The papaw ,magical tree


1-The papaw magic

The papaw is a magical trees related to our society.It may be male or female or both as the same time(hermaphroditis).When you cut or cross it with a trunk  it change gender:male became female  and bear fruit in abundance and vice versa.It is Good will and  there is nothing from papaw that is useless.

It is rightly called the magic tree or tree of life and everyone should have it in their yard or in their garden. It is both food and medicine. My father used to tell me that this tree has a soul and I think it's true. All of its parts have healing and nutritional properties. The hollow stem and papaya are rich in vitamins A, B and C, calcium, phosphate, iron, protein and sugar. When you give a decoction of the hollow stem to a child who is wetting the bed, he is quickly cured of his pain. When you cut up anywhere on the papaya tree, it cries with its white sap rich in papain, an enzyme that helps digest proteins (meats, eggs, milk, beans, etc.). The white sap and seeds that you reject are excellent dewormers. In 1989, at DIVO in the Ivory Coast, through my channel, the Lord cured one of my 17-year-old students from a second S class who had suffered from worms for more than 10 years. Indeed, long verses were coming out everywhere all the time and what did I do? I took the dry papaya seeds that we powdered and over a week he took in a sweet porridge, a tablespoon of the powder every morning on an empty stomach. At the end of the seven days of treatment, all the worms were neutralized and over three days he only shed worms to be finally definitively cured of 10 years of parasites. It was a happy event for him and his family. Glory was given to God for this healing. We should not overlook the simple things around us that can save lives, even in desperate situations. The leaves, the flowers, the hollow stem, the green fruits, the ripe fruits, the seeds, the roots are excellent remedies for more than 10 diseases (parasites, diabetes, hepatitis, malaria, indigestion, jaundice, constipation, etc.) .

2-Some remedies.

a) See the section "simple remedies"

b) Complements on the virtues of papaw trees

Intestinal worms: pinworms, tricocephali and roundworms.

Herbal tea 1: For 7 days, take 5 to 8 g of fresh latex in half a glass of water.

Herbal tea 2: Turn dry papaya seeds into powder. For 5 days, take in a sweet porridge a tablespoon of the powder every morning on an empty stomach. Half dose in children. Sovereign remedy against intestinal worms.

NB: By habit do not throw away the papaya seeds and when you eat them, chew some seeds at the same time. You should eat papaya at least once a week 30 to 45 minutes before main meals. Papaya is a good natural depurative which brings more to our body.

Jaundice, liver, malaria.

Boil “green leaves + papaya roots + 4 lemons + An unripe papaya + coconut roots”. Drink a beer glass, 2 times a day for a week.

Anthrax and boils

Apply a piece of green papaya on the injured parts. Repeat daily until complete recovery.

Painful periods.

Herbal tea 1: Lie down on the green leaves of papaya during the discomfort. Quick relief.

Herbal tea 2: Boil the green leaves + Chinese pride + cotton leaves + henna leaves.
2 or three of these leaves are sufficient for processing. Drink 2 beer glasses a day. This herbal tea makes it easier to pass your period without pain.

Corns and callus.

The direct application of the latex of the papaya tree and especially the latex of the yellow bay leaf (thevetia neriifolia or tantohu in fon) on corns and calluses is very effective in dissolving the clumps of dry skin.


Grind the papaya root with potash and palm nut kernels. Make a poultice of the paste on the diseased part.


Every now and then make a papaya day and nothing but papaya.

Cough and bronchitis.

Boil well-washed papaya roots in honey-sweetened water. Drink half a beer glass, 3 times a day away from meals.

Otitis, earache and otorrhea.

Crush the flowers of male papaya, put in cotton and instill the juice in the ear 3 times a day.


Pound the papaya roots in a mortar. Add water. Do a small enema, once a day for a week.

Other remedies.

- A decoction of green papaya leaves, half and wilted leaves for the other half, is used during childbirth. The parturient is given to drink 2 to 3 tablespoons of this decoction then the stomach is washed with the rest before the onset of contractions. The goal is to facilitate childbirth and reduce the pain of women.

--The latex of papaya, in local application treats toothache.

--We use crushed papayas as an application against boils.

--To aid digestion consume a raw green papaya.

--To treat respiratory ailments, a handful of fresh male papaya flowers are allowed to infuse for 10 minutes in half a liter of water. It is recommended to consume 3 cups of this infusion per day.

- Against sickle cell crises. We steep a green papaya in water. The water of this maceration is given to the sick person in crisis 3 times a day

--The peels of the papaya roots are used in herbal teas as aphrodisiacs

- Crush fresh mashed seeds and consume a spoonful on an empty stomach in the morning against intestinal worms

Care of the pregnant woman

a-Varicose vein, stretch mark.

Regularly rub the shea butter or iguana fat on the stomach.

NB: Childbirth will be easy and you will keep your young girl's belly free of marks and stretch marks after childbirth.

b-To be well.

Take a tablespoon of moringa powder, a tablespoon of honey and a very ripe lemon juice, two to three times a week.

Our future mother and her future baby will be rock solid.

c-Difficult childbirth

Eat a piece of well-washed male papaya root plus rock salt (earth salt) or, failing that, sea salt.

d-Easy childbirth.

Product: recover a dry papaya leaf that has fallen on its own (the effect is still radical if by chance you see the leaf fallen), transform into powder and keep.

Directions for use: At the first signs of labor, boil and drink a glass quickly.

e-Care for young mothers.

Take moringa powder as a dietary supplement one tablespoonful between meals, two to three times a day. You will have enough milk of very good quality for your baby.

NB: Be careful, due to the presence of papain in the latex in unripe papaya and in the leaves, the use of unripe papaya, fresh or dry leaves is contraindicated if there are coagulation disorders. , because there is an increased risk of hemorrhage, it is also contraindicated during pregnancy because of the embryotoxic and teratogenic effects. A woman can eat ripe papaya at will with many benefits but never herbal tea made from non-papaya blackberry or papaya leaves.




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