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After many months of trying without success, couples who fail to conceive begin to despair, and inevitably think of a problem of infertility. But today, thanks to advances in medicine, infertility is no longer inevitable. Male thought always thinks that it is the woman who is always sterile and immediately overwhelms her with all ills when the man's sperm may be failing. Man confuses virility and fertility. He should not confuse fertility and sexual weakness and thus aphrodisiac plants which increase tone and desire with fertility plants which improve the quality and quantity of sperm. Many men today are very vigorous but sterile. The semen is empty and lifeless, apart from lifeless there is no life. You can only give what you have. The semen is too fluid, the sperm is sick, absent, or in insufficient numbers, The man can be virile like a young man of 18 years and be quite sterile and the ideal is to seek the causes immediately on both sides. Indeed, male infertility is involved in 10 to 30% of situations. The 2 partners are involved in more than 30% of cases. Male causes of infertility are not accompanied by sexual disturbance, and fertility is unrelated to virility. In seeking a solution to a sterility problem, let men be humble. No one should confuse male infertility with sexual weakness.

What are the causes of men'sterility?

--Sperm abnormalities

Male infertility can be caused by poor-quality sperm production, insufficient sperm production, or abnormal sperm transport.

Oligospermia: it corresponds to an insufficient quantity of sperm in the semen. Normally there are at least 20 million sperm per ml of semen. A number less than 10 million / ml may be responsible for infertility

Azoospermia: sperm fluid contains no sperm

Asthenospermia: it corresponds to a lack of mobility of the spermatozoa which experience difficulty in moving. There is normally at least 40% motile sperm in semen. Below this threshold, we speak of asthenospermia

Necrospermia: it is characterized by a high percentage of dead sperm (> 50%). It is often due to infections

Teratospermia: it corresponds to too large a quantity of malformed sperm and indicates the presence of an abnormally high rate of abnormal spermatozoa of around 50%

NB: Often the anomalies are associated we can then speak of oligoasthénospermia or oligoasteno-teratospermia

--The other causes of male infertility

They can be mechanical, infectious, genetic. A hormonal origin is rarely involved.

Father's age: A future father over 35 years of age presents a greater risk of failure (Human Fertility Research Group, University of Toulouse, publication January 2012 in the journal Human Reproduction)

Trauma to the testicles

Sequelae of viral infections (especially by the mumps virus)

Sexually transmitted infections

Alcohol and tobacco consumption


Varicocele (varicose veins developing in the testicles)

Cryptorchidism (absence of descent of the testes into the scrotum during embryonic development)


Retrograde ejaculation: the semen is not ejaculated outwards but towards the bladder

Exposure to too much heat

The presence of anti-sperm antibodies: men can sometimes immunize themselves against their own sperm: in this case, the mobility and fertilizing capacity of the sperm is reduced

Certain diseases of the liver and kidney

Repeated exposure to chemical compounds

Obstruction of the ducts (epididymis, vas deferens, or ejaculators) which should allow sperm to escape despite a normal quality of sperm produced by the testes

A genetic abnormality: Klinefelter syndrome, chromosomal abnormality, which combines testicular atrophy, azoospermia (absence of sperm in the ejaculate), and gynecomastia.

NB: In 10 to 15% or even 25% of situations, no cause is found either in men or in women. Finally, if it is the uterus that is the cause of infertility, surgery to remedy the malformations, and in-vitro fertilization are solutions. Keep in mind that sterility can occur at any time in the patient. man as in woman. The fact of having had one or two children does not guarantee your fertility at the moment. Infertility is therefore primary or secondary and everyone must pay attention to their lifestyle. For a serious case of sterility, please contact the center.


) Remedy 1. Weakness and premature ejaculation.

Products: A 1-liter bottle, oléifera moringa seeds, musk seeds, small cola (garcinia kola) or cola (cola acuminate or nitrite), black peppers, coffee seeds (Coffea arabica), moringa root bark (a little ), Xylopia aethiopica (kpéjélé in goun and fon), cassia siebériana root (sindian in bambara, efo in yorouba), lemon zest, moringa leaves, and coconut cake.

Preparation: Place all the lightly crushed seeds in the bottle in equal proportions, add the roots and root bark, then the leaves and the coconut cake. Add a small glass of good honey and fill the bottle with sodabi or whiskey or white wine or green coconut juice.

Directions: Take a Madeira glass (small glass) twice a day to be permanently active. But 30 minutes before taking action, a take will do you a lot of good, and your partner will be very happy.

b) Remedy 2: Sexual weakness.

Products: A 1-liter bottle, small cola (garcinia cola), root of carpolobia lutea (aviatin in goun and fon), roots of Caesalpinia bonduc (ajikun dô), roots of voacanga africana (agbosu ningla in goun and fon), roots of carissa edulis (ahanzo dô), 7 crushed African mushroom (sassalikoun), roots of ceropegia sp (cirigun dô in fon and goun), moringa root bark (a little), xylopia aethiopica (kpéjélé in goun and fon), a little lemongrass.

Preparation: Place everything in the bottle and add alcohol or whiskey or another solvent.

How to use: Take a Madeira glass (small glass) twice a day to be permanently active. But 30 minutes before taking action, a take will do you a lot of good, and your partner will be very happy.

c) Remedy 3: Azoospermia and oligospermia (3 months of treatment)

--Drink a potion made from honey, crushed rock salt, and Tamarindus indica pods. Filter first before drinking.

--Drink well-beaten egg white every day.

--Bake an egg yolk in cow's butter.

--Eat an omelet dipped in fresh honey every morning.

--Absorb powdered green roots of Acacia albida in meat broth.

- Take each morning: virgin olive oil + moringa powder + lemon + egg yolk.

Products are useful for fertility in men.

adansonia digitata, musa sinensis (Banana goukokoé in goun), moringa oleifera, arachis hypogeo (peanut seeds), cnestis ferruginea (agbobiawun), aframomum melegueta, voacanga africana (agbosoun ningla), leafy cissus lpankenia) (kunobiawun) (dèdô en goun, roots), garcinia cola, Euphorbia hirta, Securinega virosa or fluggea virosa, trichilia emética, ficus gnaphalocarpa, Xylopia aethiopica, Zingiber officinale (ginger),, Lonchocarpus cyanescens, phaseolus Vulgaris (seed) cold-pressed virgin), black seed oil, rice germ oil, red palm oil, natural eggs, honey, rock salt, etc.

NB: Remember that it takes at least 90 days of treatment because of the duration of the formation of spermatids. Good luck to you. We cannot put everything on-site and please consult the center for serious cases.



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