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Fatigue is not an illness in the strict sense but is often a symptom of an underlying illness or disorder. Although transient fatigue affects everyone at one time or another, especially after a short night's sleep or after intense work, some people very often feel tired even though they have had enough sleep. It is in the latter case that we can speak of fatigue.These people with fatigue should then consult a doctor who will try to find the cause and help them treat this disabling disease for themselves but also for those around them.

Chronic fatigue:

We talk about chronic fatigue when the fatigue lasts more than 6 months.

Note: We sometimes speak of asthenia to designate fatigue or chronic fatigue. However, asthenia in the strict sense would not be totally equal to fatigue.

The causes of fatigue or chronic fatigue (which lasts more than 6 months) are numerous, here are the main reasons that can lead to fatigue:

- Anemia (often due to iron deficiency), this is the case for some women who experience menstrual problems with heavy bleeding or women who have just given birth.

- Hypothyroidism (a disorder of the thyroid)

- An infectious disease such as mononucleosis, herpes, influenza, flu syndrome, colds, sinusitis, AIDS, dengue fever, hepatitis (especially chronic hepatitis C which often leads to chronic fatigue) ...

- Psychic disorders or difficulties such as: depression, stress, overwork, anxiety

- Hormonal disorders in women: menopause, premenstrual syndrome

- The pregnancy

- A metabolic disease such as diabetes

- Taking certain drugs that make you drowsy (cough suppressants, muscle relaxants, sedatives, etc.)

- Various rheumatic diseases (including fibromyalgia)

- Hypertension or hypotension

- Cancer

- Sleep apnea

- An allergy (to a food, to pollens, ...)

- Sleep disorders

- Poor absorption of certain essential nutrients such as vitamins, trace elements or minerals [would be one of the main sources of fatigue]

- Excessive consumption of caffeine or drinks rich in caffeine (Coke, coffee, cold tea, ...).

- An infection of the urinary tract (poorly treated and diagnosed)

- Heart problems

Note: Sometimes it is difficult to find the cause, fatigue can then be a complex disease with many causes (known or unknown) and parameters.

The main signs of fatigue can be:

- Often feeling tired even after having slept well, having trouble getting up in the morning

- Decreased energy in general

- Mood more sad (up to depression) and variable (anger)

- Difficulty concentrating


The treatment of fatigue is mainly based on finding the cause. For example, if the fatigue is caused by hypothyroidism, then treatment with thyroid hormones will be suggested by the doctor and the fatigue should stop, however if the doctor considers that the cause is not related to underlying disease or transient or permanent infection (AIDS), it may be that fatigue is caused by a lack or poor absorption of vitamins or trace elements. A food supplement is useful.

- vitamins: for example vitamin C B vitamins

- trace elements: for example manganese

- minerals: such as magnesium or potassium

- amino acids (for example based on arginine aspartate)

Herbal teas

- Make an infusion with 1 g to 2 g of kola nut powder (cola nitida), Gouro in Wolof in 150 ml of boiling water for 5 to 10 minutes. Drink one to three cups a day.

--Take three tablespoons of honey and the juice of two lemons

In half a teaspoon glass of water at noon before the meal.

- take the powder of moringa leaves as a food supplement.

NB: The Africa-herbal tea powder N ° 3 (chitosan plus) deeply relaxes and everyone should have it at home.


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