Made a man fertile

Plants and products to make a man fertile

Don't mix up fertility and sexual impotence and also an aphrodisiac plant that increases tonus and desire with fertility plant that improves the quality of sperm. Nowadays, many men are very vigorous but sterile. The sperm is empty and lifeless, out of life there is no life. You can only give what you have. The sperm is very fluid, the spermatozoids are sick, absent, or insufficient in number. So, fortunately, there is always a solution and God also made plants for the purpose but be careful because sometimes it is too late. The plant that took our attention is most of the time naturally rich in active principles and micronutrients (alkaloids, VitaminE, Vitamin C, zinc, iron, copper, etc). There are adansonia digitata, Musa Sinensis ( Banana goukokoé en goun ), Moringa oleifera, Arachis hypogeo (peanut seeds), cnestis ferruginea (agbobiawun), Aframomum melegueta,voacanga Africana(agbosoun ningla), Cissus quadrangularis ( kankpé in goun, steam leaves)  adenia Lobata(dèdô in goun, roots), garcinia cola, ), Euphorbia hirta, Securinega virosa or fluggea virosa,  trichilia émética,  ficus gnaphalocarpa, Xylopia æthiopica,Zingiber officinale( ginger), Lonchocarpus cyanescens, phaseolus Vulgaris ( seed), olive oil (virgin cold-pressed), black seed oil, rice germ oil, red palm oil, natural eggs, honey, rock salt, etc.


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