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seed Origin of Nigella: Damascus

Other names: black cumin, black caraway or pepper.

For the little story :

Nigella, by its scientific name nigella sativa, has been known since ancient Egypt. It has been found in Tutankhamun's tomb and it is known that Cleopatra and Nefertiti used it regularly.

It is unanimously recognized that black seed is one of the most revered medicinal seeds in history. The black cumin seed has a large place in the Muslim world where it is called habat al baraka (the blessed seed) or habba sawda.

Abu Hurayra, a famous reporter of prophetic traditions, reported that the Prophet Muhammad said in the 7th century: "Heal yourself with the black seed, it is a cure for all evils except death.

" Use of black seed in cooking:

In cooking, it is mainly used in bread, with poultry, potatoes, rice, fish, pastries, preserves ... well everywhere as long as you appreciate its slightly bitter taste.

In Moroccan cuisine, it is used in homemade bread, in tagines and couscous.

In Indian cuisine, black cumin goes well with rice and fish.

Pepper is used in many Middle Eastern spice blends.

On a daily basis, sprinkle it (ground or in seeds) in your yogurts, fruit salads, to also put in herbal teas, or in teas and coffees.

You can use them whole or roast them and then grind them in a coffee grinder before using them. You can therefore add black seed without hesitation in all the dishes mentioned above!

Properties of black seed:

It would be impossible to make an exhaustive list of the benefits of black seed.

However, here are some good reasons, in addition to its taste properties, to buy black seed.

It reinforce the immune systerm ,it's very effective against hay cold,asthma,and all kind of respiratory problem in general.

Studies have shown that the immune system produces more antibodies with regular use of black cumin. Its detoxifying and toning properties are no longer to be proven. It is also very effective in the treatment of skin infections such as eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, burns, chapped skin or even sunburn. It is very effective in relieving rheumatism and other inflammatory diseases The black seed contains natural antibiotics and anti-carcinogenic carotene, it facilitates the elimination of urine. Research is constantly uncovering new properties in black caraway which actually turns out, as Prophet Muhammad, an illiterate Arabian trader said, "to be a cure for all ills." Do you like Nigella? Then you will like:



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The benefits of black seed The Prophet (peace be upon him) said:

"Treat yourself using black seed, it is a remedy for all ills except death".

Here is an overview of the qualities and virtues of the black seed which are a sure sign, among many others, of the prophecy of our prophet in the medical field. The prophet has indeed taught us for more than fourteen centuries that "the seed of black seed" was a remedy.

against all evils. Abu Hurairah claims to have heard the prophet say:

"Using black seed in your care is a remedy for all ailments except death".

The black seed is called "habat al-baraka" (the blessed seed) in Egypt, al-kamoun in Libya, "al-qahta" in Yemen, "al-sânoudj" in Algeria, "al-shounîz" in Iran and Nigella sativa in Latin. It is also called "al-bashma".

The seed of black seed is composed of active elements that taste good and produce a miraculous effect. It contains phosphate, iron, phosphorus, carbohydrate, essences which form most of its power. It contains antibiotics that can destroy any virus, microbe or bacterium, carotene with anti-cancer power, fertilising and exciting sex hormones; It also has a power to facilitate the elimination of urine; it contains anti-acid enzymes, sedatives but also elements stimulating the development of intelligence. These are only a few virtues among others that applied research will one day be able to discover and which could dispense with a doctor and any other pharmacy, in particular its oil which contains its power.


Black seed is a plant that has been widely used as a treatment for over 2000 years modern experiments have shown that nigella sativa has a bronchial dilating effect, an antimicrobial effect,a regulatory effect on blood pressure and a secretory effect on bile.This finding led us to believe that it could have a stimulating effect on immunity.Laboratory experiments were carried out on volunteers in good health but with a certain deficiency in their immunity.2 gram of black cumin seed per day were given to a first group composed of 27  volunteers , which reveal  a positif result of  on the  Th total ratio .This ratio improved 55% to those who received black seed.For the second group composed of 19 volunteers the ratio improved to 72%.This is to say that the black seed can be considered as  immune stimulating and can play a role in the treatment of  cancer ,HIV and others disease related to immune deficiency.

The black seed has been used in many countries of the Middle and Far East as a curative treatment for over 2000 years. Many traditions have mentioned this seed for over 1400 years. The active substance (Nigellone) was not extracted from black seed oil until 1959. The role of black cumin seed in immunity was not estimated until 1986. This study was presented by researchers at the Fourth International Conference for Islamic Medicine held in Karachi in November 1986.

Means and substances:

18 presumably healthy volunteers were divided into two groups. Group 1 is made up of 11 volunteers who were given 1 gram, twice a day, of Nigella sativa. The other group (of 7 volunteers) received a charcoal placebo. The two substances were contained in similar capsules so as not to tell them what they were taking. This group consisted of 11 men for 7 women aged 12 to 50 years for an average age of 30 years. The researchers then did a complete lymph cell count (B, T), including total solids and Th. After 4 weeks of taking these capsules, the entire process was repeated. The activity of phagocytic cells was also measured on cells taken from volunteers as well as on carcinogenic cells which were grown inside the laboratory in different reports. The effector to target ratio was as follows (10: 1, 50: 1, 100: 1).


In most of the groups of volunteers taking Nigella, there was an improvement in Th and total solids as well as in phagocytic cells. At the same time improvement of system of immunity decreased in some of them. The final results showed an improvement in the Th: Ts ratio of an average of 72%. It also showed an improvement in the effect of phagocytic cells in the ratio: 187%, 29%, 7% for the previous effector to target ratios. As for the group that ingested the charcoal, the end result was an increase in the Th: Ts ratio of 7%.

Explanation of the results:

The results proved the positive role of Nigella sativa in improving the immune system. This effect was particularly clear in the Th: Ts ration. However, there are some pitfalls among these two study chains and factors that should be taken into account when reviewing the results:

1. The number of volunteers for the study was insufficient. A larger number would give more reliable results.

2. We used a dose of Nigella one gram twice a day. Larger doses may have a stronger effect.

3. The volunteers, although they had insufficient immunity (their Th: Ts ration is 1.2 years old, while the normal is 2), were still in good health and did not suffer from a serious pathology such as cancer. or any medical symptoms causing a disturbance in immunity.


We have proven by this study that taking Nigella sativa (black cumin seed), orally in a dosage of 1 gram twice a day, has the effect of stimulating the functions of immunity. This was noted in the improvement in the Th: Ts ratio and in the improvement in phagocytic cells. These results reveal the important and consistent possibility of employing black seed as a normal immunity enhancement in the treatment of cancer, AIDS and other cases of immunity deficiency.

What has been mentioned in the Sunnah regarding the value of the black seed:

It is known that the immune system has a direct and indirect effect on all bodily systems. Any disturbance in the system affects all systems of the body like in AIDS. In addition the solidity of this system and its improvement would have a direct or indirect effect on all the systems of the body. When a human is infected with any disease, the potency of the immune system affects the treatment of that disease directly or indirectly. We have proven by this research that black seed increases the body's immune system and improves its functions


Black seed is truly an amazing herb!

For centuries, the seed and oil of black cumin have been used by millions of people in Asia, the Middle East, and Africa as a drug treatment. This aromatic spice, which looks like sesame seed but in black, has traditionally been used for various respiratory and gastric pathologies, to stimulate the immune functions of the intestine, kidneys and liver, for its virtues on the blood circulation. and finally for general well-being. 

The black seed is a plant that has many virtues, especially since it manages to maintain a strong and healthy immune system. It is also very useful for individuals suffering from a weakened immune system or even asthma and respiratory problems, kidney or liver problems, digestive and intestinal problems, arthritis, allergies and hay fever. , acne and other circulatory ailments. The black seed is a safe and excellent plant that can be used by anyone. It has no known side effects and has a long history of use for several thousand years.

Which is more effective: the oil or the black seed?

Both are effective in their own standards. However, the oil is more concentrated than the plant itself, but many people prefer to use the plant in oil. However, care should be taken when using black cumin seed oil as many oils are imported and can be adulterated or mixed with other oils. Some oils from the Middle East are extracted with heat and hexane, a petroleum by-product. Always use a product that is 100% guaranteed, cold pressed, solvent-free, machine wrapped and sealed.


Recently scientists around the world have confirmed the anti-bacterial and anti-fungal effects of Nigella seed oil. Health practitioners in several countries around the world use this oil against inflammation of all kinds, but also fungal infections. There has even been a remarkable reduction in blood sugar levels. Researchers from an Institute against Cancer and an Immuno-Biology laboratory have found that the black seed stimulates the immunity of the bone marrow and cells and raises the production of interferon, protects cells against viruses, destroys cancer cells and increases the production of antibodies.

All of these functions make black seed oil the ideal candidate for the prevention and treatment of cancer. Scientists are now busy finding the effects of black seed oil on other pathologies. Dr. Med. Peter Schleicher, an immunologist in Munich who in 1986 was named the youngest member of the world academy of scientists, carefully examined black seed oil in his institute to find new therapies for treat chronic diseases their effects. Its results are identical to those of the studies. Schleicher indicates, using black seed oil, that valuable unsaturated fatty acids, for example linoleic and Gammaglobulin acids, go into the organization. It is thus possible to achieve a synthesis of immune regulatory substances derived from prostaglandin E1. Linoleic acid stabilizes cell membranes and prostaglandin has the effect of preventing inflammation. This stops the reactions that cause disease and that could be the cause of many chronic diseases such as acne and hayfever or even cancer. In addition, allergies are stabilized by the substance present in black cumin oil and reactions are countered with antibodies. The immune system is normalized.

Studies also show that an affected immune system can still experience improvement thanks to the powerful effect of black seed oil. Schleicher, meanwhile, has examined the effect of the oil on 600 patients. It thus confirms the treatment of allergies for approximately 70% of patients including treatments against pollen and dust, acne and neurodermatological diseases, for patients also suffering from asthma, etc. who generally have a weak immune resistance and are prone to suffer from these infections. That is why Dr. Schleicher is going to include the oil with his preventative treatment for colds and flu in Munich.

In the Middle East and South Asia, this oil has been used for years as a remedy for all kinds of allergies, inflammation and menstruation problems, depression and moral ailments; but particularly against bronchitis, asthma and neurodermatitis as well as problems of digestion and even impotence. The Prophet Mohammad (s) indicated in his "Hadith" that black seed oil treats all disease except death. We even found a small bottle of oil from the legendary Pharaoh Tutankhamun!

In the West, this oil has long been used for its effects against intestinal problems, dysentery, jaundice, diuretic problems and to increase the milk of nursing mothers. Due to considerable advances in drug research, this oil was abandoned until recently.

According to Dr. Schleicher the reason why this oil is so exceptional is that its elements work in unison to overcome many ailments. But one must make sure to use only pure oil and free of any additions.

Schleicher's colleagues reacted very frankly after the publication of his conclusive results with his patients. Professor G. Rietmuller, director of the institute for immunology at the University of Munich says that extracts from this black cumin seed have effects on immunity and could be used as a bioregulator. Professor Michael Meurer of the Dermatology Clinic in Munich has long been convinced of the success of this oil. From his experience on inflammatory and dermatological conditions and by noting the improvements after using Habbat Saouda. At the International Cancer Research Congress in New Delhi last fall, the anti-tumor effect of black cumin oil was presented to a host of scientists and doctors.

Author: Hans Wagner

1-The headache

Ibn al-Qayyim affirms in the chapter "Prophetic medicine" of his work "The baggage for the beyond": "The application of black seed oil as a bandage eliminates headaches not accompanied by fever".

A second mode of use: apply black seed oil on the painful part then massage.

A third: mix the pounded black cumin seeds with olive oil and administer a few drops of the resulting product nasally.

2- Hemi cephalic migraine

Take a small amount of crushed clove seeds, black seed powder and crushed barley, mix everything well and knead with bee honey. Apply the mixture to the suffering part in the evening until the morning, accompanying this treatment by taking a teaspoon of black seed oil on an empty stomach for three days.

3- The common cold "If the patient puts in a jar crushed black seed that he smells regularly, he will be freed from his cold". (Ibn al-Qayyim in "Luggage for the Hereafter")

Grilled then plundered, finally mixed with olive oil and then administered nasally in the form of drops, three to four times a day, the patient is cured of the occasional cold accompanied by numerous sneezing.

4- Toothache, gum, alu and throat

Ibn al-Qayyim states: "If the black seed is cooked with vinegar and the patient uses the preparation in mouthwashes, then the patient's toothache produced by the sensitivity to cold disappears."

Other preparation: Boil black seed and use the water from the porridge in mouthwashes and gargles. Spread black seed oil on the neck and the edges of the jaw

upper side of the teeth by taking a spoonful of black seed oil on an empty stomach every morning.

5- vertigo, ear infections and hearing problems

Against dizziness, it is advisable to massage the temples and neck with black seed oil.

Against otitis, it is advisable to put a few drops of well-filtered black seed oil in the ear.

6- Eye ailments

Apply black seed oil around the eye and mix a few drops of this oil with any hot drink or even with carrot juice and consume the mixture.

7- The occasional deformation of the facies

Ibn al-Qayyim declares: “Black seed oil also remedies deformities of the chin (when the latter tends to lean towards one side of the face) by application and massage of the nose.

8- In the treatment of insomnia

Take a spoonful of black seed oil mixed with hot milk sweetened with bee honey.

9- In the treatment of headaches

Take a spoonful of black cumin oil mixed with blackberry juice.

10- Treatment of shortness of breath and respiratory failure

Ibn al-Qayyim declares: "Taking a quantity of black cumin seeds mixed with water eliminates shortness of breath and respiratory problems."

11- Asthma

Boil black cumin oil and breathe deeply in the steam released morning and evening, adding a spoonful of black cumin oil to be crushed and swallowed morning and evening as well, provided that this is done before meals. It is also advisable to massage your chest and neck with black seed oil before going to bed. It is generally advisable to consume a lot of black seed oil because it contains black seed whose properties promoting good breathing are known in the treatment of asthma and cough.

12- Heart problems and blood pressure

It is advisable to consume black seed oil in quantity with any hot drink due to its absorption of fat and its power to widen veins and arteries. µ

13- Hypertension

3- Hypertension

Add a few drops to any hot drink and consume.

14- Lung diseases due to cold

Take a large spoon of black seed oil, mix with water, bring to the boil, inhale the vapors released by putting a bath towel on your head; at the same time take thyme tea mixed with black seed powder or its oil.

15- Ailments of the stomach and intestines

Ibn al-Qayyim declares: "The seed of black seed oil alleviates stomach ailments.

16- bitterness

A few drops of black seed oil mixed with hot milk sweetened with bee honey.

17- Ulcers

Take a spoonful of black cumin oil, mix with a teaspoon of bee honey, add a spoonful of sweet pomegranate peels, consume the mixture daily on an empty stomach followed by a glass of unsweetened milk and this , during two months.

18- Intestinal crises

Take equal amounts of anise, cumin and mint, mix and boil, sweeten with honey and add a spoon of black seed oil to the infusion. Consume hot. It is desirable to massage the painful place with black seed oil.

19- Ailments of the pancreas

Put a compress of confis of black seed kneaded in warmed olive oil on the left side before sleeping. Consume in parallel a glass of fenugreek herbal tea sweetened with honey and added with a spoon of black seed oil for two weeks

20- Bloating and expulsion of gas

Ibn al-Qayyim declares: “the seed of black seed eliminates the bloating, releases the blocked ducts and dissolves the gases”.

Put three drops of black seed oil in a cup of coffee or tea and consume.

21- Nausea and vomiting

A spoonful of crushed clove, a spoonful of black seed oil, mixed with a mint tea for three days. Another process: Boil black seed and nail

of cloves and consume three times a day without sweetening.

22- Diarrhea

Mix a tablespoon of black seed oil with a glass of yogurt and consume. Repeat the treatment until the diarrhea disappears.

23- Problems related to urine elimination, menstruation and breast activity

Ibn al-Qayyim tells us: "Pounded, kneaded with honey and consumed with hot water, ... the black seed facilitates the elimination of urine, menstruation and alleviates the problems of milk secretion if the mixture is consumed regularly.

Another way: Massage the part above the bladder with black seed oil while consuming in parallel an infusion of black seed sweetened with honey every evening before sleeping.

24- sexual insufficiency

Take 200 grams of well-pounded black cumin seeds, add 100 grams of crushed male frankincense, 50 grams of black seed oil, 50 grams of arugula oil, 50 grams of olive oil, 200 grams of bee honey pure. Mix everything and consume a spoon with each meal.

The 120-year-old will feel the vitality of a 20-year-old man.

25- Back pain and joints (rheumatism)

Lightly heat black seed oil and vigorously massage the painful area. Also consume a spoon of black seed oil three times a day.

26- Treatment of sprains and bruises

Boil a handful of black cumin seeds, immerse the affected limb in the water of the porridge for a quarter of an hour, gently articulating the limb. Then massage the limb with black seed oil. Do not bandage, shake or wear anything before

to sleep.

27- Resorption of fractures

Take a soup of lentils, onion and hard-boiled eggs. Consume with a spoonful of black seed oil. Massage black seed oil into the places near the fracture. As soon as the plaster has been removed, gently massage with heated black seed oil.

28- Fragility of bones and the problem of paralysis in children

After removing the child's clothes in a warm room, prick the whole body of fish spines after which massage with black seed oil. Administer three times a day to the patient a spoon of fish oil.

29- The fight against hair loss

Massage the lemon scalp well, and leave to act for a quarter of an hour. Wash it well with shampoo and dry thoroughly. Then apply black seed oil all over the scalp for a week and the hair loss will totally disappear God willing.

30- Treatment of total and partial baldness

A spoon of crushed black seed, a teaspoon of diluted vinegar, a teaspoon of garlic juice. Mix everything and apply to the affected part after removing the hair and scratching the diseased part. Cover with a compress and leave to act from morning to night. Then massage black seed oil for a week.

31- Treatment of herpes

Apply black seed oil on the diseased part daily. It is advisable to repeat the operation several times a day.

32- Treatment of the various manifestations of dermal fungi

Take a glass of crushed black seed, a glass of apple oil, a glass of black seed oil. Boil the apple essence then pour successively the crushed black seed then the oil. Stir until thickened. Apply to the diseased area for a week.

33- Treatment of warts

massage with black seed oil for fifteen days by applying to take a spoonful of black seed oil three times a day.

34- Treatment of depigmentation of the skin and scabs

Ibn al-Qayyim declares: "Pounded and mixed with vinegar then spread on the parts affected by depigmentation or crusts or dandruff, the black seed eradicates the evil.

35- Elimination of juvenile acne

Add half a glass of pomegranate peelings to a glass of black seed. Mix everything with a glass of apple essence. Heat to a bearable temperature and mix with the same amount of black seed oil. Apply on pimples and tuberosities.

36- Treatment of skin diseases in general

Prepare a mixture of black seed oil, rose oil and wheat flour in the proportions 2-1-1 respectively. Clean the sick place with a cotton ball soaked in diluted vinegar, spread the preparation and expose the sick place to the sun in the morning. It is advisable to avoid foods causing allergic effects: eggs, fish, mango etc.

37- Eczema treatment

Apply lukewarm black seed oil to the irritated parts.

38- Treatment of depressive states

Add five drops of black seed oil to a cup of coffee or

Some tea.

39- Treatment of localized cancer

Massage the site of the tumor three times a day and take after each meal, for three months, a glass of carrot juice mixed with a spoon of black seed oil.

40- Treatment of diabetes

A glass of crushed black cumin seeds mixed with a tablespoon of finely ground myrrh, half a glass of cardamine seeds, a glass of crushed pomegranate peels, a glass of crushed cabbage seeds, a tablespoon of ferrule mixed with Black seed oil ; Consume on an empty stomach.

41- Treatment of gynecological and obstetric problems

Take a spoonful of black seed oil and mix with an infusion of anise sweetened with honey, five times a day for forty days. It is advisable to use black seed oil with all

hot drinks against obstetric diseases.

42- Treatment of bad looks

Mix a spoon of black seed oil and a spoon of olive oil, massage the face with this mixture and leave to act for an hour. Wash face with soap and water.

43- Development of intelligence and improvement of memory

Put a spoonful of black seed oil in a mint tea sweetened with natural honey. Consume hot.

44- Treatment of general fatigue states

Take daily and on an empty stomach a glass of orange juice mixed with an average spoon of black seed oil for ten days.

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