Combretum michantum

Combretum michantum

Combretum michantum ( digestive,cholagogue,diurétique)



French: Kinkéliba; Hausa: Giéza; Wolof: Doubt, Sexeo

Common name: Kinkeliba or true kinkeliba

African names - Wolof: sereo - Bambara: kobobe, dolabe - Peuhl: talli gugumi - Hausa: geza --Goun and Fon: Kinikiniba.


In decoction, the leaves are cholagogues, febrifuges, tonics, and diuretics. The leaves are also used as an infusion tea.


It is a small, bushy tree 5 to 6 meters high. The leaves are opposite, entire, oval, and leathery. The flowers are white or pink, type 4. The fruit is a 4-winged samara with a single seed. This plant is widespread from Casamance to the Senegal River, Mali, and RCI. The leaves picked with the branches are presented in the markets in the form of 50 cm long bundles rolled up in palm leaves.

Direction of use

--Cholagogue - Diuretic

Use 20 grams of leaves as a decoction in a liter of water for half an hour. Drink during the day as a supplemental diuretic. Drink one cup in the morning and after each meal to aid digestion.


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