Varicose veins and stretch mark

Wrinkles, oily skin, and faces.

a) Facial lotions, twice a day with lemon juice, help to remove spots, also lighten the complexion and fight cracks, chapped skin, all irritations.

b) Thanks to its regulatory property of skin vasomotor, lemon juice used pure softens and brightens the epidermis, especially that of people with oily skin.

c) facial lotion morning and evening with lemon juice with a cotton pad. Leave to air dry for 20 minutes without wiping off before cream or powder if used.

Red spots on the skin and freckles.

Rub the affected part with a piece of cotton wool soaked in lightly salted lemon juice.

—Maintain the softness of the hands.

Coat them with a mixture of ripe lemon juice, cologne, and glycerin in equal parts.

“Against bad breath.

To combat it, wash the mouth in the morning on an empty stomach, towards the evening and at night before going to bed with the following preparation: 7 tablespoons of ripe lemon juice in a quarter of a liter of boiling water. After shaking well, add two teaspoons of powdered anise seeds. Let sit for 4 hours and pass.


To relieve them of fatigue and fight their swelling, rub them with lemon juice soaked in a piece of cotton.

BURNS and Corns.

- In the event of light burns, finely grate half a potato and apply it to the lesions. Keep this way until the pain subsides.

- Run cold water over the burn, or apply ice cubes for several minutes.

--Mix vegetable oil with cooked onion and apply as a poultice (for minor burns)

- In case of the first-degree burn, make a paste with crushed chili leaves (Kani) and apply it to the burn.

- Apply a crushed clove or a slice of garlic on the horn, keep it with a strip every day until the horn falls (be careful, put the garlic only on the horn, do not exceed the horn)

- Place the foot in lukewarm water for 5 minutes then file the horn


--Cover the area with grated carrots each evening before bedtime. Maintain with a cloth. Keep overnight. To be done every evening until complete recovery.

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