Honey, royal jelly and pollen.


Honey, royal jelly and pollen.

1-The benefits of honey.

a) Honey for whom?

Honey is a heavenly wonder to nourish and heal men, women and make childreen  intelligent. Honey is the nectar of the flowers worked by the bee. Honey participates in the flavor of flowers, their fragrance, and it varies in taste, color, smell and quality, depending on the species of plant it comes from. Honey is the first energy and healthy food. No other natural food provides such energy so quickly. Honey is the only food that is almost completely predigested. In about twenty minutes, it passes into the blood ready to impart important energy, vitamins, mineral salts, trace elements, enzymes, organic acids, aromatic substances and even growth hormones. Honey is found in every country in the world and how many people actually use it. Whenever an effort is required by a person (athlete, peasant, sportsman, soldiers, pupils, students, etc.) during times of intense physical, mental and intellectual effort, honey is recommended. Honey is a divine jam, a good fortifier, a precious food and a super medicine. A person who uses it regularly will always be active and in perfect health. It is proven that no microbe can live long in honey. Good, well-preserved honey never spoils and can be stored indefinitely. Honey in jars, discovered in ancient Egyptian tombs, was still edible 33 centuries later. Who wants to live a long time while doing well must know how to make good use of honey and its derivatives. Indeed, honey and other bee products (pollen, royal jelly, honeys with vegetable essences, etc.) promote longevity, physical power, intellectual vitality and radiance. Many people take drugs with products to keep good in times of intense effort, but how many people know that certain honeys are particularly valuable for insomniacs, others for the depressed, others for those with insufficient digestive system, etc.? For example, those who take honey every day do not need a laxative because honey is a natural mild laxative and a light infusion of sweet cailcedrat peel with a little orange honey is particularly good for sleep.

To be of perfect quality, honey must be natural and pure, unburnt, extracted from broken wax cakes where it is allowed to flow normally. Burnt honey loses many of its vitamins but retains most of the other components. Honey should not be heated, and bees should not be given any other sugar for food. Depending on the region, the honey is more or less rich with certain peculiarities. Depending on the flowers on which the bees have gathered, we can distinguish honeys with different tastes and scents. In any case, honey is a good carbohydrate which contains 72 to 76% of sugar directly assimilated by the body (levulose, glucose, fructose, dextrose, sucrose, etc.). Honey is therefore a living food. IT contains vitamins, mineral salts, trace elements (copper, cobalt, iron, manganese), active ingredients, etc. Honey is antiseptic, anti-putrescible and antibiotic.

b)honey nutritional value

Honey should be taken lukewarm or as a sandwich because it is  active and irritating sometimes. For example, when you cough and take raw honey, the cough increases. But if taken boiled in water, milk or herbal tea, it becomes dissolving, soothing and calms coughs. Especially for children and the elderly, it is best to take it after mixing it with hot herbal tea. Honey should be taken moderately because if you find good honey, take only what is sufficient for you and without abuse lest you be satisfied and vomit it up. Sedentary, arthritic, sedentary, fragile digestions should use honey in great moderation. Honey should never be missing at home. All the holy books strongly recommend it because honey is a panacea. Honey is a remedy for almost any disease and anyone can use it.

2- Some recipes to know:

--As a table drink, pour four tablespoons of good honey into one liter of boiling water and let it boil a little. The drink is ready, healthy and strengthening.

- Honey works wonders as an ointment on wounds and ulcers.

--Honey soothes irritation and is successfully applied to chapped hands. It provides relief from frostbite and helps reduce swelling.

--A drop or two of liquid honey in the eyes of liquid honey in irritated eyes usually brings immediate relief.

--A mixture of honey and cream is used to erase freckles.

- Spread on a cloth, it is a good poultice to apply on painful spots of the skin and on erysipelas.

- Often the hemorrhoidal swelling has given way after regular application of honey to the anus.

- For sore throats, boil a tablespoon or two of good honey in a large bowl of water for a few minutes. Take three or four tablespoons of this preparation every hour.

- In case of difficult stomach digestion, put half a tablespoon of good honey in a glass of boiling water. Take one tablespoon every hour. Observe a moderate diet.

- Against aerophagia and referrals, take a spoonful of finely chopped fennel with a spoonful of honey. Boil for 20 minutes in a bowl of water. Take two tablespoons every two hours.

- Against intoxication or poisoning: if you have ingested poison or toxic foods, take two to four tablespoons of pure honey. Honey does not tolerate any poison in the stomach.

--For the eyes: Honey is a great purifying and fortifying eye. Boil a teaspoonful of honey in half a cup of water for five minutes. Then a small eye compress is dipped in it and applied to the eyes.

- If you experience hiccups, if caused by a cold or catarrh, boil a teaspoonful of good honey in a glass of water. It's a really big gargle.

--For abscesses: take half honey, half white flour; stir the mixture, adding a little hot water. This honeyed ointment must be quite strong. Brush the area every night. Honey applied to the abscess from time to time makes it ripen.

- Weight loss: a tablespoon of honey, one hour before each of the three main meals.

--Anemia: One tablespoon of honey added to two tablespoons of lemon juice in the morning on an empty stomach.

--Aphonia: boil the onion in lemon juice for ten minutes, sweeten with honey. Have a drink in Madeira, 3 times a day.

--Aphtha: a teaspoonful of a mixture of lemon juice and honey left in the mouth as long as possible.

--Asthma: cut a large onion very thin, soak it in a glass of lukewarm water at night before going to bed. In the morning add a spoonful of lemon juice and a tablespoon of honey. Take on an empty stomach.

--Bronchite: Three tablespoons of citro juice

Scorch: Immediately pour honey on the burn (or wound) then cover with sterile compress. Redo the dressing every 24 hours.

- Conjunctivitis: make compresses with hot water (a quarter of a liter plus two teaspoons of pure natural honey.

--Constipation: a syrup made up of a tablespoon of honey and a teaspoon of lemon juice in half a liter of water in the morning on an empty stomach.

--Convalescence: One tablespoon of honey and two tablespoons of lemon juice every morning on an empty stomach /

--Night cramps: two teaspoons of honey two hours before or after each meal.

- Growth: Daily consumption of pollen or royal jelly.

- Nervous depression: a tablespoon of honey and a tablespoon of lemon juice every night at bedtime.

- Diarrhea: pollen regulates intestinal functions.

- Stomach pain: honey alleviates it, whether it comes from ulcer, hypo acidity or hyperacidity.

- Muscle pain: take a tablespoon of natural honey in the morning and evening.

--Depurative: Take a tablespoon of honey in three tablespoons of lemon juice every morning on an empty stomach for 7 days.

- Poisoning: absorb honeyed water: Two tablespoons of honey add to two tablespoons of lemon juice all in half a liter of water.

--Weakness of heart: a tablespoon of honey from time to time. Honey is a good heart stimulant.

- Intellectual fatigue: a tablespoon of honey and a tablespoon of ripe lemon juice in a little water. the whole must make a quarter of a liter. Drink it all in one take.

--Fever: Treat with lemon water.

- Pregnant woman: take a tablespoon of honey and a tablespoon of lemon juice, 3 times a week, for as long as possible.

- Liver: Honey stimulates the liver, corrects liver disorders and contributes to a real rehabilitation of the liver.

--Gingivitis: rinse mouth with the mixture of a tablespoon of honey, the juice of a tablespoon of lemon and a quarter of a liter of water.

--Prostatitis: Daily and regular consumption of pollen and natural honey relieves an enlarged prostate.

- Inflammation of the eyelids: local application of honey.

- general fatigue: a tablespoon of honey in half a beer glass of orange juice plus the natural egg yolk.

- Insomnia: Take two tablespoons of honey half an hour before going to bed.

- Food poisoning: Drink lemon water sweetened with honey.

--Irritation of the throat: Gargle hot water (1/4 liter) added to a tablespoon of honey plus two tablespoons of lemon juice.

- Menopause: a tablespoon of honey every morning on an empty stomach reduces the age of menopause.

--Nervousness: Take a tablespoon of honey morning and evening.

- Dry skin: A tablespoon of honey, natural egg yolk and a little shea butter. Apply the mixture to the body one hour before washing off.

- Insect bites: Apply honey to the affected parts.

- Peptic ulcer: One tablespoon of pure honey and one tablespoon of fresh onion juice. Stir and drink the mixture in the morning on an empty stomach and away from meals for 4 weeks.

- Intestinal worms: Toast and crush the kernel almond of an ordinary mango and mix this with two tablespoons of honey. Take this in the mornings for 7 days.

--Cough: Drink lemon water sweetened with honey.




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