggs together with indigestible things similar to chalk together with lime. There is a vogue to profuse sweating, especially the head.

    CALCAREA FLOUR. 30- Calcarea flour is prescribed when the dermatofibromas are difficult together with stony.

    LAPIS ALBUS 30- Lapis Albus is another effective remedy for dermatofibromas amongst pliability together with elasticity. There is enlargement together with induration of glands especially cervical glands.

    BELLADONNA 30- is effective when dermatofibromas Belladonna are painful. The hurting may worsen when touching it. Belladonna gives relief to the hurting together with too helps for dissolving it.

    SILICEA 200-Silicea is indicated when the dermatofibromas have a suppurative nature. The peel is pale, fragile together with waxy.

    SULPHUR 200- Sulphur is fantabulous for dermatofibromas amongst itching together with burning. Along amongst this constitutional symptom similar –hot sensation inwards the body, the peel is dry out together with looks dirty, aversion to bathing, craving for saccharide etc are occurring.

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    Tetrapleura tetraptera is a species of flowering plant in the pea family native to Western Africa. The plant is called Prekese (or, more correctly, Prɛkɛsɛ) in the Twi language of Ghana. It is also called Uhio (Uhiokrihio) in the Igbo language of Nigeria. We also called it linja, Ayidan in the Fon language of Benin.

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    04sides are an indigenous plant that belongs to Pea Family (Fabaceae). It’s a single-steam, perennial tree with dark green leaves. It’s a thick, woody base and spreading branches. 04 sides have a wide natural distribution over a large part of tropical Africa during winter. The fruit of the plant has a fragrant smell, which has been attributed to its insect repellent properties. It grows in pairs, that’s the flower grows on shot steam at the end of the branches. the fruits are green when tender but when fully matured turns to dark red-brown. The pod remains closed even when fully matured. 04 sides have about 20 to 28 cm long, with 4-5 cm pd wide. It has 4 longitudinal wings that are slightly curved. Ayidan fruit bears flowers that are yellowish and pink in color, the fruit has a dark brown pod on maturity. It’s generally found in the lowland forest area. The fruits hang on stout stalks at the edges of the branches and look brownish in color. The pod contains tiny hard seeds that measure around 9 mm long.

    58740065 1682538625386602 2518209853302767616 nAYIDAN/ 04 SIDES


    04 SIDES as it’s popularly called in West Africa is highly demanded due to its medicinal and aromatic values. Research reveals that it has anti-inflammatory, neuromuscular, anti-ulcerative, hypotensive, molluscicidal, cardiovascular, and anti-microbial properties. It is used for various purposes from healing, therapeutic, cosmetology, and culinary. 04 sides highly reach in calcium, iron, potassium, alkaloids, saponins, zinc, phosphorus, and flavonoids

    The fruit is conventionally used as a spice and as a natural multivitamin.

    It is rich in protein, lipids, potassium, iron, magnesium, phosphorous, and vitamin C.

    In Nigeria, it is cooked in soup and fed to mothers to prevent post-partum contraction.

    In Ghana, prekese has been used to flavor soft drinks. The major constituents are Tannins, flavonoids, and starch.

    In West Africa, it is used as a spice, a medicine, and as a dietary supplement rich in vitamins.

    It is used to prepare palm nut soup because of its medicinal benefits.



    1. Diabetes

    Ayidan Fruit Juice

    It is very beneficial in controlling type 2 diabetes mellitus. It was also found that Ayidan fruit extract was beneficial in lowering blood glucose levels in both fasting and nonfasting conditions.

    Please know more about other natural plants GONGOLI, its virtues, and its scientific name. Click to discover:


    2. Fever and Enema

    A person who is recovering from a medical condition is often asked to bathe with water-soaked with whole fruit.

    This also gives fast relief from feverish conditions. Similar infusion also helps people suffering from constipation, enema, and emetic.

    3. Mosquito Repellent

    The fruit has a strong smell due to which it is often used as the mosquito repellent and is effective too. This property is attributed to the presence of essential oils in it.

    Crush it. Or grind to do incense. Mosquitoes will disappear.

    4. Postpartum Care
    .. afterbirth

    The pods are rich in potassium, iron, and calcium which are the three most important ingredients required for a postpartum woman. The soup also helps in the production of milk in new mothers and helps to restore the lost blood.

    5. Wound Healing Properties

    Wet fruit extract of the dry Ayidan has very good wound healing properties

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  • Gilbert's syndrome herbal remedies


    Gilbert’s syndrome is a liver disease caused by an accumulation of bilirubin in the blood. Bilirubin is a yellow pigment that is produced when the Red blood cells are broken down. It is possible to definitely treat this evil syndrome with herbal teas. Read till the end to know more about our natural herbal remedies.

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    Gilbert’s syndrome cause and symptoms

    Gilbert’s syndrome is a genetic disorder that occurs due to mutated genes. It affects the Bilirubin passage into the bile. A person with Gilbert’s syndrome experiences a short episode of jaundice. The eyes and skin start looking yellow. Certain factors which may trigger episode are Stress, Dehydration, lack of sleep, fasting for long and menstrual cycle. They may also experience flu, cold, cough, stress, fatigue, diarrhoea, bloating, dizziness, dehydration, constipation and abdominal pain.

    If not treated properly, Gilbert’s syndrome may cause gall stones or liver disease.

    Click on the link below to discover a natural remedy for gall stones:


    Herbal teas for Gilbert’s syndrome

    Dandelion for Gilbert’s syndrome

    Dandelion is a flowering plant. It is a perennial plant that grows in a tropical climate up to 30 cm. It contains Beta carotene, Beta-sitosterol and Boron. It is very effective and works as a depurative, choleretic and alkaline.


    Steep half teaspoon of dried powdered Dandelion root in one cup of hot water for 15 minutes. Drink it thrice daily.

    Liquorice for Gilbert’s syndrome

    Liquorice is a perennial shrub that grows in temperate, warm, subtropical climates. It belongs to the legume family and grows up to 1.5. The herb is known to reduce the harshness of almost all the herb. It contains flavanone, amine, apigenin and it is very effective on adaptogenic, demulcent and expectorant.

    However, liquorice root must not be taken indiscriminately, or in large dosage. Please consult a doctor before consuming it.


    Take 1 teaspoon of dried liquorice root powder. Boil it. Simmer for 15 minutes. Drink thrice daily.

    Milk Thistle for Gilbert’s Syndrome

    Milk Thistle is an annual flowering plant that grows in a temperate climate. It’s growing up to 2M. Milk Thistle is Trophorestorative for the liver. It removes poisons like alcohol. It contains silymarin, Apigenin and Beta Carotene. It is also an Antioxidant, Detoxicant and Recuperative.


    Have Milk Thistle extract 250 mg twice daily.

    Milk thistle 1024x683MILK THISTLE

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    Extract the juice of fresh spinach and carrot. Drink one glass of juice a ratio of 1:1once a day.


    Lifestyle changes and takeaway

    Liver disease of any kind benefits from dietary changes. Avoidance of animal products (eggs, dairy, beef, pork, raw fish, shellfish, etc.), a simple sugar, yeast, alcohol and highly processed foods reduces the load of potential toxins presented to the liver. It is also very important to avoid drugs that need detoxification by the liver, including acetaminophen (Tylenol). Avoid any nutritional supplements containing high doses of vitamin A, niacin, cod or halibut liver oil, or vitamin D.

    Great benefits may be derived from following a raw vegetable and fruit diet for several weeks and a plant-based diet on a long-term basis (3 to 6 months). Therapeutic juices include radish and pineapple, black cherry concentrate mixed with liquid chlorophyll and a combination of carrot, beet, celery, green pepper, spinach, papaya, and cucumber juices.

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  • Twins Cane benefits on fertility


    THE dream of giving birth, raising children, and truly tapping into the nurturing side, for some women, doesn't go much further than a reverie.

    For those women, despite the latest medical interventions, money spent on fertility kits, and numerous pieces of advice from medical professionals, the desire to bring forth a child has never been realized.

    But herbalists have touted the bush cane or twins’ cane (Costus after).


    Costus afer (C. afer) is a plant commonly known as the ginger lily, spiral ginger, or bush cane. It is reportedly used in traditional medicine practice (TMP) to treat and manage many ailments including diabetes mellitus, stomach ache, arthritis, inflammation, and gout, and fertility. C. afer is used by the local folks, due to its nutritional and medicinal properties. This involves the use of the plant parts such as a leaf, stem, and the rhizome in preparation of food. The proximate analysis of different parts of C. afer shows the presence of both macro and micronutrients. Both the leaves and stem are rich in macronutrients such as carbohydrates, crude protein, fat, ash, moisture, and a good source of fiber. There are also reports of the presence of certain vital nutrients such as vitamins B (1, 2, 3, 6, and 12), E, and C in the leaves.













    Costus afer or the twins’ cane is commonly used for its medicinal properties throughout tropical Africa. An inflorescence infusion is taken to treat tachycardia.

    This same infusion or a rhizome infusion is taken to treat an upset stomach.


    The stem, either in decoction, or crushed, or chewed, or the pounded fruit, sometimes mixed with sugar cane juice, are taken to treat coughs, respiratory problems, and sore throat.

    Dried stem smoke is inhaled, also to treat coughs.


    The leaf juice is used as an eye drops to treat eye disorders and as nasal drops to treat headaches accompanied by dizziness, as well as a rub to treat edema and fever.

    Leaf juice or a decoction of the rhizome is taken to treat malaria. Click on the link below to discover another natural recipe for malaria:




    The juice of the stem is used for urinary incontinence, venereal disease, jaundice, and to prevent miscarriages. Acidic and reddening, this juice causes a burning sensation on open wounds, but it is pain-relieving and healing and is used for various skin conditions.


    A stem decoction is commonly taken to treat rheumatoid arthritis.

    An infusion of the dried aerial parts is taken to treat hypertension.


    The powdered stems are used as an enema to treat worms and Hemorrhoids.

    The pulped stems taken with water are strongly diuretic.

     Protective Ability against Kidney

    When the body is exposed to toxins or drugs, it becomes imperative for organs such as the liver and kidney to detoxify such substances. The liver is usually involved in the biotransformation of toxins to fewer toxic compounds through phase I and II reactions to enhance their elimination by kidneys. In a disease state of the kidney, its detoxifying capacity is impaired. Toxicity of the kidney results in elevated concentrations of sodium and potassium in the serum and an enlarged kidney. Afer some administration of bush cane on sick rat, the result shows that the concentration of sodium and potassium decrease considerably.

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  • Get rid of Gynecomastia without surgery


    Male breast enlargement, known as Gynecomastia, is a condition in which men develop excess chest tissue that is more breast-like in nature. To reduce the pain of unsuccessful surgery and its side effects, many people referred to natural treatments. There are some non-surgical options for gynecomastia treatment, among them we have natural cream and herbal tea which is the best that has been proven effective and without side effects.

    Read till the end to know more about our natural remedies.

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    There are various non-surgical approaches to male breast reduction. Some of the methods include:

    Herbal Tea120

    Our natural Herbal tea is made from medicinal plants and dietary supplements food fat and leaves. It is the best natural that completely eliminates bad breast fat. The herbal tea is a good fat sensor that firms the chest in a few weeks and gives back to the man his chest. Good fat reducer and especially bad fats. It has been proven effective and has no side effects. For more information about our natural remedy kindly click on the link below:

    Home Remedies

    • Dieting and exercising. Maintaining a proper diet and exercise can help balance hormones and burn fat tissue.
    • Stopping the use of drugs or steroids. Steroids and certain drugs can increase the risk of male breast enlargement.
    • Reducing alcohol intake. Alcohol intake can increase the risk of male breast enlargement.
    • Hormone treatments. Hormonal imbalances lead to male breast development, and hormone balancing treatment options may help to minimize the appearance of breast enlargement.
    • Losing weight. Losing weight may help to decrease the size of the breast. This may work well for men who need to lose a lot of weight, but may not eliminate all of the excess breast tissue.

    For some men, these non-invasive treatment options may work to reduce the appearance of the breast. However, many men who suffer from moderate to severe Gynecomastia may find these options unsuccessful for correcting the excess tissue.

    Weight loss will not result in exclusive loss of chest fat. Often, men with Gynecomastia can lose weight but not see any significant reduction in their breast size. That’s because the excess breast tissue is made of more than just fat it also includes muscle and glandular tissue.

    If you are looking for a non-surgical treatment option for your Gynecomastia, please give Professor Boris Zougnon a call today. He is well experienced with Gynecomastia. When you make an appointment for a consultation, He will discuss exactly what options you have and what you can expect after recovery. Professeur Zougnon and the dedicated team at AFRICAN HERBAL TEA will alleviate any fears you have and show you how an effective gynecomastia treatment plan can help you look like the man you are.

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  • Fibroid removal with aloe Vera


    Aloes occur naturally in North Africa the leaves of Aloe vera are succulent, erect, and form a dense rosette. Many uses are made of the gel obtained from the plant's leaves especially on fibroids.

    Fibroids are benign tumors that are non-cancerous often found in the uterus. In most cases, if growth occurs within the intramural wall of the uterus, it could affect fertility. It may take 2 to 3 months for your fibroids to shrink enough for symptoms to decrease and your menstrual cycle to return to normal. The fibroids may continue to shrink during the next year. Fibroids typically grow slowly or not at all. In many cases, they shrink on their own, especially after menopause. You may not need treatment unless you're bothered by symptoms. At-home care, diet changes, and natural remedies may help treat fibroids and relieve symptoms. A recent study found that eating plenty of fruits like apples and tomatoes, and cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and cabbage, could lower the risk of developing fibroids. And, eating healthier choices like organic fruits and vegetables and whole-grain foods and aloe vera could help improve your symptoms.

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    Aloe Vera consumption every morning empty stomach daily has been proved very effective to improve the female reproductive system.

    One of the most useful plants for the treatment of several health problems is Aloe Vera. It is equally beneficial for healing fibroids. All you need to do is to mix ¼ cup of aloe vera juice with 1 cup of beet juice in a glass. Add some lemon juice and 1-2 tablespoons of un-sulfured blackstrap molasses. Pour enough water to fill a glass. This mixture helps shrink fibroids

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    Honey+ aloe for fibroid

    It is an effective way of treating cysts in ovaries. Mix a tablespoon of honey and a tablespoon of pollen to a glass of water. Add aloe vera juice to it and drink.



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    Beetroot+aloe for fibroids

    It contains a compound called betacyanin which helps the liver clear toxins from the body. The alkaline nature of beetroot also helps balance the acidity in the system. This helps to reduce the symptoms of ovarian cyst. Prepare a mixture of fresh beetroot juice with one tablespoon of aloe vera gel and blackstrap molasses. Continue drinking this mixture until the fibroid’s symptoms have reduced.

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