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A whitlow is an acute infection (caused by bacteria such as staphylococcus or strep throat) of the finger of the hand or toe. Whitlow usually occurs when the skin is soggy (high humidity) or when you bite your nails too much. The whitlow is a form of abscess.


The whitlow is generally caused by infection in the fingers or toes by a bacterium: staphylococcus or streptococcus.

Certain conditions, such as a humid environment, can favor the growth of this bacteria.


At first, a whitlow causes inflammation and the pain is bearable, then after two to three days (in some cases it can last for days or even weeks) the pain becomes intense and throbbing ("it hits the finger") and pus is formed. Fever can also be associated with whitlow.

Warning, if after several days the whitlow is still present and is loaded with pus, please consult a doctor who will remove the pus himself, it is strongly recommended not to do it yourself, to avoid any risk of (on )infection. Also, see a doctor when the pain becomes very severe and wakes you up at night.

Good advice

It is advisable to try to regularly lift the skin around the fingernail, as the fingernail often penetrates the skin and this can cause infection and sometimes lead to whitlow.

- Disinfect manicure instruments (with 70 ° alcohol for example).

- Thoroughly cover the wound caused by the whitlow to avoid superinfection and therefore complications.

- Avoid biting too much the skin of the nails and the nails themselves, because this is often where the infection carried by microbes (bacteria) in the saliva gets in.

- Thoroughly cover (with dressings) the wound caused by whitlow to avoid superinfection and thus complications.

- As with all injuries, it is advisable to monitor the status of the tetanus vaccination.

Whitlow treatment

It is advisable to apply an antiseptic such as a Dakin bath (in the form of a finger bath). A Dakin bath is prepared in a pharmacy. In Dakin there is a chlorine derivative (hypochlorate) which acts as a very effective disinfectant. The therapy suggested by the doctor might typically be 3 to 5 baths of 10 minutes per day (during which the finger is soaked).

Prefer non-coloring antiseptics like Dakin.

Then you can use ointment or ointment based on ammonium sulfobituminate. Apply this ointment on the whitlow and surround it with a bandage, to be renewed every day.

Warning (reminder): if after several days, the panaris is loaded with pus, please consult a doctor who will remove the pus himself, it is strongly recommended not to do it yourself. The doctor will perform a small surgical operation to cure the whitlow.

Treatment with traditional African medicine

--Put Baobab leaves + palm oil as a bandage on the diseased finger

--Push the diseased finger in a hot lemon, make a bandage and keep overnight.

- Stick the diseased finger in bleach for a few minutes.

- Stick the diseased finger in the brake oil of cars.

--If you have our super balm then, pass the ointment on the sick finger and bandage. sovereign remedy.


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