Lippia multiflora

Lippia multiflora( Relaxing and sedative)

Lippia chevalieri

vulgar name: Thé of  Gambia

African Names - Wolof: nbornbor, mbalat, duté

- Bambara: ganéla

-Goun and  Fon: Danhome fio, Fio, pobè fio, Kanhoun


Lippia's are widely used in theiforme drink as anti gripped and stimulant in Senegal.  On the other hand in Nigeria, infusions of the leaves are used as sedatives and relaxants.


They are woody aromatic herbs erected in a tuft. The leaves are whorled by 3 or 4. The inflorescences are in tendinous spikes of white flowers.The smell of the plant is camphorated

Ce sont des herbes aromatiques ligneuses et dressées en touffe. Les feuilles sont verticillées  par 3 ou 4. Les inflorescences sont en épis tendineux de fleurs blanches. L'odeur de la plante est camphrée.

Action curative

Lippia contain an essential oil rich in camphor

Direction of used 

Relaxing - Sedative

Make an infusion of 30 grams of leaves with 200 milliliters of water and drink a glass before going to bed.

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