Cassia italica

Cassia Italica (LAXATIVE)


vulgar name: African senna

African names - Wolof: Laïdur- Bambara: M'baH, Mbali- Peuhl: falajin- Hausa: illesko, filasko -Goun and Fon: Agwé gbévi


The small leaves of senna or leaflets are used as purgatives in constipation. But to be used in moderation because it is irritating without forgetting the risks of addiction.



It is a small shrub rarely exceeding 50 cm in height. The leaves are pinnately compound, the fruits are flat rounded chuckles.

Direction of use


Pour a liter of hot water over 20 grams of leaves, let infuse for half an hour and drink a large glass before going to bed.

Note: This plant is part of the composition of many herbal teas.


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