Lannea acida.

Lannea acida.

Lannea acida.



This plant is also called soon in wolof, bembay in peul , pekuni in bambara, dugun in serer , zonzon or zuzuwi or zuzukli in fon belonging to Anacardiacées family.


It is used too much  in traditional medicine:


*The leaves will cure scorbutic, dysentery, rash, mycosis, and itchings.

*The astringents bark, is used for gastric disorder treatment, dysentery, tooth decay, genital herpes, blennorrhagia, childhood rickets.

*The decoction is recommended for women having miscarriages.

Note: For each of these sicknesses boil  200g of roots or bark or a handle of the leaves in 2 liters of water and drink, half a glass of the liquid 2 daily times during 7 days.



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