Memory Problems

-Eat in the morning at sunrise, 7 leaves of centenaria (houihouè in goun and fon) for 7 days.

NB: Renew several times in a row. This herb is proven to have very beneficial effects for the brain. This plant is an integral part of the compositions my father used to cure madness with great success. Do not neglect this recipe.

--A good cup of cocoa pudding is good for the brain, especially in children because adults have difficulty digesting milk.

--Product: Moringa oléifera leaves (yovokpatin in goun and minan, kpatima in fon)

Preparation: Dry the fresh leaves and reduce them to a fine powder then put in a pot.

Directions for use: Put a tablespoonful of 15 ml of the powder in a liter and a half of lukewarm water. 15 minutes later, consume the mixture thus obtained during the day. Repeat the operation for 7 days.

--Take olive oil every morning + a very ripe lemon juice.

--Products: Turn the dry leaves of moringa into powder and take a teaspoonful, 3 times a day in the middle of the meal. This powder is a powerful food supplement, I would say a super food.

- Checklist for parents, pupils and students.

Products: Powder from dry moringa leaves, good honey and a ripe lemon.

Directions for use: In the morning, make a homogeneous mixture of a tablespoon of the powder, a tablespoon of honey and lemon juice, then drink or lap.

NB: The center can provide you with everything you need in the remedies, but already plant yourself at home some living shrubs, which are very useful, namely: moringa oleifera, papaya, oleander and lemon.

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