Mycosis, ringworm darts



There are simple things that work without the risk of recidivism

-Rub the sulfide 12 in the affected part.

-Rub in the affected part coca virgin cocoa oil, the first cold pressure.

-Rub in the affected part the juice of fresh leaves of cassia alata(amasou in goun).

-Made an homogenous mix up with indigenous and sulfide powder to washed the affected part.

-Made an homogenous mix up  with indigenous soap and cannon traditionnal powder to Shower or to  washed the affected part.

Note:The cream Africa-herbal tea N°4( skin diseases) is very good for skin diseases and frigidity.


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  • mbiba roland
    • 1. mbiba roland On 2016-06-03
    i wish to obtain this information for certain deseases.

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