French: periwinkle from Madagascar; Wolof: Pervinch

This plant family, Apocynaceae, provides many leading drugs: reserpine, ajmaline, strophanthin, vinblastine, etc.


An imported plant, Madagascar periwinkle is reported as an anti-diabetic decoction. The root is antihypertensive.


It is a perennial plant that can reach 50 cm in height. The pink or white flowers have a 5-lobed wheel-shaped corolla. The leaves are simple and opposite. The roots are very developed. This plant is cultivated as an ornamental in many urban gardens. It is easily cultivated in sandy soils. You just need to put it underground with a little water and it will grow. It may already be in your garden while you have diabetes, obesity, or high blood pressure. Its herbal tea is slightly bitter in taste but very pleasant to drink.

Direction of use


A decoction of 5 grams of roots sprayed in 150 ml of water is made. We drink in the morning on an empty stomach. You should of course check your blood pressure daily.

--Diabetes and obesity.

We drink a decoction of 30 g of Periwinkle leaves in a liter of water in one day. You can also use the powder of the dry leaves.



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