French  : Cadde.  Wolof?: Kad.   Haoussa : Gao.   Peulh : Tiaski, Tchaiki.   Moore : Zanga, zaaga  


Acacia albida is a thorny tree reaching 20-25 tall,  with a straight cylindrical bole up to 1m in diameter, and a more or less dense rounded crown. The bark is gray-brown, deeply fissured or chapped, fibrous, and sliced pale brown. The twigs are whitish, pubescent then glabrous, sometimes zigzagging. Its leaves are alternate, bipinnate, bluish-green, with 3-9 pairs of pinnae and 7-15 pairs of leaflets per pinna. The spike is dense creamy white to yellow with a base of 7-10 cm long leaves. The fruit is an indehiscent, thick, and woody pod, blistered, curved into a semicircle, bright yellow to orange, and containing 10 to 25 seeds. The seeds are. Brown, fairly rounded, and elliptical with a diameter of 9 to 12mm.


- Sexual weakness.

Drink a decoction of the leaves and roots.

--Diarrhea Take the bark and gum powder.

NB ACACIA ALBIDA is a herbal medicine that can help you stay manly into old age


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