Vetarium senegalense

Vetarium senegalense

African names - Wolof: ditaq, detar, Dota or Suif tree in French - Bambara: Bodo

- Peuhl: mobodey -Goun and Fon: Dakpa or Dokpa.


It is a very common tree in the Sudanian region because it needs humidity but can be found in more arid areas in depressions. It should be noted that there seem to be two varieties of this tree, one which gives edible fruits and the other toxic fruits causing many accidents in children especially. Only edible fruits are sold in the markets.


It is a large tree that can reach 20 to 30 meters. Its trunk is straight covered with a dark bark finely cracked. The leaves are compound imparipinnately. The small flowers are creamy-white. The fruits are globose, oval, and slightly flattened. Inside the fruit is a large central core covered with fibers and a mealy, tart pulp.

Direction of use


As the Sahelian diet is poor in vegetables and fruits, it is recommended to absorb some fruits of Detarium senegalense to provide for the body's needs in vitamins.


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