Rheumatism, arthritis, gout, osteoarthritis,

The treatment of joint inflammation can cure rheumatism, it is directed towards anti-inflammatory drugs and analgesics useful to calm the pain, but we must not forget the plants and remineralizing products. The plants and useful products are: roots of securidaca longepedunculata rich in acetylsalicilic acid (kpètado in goun and fon in benin, snake tree in French, dioro in bambara in Mali and in RCI), bark of caïlcedrat (agao goto in goun , diala en bambara), roots and bark of fagara, shea butter, garlic, onion, lemon, neem oil, red palm oil, clay, cuttlefish bone powder, moringa leaves , baobab leaves, Xylopia æthiopica (soump in Wolof, kani in bambara, kpéjélé in goun (fruit and oil), etc.

-Do daily massages with oil from the fruits of Balanites ægyptiaca, (soump in Wolof, egungun in Yoruba)

-Mix carapa procera bark powder (paftan in Wolof, kunda oil tree in French, kpeintoe in goun) with palm oil, and massage the painful areas in the morning and evening.

-Apply, morning and evening after bathing, Xylopia æthiopica Oil.

-Make a massage ointment with shea butter and dioro root powder.

-Wash with a maceration of the dioro roots.

-Make clay poultices.

- Rheumatism, Lumbago, and sciatica

Plant: Securidaca Longipedunculata (snake tree)

Pelga in Mooré

Syanabwe in Lyélé

Sye in Nuni

Dioro in Bambara and kpèta dô in goun.

Manual :

Crush the root bark between two stones, mix with twice the weight of shea butter. Rub the painful area morning and evening, 4 to 5 days.


Plants: Parkia Biglobosa (the Néré)

Roaga in Mooré

Shimi in Lyélé

Seû in Nuni

Ahoaun tin in goun.

Pennisetum Spicatum

Kazwi in Mooré

Méla in Lyélé

Pwamena in Nuni

Manual :

Pound the leaves of N ° 1 and the seeds of N ° 2 together, without water, to make a paste (put enough leaves). Spread this paste on the shingles, 3 days in a row. Repeat once, if necessary.

NB: Africa-herbal tea ointment N ° 1: Super balm is strongly recommended for massage against all forms of pain and rheumatism.

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