The final solution for all the women hoping for a child. Cloves and bay leaf are here as the final solution. Good to discover.

  • Bay leaf and cloves as pregnancy facilitator


    Bay leaf comes from the sweet bay tree, which grows slowly in warm climates. The plant is grown for ornamental use and used in cooking. 

    clove tree is a tropical tree of the Myrtaceae family. Its small reddish-brown flower buds, known as cloves, are used as a spice.

    But can this combination be used to get pregnant?

    Read till the end to know the answer.

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    Cloves as Fertility Enhancer

    It is important to add a clove spice to your home. It not only improves the quality of sex but also acts as a remedy for impotence.

    Men should regularly take it as it increases male power, prevents premature ejaculation, and enhances sperm motility. It is enough to use it in small quantities because clove is quite concentrated and strong

    Daily consumption of cloves keeps the body healthy. Just a teaspoon of raw spice in your meals daily can ensure a healthy reproductive system for women.

    How to prepare

    1. Grind 1 tablespoon of whole cloves.

    2. In a pan, add a cup of water, then add the cloves and bring it to a boil.

    3. Let it steep for 3-4 minutes.

    4. Let it cool, strain, and serve.


    2-Bay leaf for fertility

    Rich in essential oils, the leaves offer relief for a variety of medical conditions from digestive discomfort and muscle aches to respiratory problems. Bay leaves are an excellent source of vitamins A and C as well as iron, manganese, calcium, copper, and zinc. Their nutritional profile recommends them for eye and bone health, inflammatory conditions, and anemia prevention. They boast impressive antioxidant properties and contribute to good immunity, among other benefits.


    • Diabetes. Early research suggests that taking ground bay leaf twice daily along with medication for diabetes can lower pre-meal blood sugar levels, as well as levels of cholesterol. Also, taking ground bay leaf seems to increase “good” high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol levels in these people.
    • Cancer.
    • Gas.
    • Stimulating bile flow.
    • Causing sweating.
    • Dandruff, when applied to the skin.
    • Joint and muscle pain (rheumatism), when applied to the skin.
    • Boils, when applied to the skin.
    • Other condition

    3- Bay leaf and clove infusion to get pregnant

    Bay leaves


    Instructions for preparation and use

    Add 21 cloves and 7 bay leaves to a quart of pre-boiled hot water.

    Drink 1/2 liter of the infusion in the morning and 1/2 liter in the evening. Treatment is started from the first day of your period until day 28 of the cycle.

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    Additional Tips to Keep in Mind

    Apart from the above-mentioned natural remedies, the following tips may also help in getting you pregnant:

     Limit your caffeine intake.

    Consuming high amounts of caffeine hinders the absorption of iron in the blood, and it may also cause dehydration. Collectively, these things may lead to infertility issues in women, which can result in problems conceiving and risks of miscarriage.

     Avoid sugar.

    Sugar is found in carbohydrates. Eating more than required amounts of sugar may lead to disrupted insulin levels in the body. A carbohydrate-rich diet creates insulin resistance in the body, and may cause problems if you are planning to conceive. Switch to natural sweeteners or fruits as a healthy substitute for sugar.

     Drink adequate water. 

    You should drink good amounts of water if you are planning to have a baby. Water not only keeps the uterus healthy but also helps in increasing cervical mucus. The sperms attach better to the thickened cervical mucus and help you in getting pregnant.

     Be healthy and fit.

    It is very important to exercise every day. If you are on the heavier side of the scale, it might be a good idea to lose some weight, as it would improve your chances of getting pregnant. However, if you are underweight, you may have problems with ovulation. Maintain a healthy and fit body, as it improves your chances of getting pregnant.

     Sleep well.

    It is very important that you sleep well, for the proper functioning of all your internal organs. Irregular or erratic sleeping habits may take a toll on your hormones. A disrupted hormonal balance may lead to problems in conception.

     Keep stress away.

    Stress may lead to many health complications and problems, and conceiving is one of them. Increased levels of stress may impact the hormones that are responsible for releasing the egg from the ovaries. Therefore, stress may lead to delayed ovulation or no ovulation at all.

     Quit smoking.

    Women who smoke may take longer to conceive than women who do not smoke. Also, a pregnant woman who smokes is at great risk of delivering a baby with genetic abnormalities


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