Cough is a symptom of an illness that can be simple or serious. Like the common cold and diarrhea, a cough is a purification process initiated by the body to get rid of some (toxins, poison, smoke, dust, etc.) following intoxication or an attack of viral or bacterial origin, or medicated. Coughing is always the body's reaction to irritation, it is a vital reflex.

The causes of coughing can be:

- Flu, respiratory tract poisoning, cold, smoke, allergy, pulmonary embolism, etc.

- various infectious diseases: pneumonia, tuberculosis, whooping cough, diphtheria.

- acute bronchitis, asthma, flu, colds,

-- stomach burn; nervousness, stress, or excessive shyness

-a left heart failure and other unclear causes.

Some remedies

- Colds, coughs and sinusitis

Plant: Ocimum Americanum Yulenyuga in Mooré; Ebôgyuru in Lyélé; Bombon-lo in Nuni

Manual :

Pour a bowl of boiling water over ten flower spikes; cover your head over the bowl; breathe steam, 10 minutes.

- Honey cough.

Drink lemon water sweetened with good honey.

- Rebel cough.

- Drink a sweet decoction with honey from the leaves of guiera senegalensis. Good remedy.

NB: This plant heals well in decoction internal tumors (fibroids and myomas).


.-- Boire une décoction sucrée avec le miel des feuilles de guiera senegalensis. Bon  remède.

NB: Cette plante soigne bien en décoction les tumeurs internes ( fibromes et myomes).


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