Mitracarpus scaber

Mitracarpus scaber


African names - Wolof: neootukan'- Bambara: kuguruba -Goun and fon: Akoligwé


Mitracarpus scaber is used in skin diseases and the treatment of leprosy in many African countries. This plant enjoys a universal reputation.


It is an annual herbaceous plant 10 to 50 cm in height. The stem bears opposite leaves. Inflorescences are glomeruli that are found in the axils of the leaves; the flowers are white and are found in the center of the leaf.


The stems and leaves of Mitracarpus scaber are crushed and the juice obtained is applied directly to the fungal infections. It is necessary to renew the application two or three times a day until the mycosis disappears and even after to reduce the risk of recurrence. The fresh juice gives a slight burning sensation on contact with the skin. Avoid contact with eyes.





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