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Against small roughness of the skin

Lemon has a softening action on the skin. If you have rough elbows, knees, or heels, cut a lemon in half and gently rub the affected parts for a few minutes. Mix lemon juice with glycerin, you will get an excellent cleansing and softening lotion.

White teeth

To have white teeth and reduce tartar, brush them twice a week with lemon juice and then rinse your mouth. On the other hand, avoid prolonged contact of lemon in the mouth because its citric acid concentration could damage your tooth enamel. To stop the bleeding gums after brushing your teeth, take a lemon peel and firmly rub your gums with the inside of the bark (white part).

Bronchitis and fever.

Take fresh lemon juice with lukewarm water and honey. Its essence which is rich in terpenes also has an expectorant action.


When the sinuses are infected, we recommend a nasal shower: mix a few drops of fresh lemon juice and a pinch of gray salt in a little lukewarm water, instill in the nasal cavity using a pear-to-ear or inhale through the nose (one drop per nostril, placed on the hand), repeating the operation two to three times. Sneezing guaranteed, a sign that the lemon is working!


In the case of migraine, it is recommended to apply lemon juice compresses or to put a few lemon slices on the temples to relieve the pain. Another solution, take a prolonged foot bath in a basin of hot water with 3 or 4 chopped lemons.

Beautiful hair

To add shine to your hair after shampooing, rinse it with a little water with lemon juice. The latter will advantageously replace the vinegar that was used in the past to beautify the hair. It will perfume it more pleasantly.

Some tips for the house.

1 — Vegetable, fruit, or ink stains on fingers are easily removed with lemon juice.

2 — To remove rust from a white cloth: place a slice of lemon between 2 layers of fabric. Lay this on the stain and press a very hot iron. Repeat if necessary.

3 — To keep ants away, place a rotten lemon.

4 — To clean blackened coppers, rub them with half a lemon, the section of which has been covered with rock salt (earth salt or rock salt).

5 — To clean silver jewelry, rub it with a lemon wedge, rinse with hot water and pat dry.

6 — Against termites, dry lemon peels. Put them in small sachets that you hang in the cupboards.

7 — To clean a stained sink; rub the part with the mixture of half a beer glass of lemon juice and a big pinch of salt.

Beauty treatments for all.

1 — Deodorant and brittle nails.

a) Lemon juice is a good deodorant.

b) Soak a piece of cotton in the lemon juice. Scrub carefully morning and evening for a week.

2 — Wrinkles, oily skin, and faces.

a) Facial lotions, twice a day with lemon juice, help to remove spots, also lighten the complexion and fight cracks, chapped skin, all irritations.

b) Thanks to its regulatory property of cutaneous vasomotor activity, the lemon juice used pure softens and brightens the epidermis, especially that of people with oily skin.

c) facial lotion morning and evening with lemon juice with a cotton pad. Leave to air dry for 20 minutes without wiping off before cream or powder is used.

3 — Red spots on the skin and freckles.

Rub the affected part with a piece of cotton wool soaked in lightly salted lemon juice.

4 — Maintain the softness of the hands.

Coat them with a mixture of ripe lemon juice, cologne, and glycerin in equal parts.

5 — Against bad breath.

To combat it, wash the mouth in the morning on an empty stomach, towards the evening and at night before going to bed with the following preparation: 7 tablespoons of ripe lemon juice in a quarter of a liter of boiling water. After shaking well, add two teaspoons of powdered anise seeds. Let sit for 4 hours and pass.

6 — Hair.

Lemon juice is used to massage the scalp, fortify it, degrease it. IT can be hair spray.

7 — Teeth

a) To have white teeth and fortified gums, brushing weekly with ripe lemon juice.

b) To make it easier for a baby's teeth to come out, with a very clean finger dipped in a mixture of equal parts of boiled water and lemon juice, rub the gums.

8 — Feet.

To relieve them of fatigue and fight their swelling, rub them with lemon juice soaked in a piece of cotton.

Care of the pregnant woman

a-Varicose vein, stretch mark.

Regularly rub the shea butter or iguana fat on the stomach.

NB: Childbirth will be easy and you will keep your young girl's belly free of marks and stretch marks after childbirth.

b-To be well.

Take a tablespoon of moringa powder, a tablespoon of honey, and a very ripe lemon juice, two to three times a week.

Our future mother and her future baby will be rock solid.

c-Difficult childbirth

Eat a piece of well-washed male papaya root plus rock salt (earth salt) or, failing that, sea salt.

d-Easy childbirth.

Product: recover a dry papaya leaf that has fallen on its own (the effect is still radical if by chance you see the leaf fallen), transform into powder and keep.

Directions for use: At the first signs of labor, boil and drink a glass quickly.

e-Care for young mothers.

Take moringa powder as a food supplement at a rate of one tablespoon between meals, two to three times a day. You will have enough milk of very good quality for your baby.


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