Medicinal plants

Plantes médicinales.

 Plants indication by disease


Médicinal plant

Abrus pretatorius or liquorice liana (anorexia, cough)

Abutilon guineense (diarrhea, anemia, ...)

Adansonia digitata or baobab (fatigue, rich in vitamin C)

agave (stomach ulcers, ..)

garlic (atherosclerosis, hypertension, diabetes)

Allium cepa or onion (atherosclerosis, hypertension, diabetes)

Aframomum meleguetta (cystitis, herpes labialis)

Afzelia africana (mild diarrhea, stomachache)

aloe vera (disinfection, burns, constipation, wounds, intoxication)

pineapple (cellulite, obesity, intoxication)

angelica (digestive disorders)

star anise = star anise (difficult to digest)

green anise (digestion, fatty cough)

tea tree (fungal infections, acne, wounds)

argan (dry skin, acne)

sea ??buckthorn (fatigue, cooling)

arnica (blows, bruises)

artichoke (liver problems)

hawthorn (heart problems)

burdock (acne, skin problems)

basil (difficult to digest)

belladonna (nervous system)

wheat (cholesterol)

boldo (stomach ache, ulcer)

white broth (cough)

birch (urinary tract infections)

bourdaine (constipation)

Borage oil (neurodermatitis, sensitive skin)

heather (cystitis, prostate)

bearberry (cystitis, urinary tract infections)

busserole (cystites, infections urinaires)

cocoa (depressed)

coffee (stimulating, promotes idea association)

calami (true sweet flag) (heartburn)

calendula (scarring and inflammation)

Roman chamomile (digestion, disinfectant)

true chamomile (digestion, disinfectant, ...)

cannabis (drugs, nausea, and vomiting)

cranberry/cranberry (prevention of cystitis)

cinnamon (digestion)

nasturtium (cough)

carrot (preparation for tanning)

blackcurrant (sore throat, rheumatism)

celery (cystitis)

centaury (digestion)

cherry (gout, cystitis, ...)

milk thistle (liver and digestion)

celandine (external use: warts)

oak (diarrhea)

cabbage (rheumatism)

cimicifuga (menopause symptom)

lemon (prevention of colds)

lemongrass (insect bites)

coca (anesthesia)

comfrey (blows, bruises)

squash (benign prostatic hyperplasia)

cumin (digestion, flatulence)

turmeric (anti-oxidant, cancer prevention)

rosehip (= rose hips) (chills)

foxglove (heart failure)

drosera (cough)

echinacea (flu, cold)

edelweiss (diarrhea, aging)

fireweed (benign prostatic hyperplasia)

eucalyptus (cough, cold)

eyebright (eye conditions)

fennel (spasms)

fenugreek (annorexia, inflammation)

fig (constipation)

butcher's broom (venous disorders)

raspberry (digestion)

ash (rheumatism)

fumitory (digestion)

galangal (digestive disorders)

chaste tree (dysmenorrhea)

juniper (digestion and rheumatism)

gentian (digestion)

ginger (vomiting, sexual fatigue)

ginkgo (memory, vertigo)

ginseng (stimulant, tonic)

cloves (toothache, digestion)

goji (digestion)

feverfew (migraine)

pomegranate (prevention of several diseases, diarrhea)

guarana (fatigue)

marshmallow root (cough, sore throat)

witch hazel (hemorrhoids, venous disorders)

harpagophytum (osteoarthritis, arthritis)

hibiscus (hypertension, dandruff)

hops (anxiety, sleep)

hyssop (bronchitis, cough)

immortal (hematoma)

ipecac (cough)

jasmine (stress, insomnia)

Kaya senegalensis or cailcedrat (anxiety, stomach aches, prostatitis, diabetes, rheumatism, depression)

konjac (overweight)

cola (fatigue)

Lannea acida (cold, flu, fungal infections, ...)

laurel (digestive disorders, rheumatism

lavender (internal: anxiety, external: disinfection)

ivy (fatty cough)

flax (chronic constipation)

white lily (infections like whitlow, wounds)

lovage (digestive disorders)

maca (aphrodisiac)

corn (urinary tract infections)

horse chestnut (edema, heavy legs)

mate (fatigue)

mallow (sore throat, cough)

larch (rheumatism)

sweet clover (heavy legs)

lemon balm (internal: nervousness ..., external: herpes)

mint (digestion, ...)

yarrow (anorexia, digestion, ...)

St. John's Wort (mild depression)

millet (hair loss)

moringa (cough, sore throat, anemia, diabetes, hypertension, etc.)

mustard (bronchitis)

blueberry (diarrhea)

myrrhe (aphtes)

onion (insect bite, allergy)

the olive tree (hypertension)

evening primrose oil (painful periods, ...)

orange blossom (sleeping pill)

orthosiphon (diet)

nettle, leaf (urinary disorders)

nettle root (benign prostatic hyperplasia)

saw palmetto (benign prostatic hyperplasia)

papaya (digestive disorders, worms, malaria, jaundice, etc.)

passionflower (nervousness, sleep disturbances, depression)

patchouli (digestive disorders)

poppy (cough, pain)

pelargonium (bronchitis)

wild thought (acne, eczema, ...)

parsley (cystitis, rheumatism, ...)

butterbur (allergy, hay fever, ...)

little knapweed (difficult to digest)

pine (cough)

dandelion, lion's tooth (digestion)

plantain (cough)

Cayenne pepper (arthritis, osteoarthritis, ....)

black pepper (colic, diarrhea, ...)

tormentil cinquefoil (diarrhea

horsetail (urinary tract infections)

primrose (cough)

pulmonary (cough)

pulmonary (cough)

black radish (liver problems)

bearberry (urinary tract infections)

licorice (cough)

meadowsweet (rheumatism)

Rhodiola (stress)

rhubarb (canker sores, occasional constipation)

castor oil plant (occasional constipation)

rosemary (diuretic, osteoarthritis)

bramble (diarrhea)

rue des Jardins (varicose veins)

soap (rheumatism, acne, gout, ...)

fir (fatty cough)

sage (antiperspirant, antiseptic)

willow (painkiller, rheumatism)

senna (occasional constipation)

soy (menopause)

stevia (hypertension, diabetes)

securidaca long pedunculate or snake tree (rheumatism, pain, snakebite, intestinal worms, etc.)

elderberry (febrifuge, diuretic)

white tea (stimulant against fatigue, ...)

green tea (stimulant against fatigue, weight regulator, ...)

black tea (stimulant against fatigue, ...)

thyme (disinfection, cough)

thyme (cough)

lime tree (fever, chill)

red clover (menopause)

coltsfoot (cough)

valerian (sleep)

goldenrod (inflammation of the kidneys and bladder)

lemon verbena (sleep)

verbena (sleep)

red vine (heavy legs, edema)

ylang-ylang (skin problems)


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