Azadirachta indica

neem.pngVulgar name: Nim, Neem

 Africain Name - Wolof: nim, neem, dimi buki


Neem is originated from India where it has been imported as avenues plants because of its shadow. As its resistance to the drought, it has been used in the Sahel during the reforestation. The leave is mostly used in traditional medicine for malaria, edema, and cold.


It is a small tree of 5 to 15 meters high. The leaves are alternate paripinnate. The small white flowers are in clusters and very fragrant. The fruit is a small light green drupe. The neem is well known by Africans.

Direction of use

-In case of  Malaria or fever or gastric ulcer. Boil 30 grams of the leaves in a liter of water for half an hour. Drink a glass of it 3 times per day.

-The bark decoction may treat fever and it is anti venomous.

--The fermented juice of the bark or of the root would cure leprosy as well as the chronic diseases of the skin.

--Fresh juice from young leaves treats ulcers, intestinal worms, viruses, and bacteria.

--An infusion of the fresh leaves is used in the treatment of Viral hepatitis.

---The fruit is used as insecticides.

Note: The herbal tea is very bitter as nivaquine but it is very effective against malaria. The seed is very abortive.


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