Butyrospernlum parkii


karite.png-Common name: shea

-African names - Wolof: shea

- Bambara: sé, si sii

- Peuhl: karé, karey, karedé, kolo

-Goun and Fon: Limoutin


The fat or shea butter is commonly sold on

the markets in plates or balls. Shea butter is used in cooking and for massage. A decoction of the bark treats stomach ulcers.


It is a stocky tree 9 to 10 meters in height. The dark green foliage falls off during the dry season. The leaves are clustered at the end of the twigs. The fruits are drupes containing a very fatty whitish seed.

Direction of use

Pain, sprains, and rheumatism.

Rub the painful spots with shea butter at least twice a day.

Nasal congestion

Apply 1 gram of shea butter inside the

nostrils in cases of rhinitis every 6 hours. Lightly massage the tip of the nose several times a day.


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