Drepanocytosis or sickle cell


Understand the evil.

Sickle cell anemia or sickle cell anemia is a genetic disease. A child can only be sick if both parents are transmitters, that is to say carriers of the gene. It affects both girls and boys: it is said to be inherited autosomal recessively. It corresponds either to a homozygous form or to another heterozygous.

The causes

The cause of this disease is a substitution of adenine by thymine in the globin cord 6 resulting in the substitution of a valine by a glutamic acid in the protein chain.

The disease involves the beta gene for hemoglobin. The normal beta genes are called A, the abnormal sickle cell S genes. These lead to the formation of an abnormal hemoglobin protein which destroys red blood cells and consequently causes very severe anemia. Each individual has the genes of his genetic heritage in duplicate: AA, AS, SS, SC, or SBT. SS individuals are sick, AS are healthy carriers but transmitters. The SS are said to be homozygous, the AS, heterozygous.


The heterozygous form is often asymptomatic, but the homozygous SS form is accompanied by:

Painful crises

Signs of anemia accompanied by headache

The red blood cells being rigid, will form plugs and obstruct the blood vessels: these are the vaso-occlusive crises.

Especially the lower limbs can become hot, sore, or even swollen.

With the occlusion of the vessels, the spleen can lose its anti-bacterial defense capacities, causing children to develop infections of the lungs or bones.

What to do ?

Curing sickle cell disease is not easy, but there are many remedies available today that can help make seizures disappear or keep them away:

Daily intake of folic acid defuses anemia

Drinking plenty of water helps prevent dehydration

Prefer heat to cold


- Make a decoction of the roots of Mayténus senegalensis your drink.

--Macerate with 100 grs of xanthoxyloid Fagara roots (gueneguideg, hèdô en goun) for 24 hours in 100 ml of water, and drink 5 ml of the solution 3 times a day.

- Take as a food supplement the powder of the bark of fagara roots.

--Take as a food supplement the powder of the bark of fagara.

- Drink a decoction of papaya roots + fagara root + cochlospermum tinctorium roots. Two drinks a day. Good remedy.

- Drink regularly to space the attacks a decoction of: papaya roots + pineapple peels + fagara peels + securidaca longepedunculata (kpèta dô in goun, dioro in bambara).

NB: the fagara and cochlospermum plants are strongly recommended for sickle cell patients.


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