Cassia Alata.

Cassia Alata.


  cassia-alata.pngWolof: Mbata; French: Casse ailée, Herbe à Dartre, ou dartrier; GOUN: Amassoun.

FAMILY: Caesalpiniaceae

PARTS USED: Mainly the leaves.


This plant is used throughout Africa for skin conditions. On the other hand, it is used internally as a purgative. The leaf decoction regulates blood pressure. It is very effective against vaginitis and yeast infection. These are the leaves that are used in applications either directly (fresh juice) or after being crushed.


It is a shrub 2-3 meters high, the leaves are large, pinnate compound, the flowers are very ornamental yellow and the fruits are straight pods up to 25 cm long. The plant grows very easily and naturally in brush or on garbage piles.

Direction of use

-Dermatoses - Mycoses-Vaginitis.

It is best to use the juice of the fresh leaves obtained by crushing or trituration directly on the lesions.

-Hypertension and constipation.

Drink a decoction or infusion of the leaves.


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