Natural remedy against toothaches

-Stamp the sick tooth with a little essential oil of clove.This gasoline have remarquable antibacteans property,

in addition to numbing the pain, hence its long-standing popularity as a treatment for toothache. It contains eugenol, which acts as a local anesthetic. On contact, it stings slightly, but you will be quickly relieved.

- If there is no gasoline, you can use whole cloves. Put a few in your mouth, let them soften on contact with your saliva, crush them gently between your molars to release the essential oil, and leave on the diseased tooth for at least half of it. hour.

--You can also make a paste consisting of powdered ginger and cayenne pepper. Mix these ingredients with a little water, soak a small cotton ball in this paste that you will then place on the painful tooth. (Avoid contact with the gum tissue, however, which may irritate it.) You can also use each of the spices individually - they both work against pain.

- Dilute a teaspoon of salt in a glass of lukewarm water and rinse your mouth for 30 seconds with this solution before spitting it out. The salt water acts as a disinfectant on the area of ??the diseased tooth and pushes out some of the fluid that causes the swelling. Repeat the treatment as often as necessary.

- Use toothpaste for sensitive teeth. This kind of product is particularly effective for people with receding gums; it relieves pain caused by hot or cold food coming into contact with the root. Receding gums expose dentin, the part of the tooth that is under the enamel and is particularly sensitive.

- Make a decoction of barks of Tamarindus indica (bambara tomi, then perform mouthwashes.

- Chew the roots of fagara (hêdô in goun). Good remedy for toothache.

- Prepare a decoction with the bark or leaves of acacia seyal (gum tree in French, sourour in Wolof), then make mouthwashes.

- Chew Guava leaves.

-Mach the seeds of momordica charancia (African nutmeg, sasalikoun in goun).

NB: Africa-herbal tea N ° 1: Super-balm is very effective against all kinds of pain. The relief is instantaneous. But if toothache persists consult your dentist.



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