Borreria verticillata

Borreria verticillata

 borreria-verticilata-2.pngVernacular Names - Wolof: ndatuchan u gor, mola, san2t- Bambara: Som Somou- Peuhl: Samtarde- Hausa: Harwati-Goun et Fon : Akoligwé asoun.


This small plant is known by tradipratician as anti-leprosy, antibiotics, and anti-furunculosis. For leper disease, we use the whole plant as a decoction that we drink or apply in the wound.

For furunculosis, we applied the obtained dough by crushing the leaves to the mortar with oil.


It is a perennial shrub reaching 1 meter in height, appearing in the herbaceous form with numerous ramifications. The stem has a succession of nodes on which the leaves are inserted. The tiny white flowers are arranged in glomeruli along the stems and at their tops.

Curative action

The leaves in infusion are effective against streptococci, staphylococci, and also golden staphylococci, the agent responsible most of the time for boils and paronychia

Direction of use

--Skin wounds - Boils - Panaris-mycoses

Apply the leaf juice directly to the wounds or boils after disinfection, renew three times a day.


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