Scoparia dulcis

Scoparia dulcis

Scoparia Dulcis?


Scoparia Dulcis


French: a sweet broom. ; Wolof: Matt matt GOUN and FON: Vivi nipple or Vivi téhwé.


This perennial herb has small leaves and its small white flowers give way to small round capsules.

Part used


Main constituents

Alkaloids (traces, scoparin), bitter principles (amelline), scoparol, scoparoside, flavonoids, saponosides, sterols (sitosterol), diterpenes, triterpenes, organic acids, vitamin B.

Pharmacological properties

Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-gastric ulcer, hypoglycaemic, depurative, diuretic.

Therapeutic use

The leaves are used to treat gastric ulcers, oral pharyngeal conditions, sore throats. The roots are used for tonsillitis, coughs, gingivitis, diabetes, boils, and abscesses.




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