Cola Nitida.

Common name: Kola

African names - Wolof: guro - Bambara: goro - Peuhl: goro - Hausa: goro - Goun and Fon: gba’n dja.


Most Africans are familiar with all three forms of cola (garcinia kola, cola nitida, cola acuminata) and frequently use them as a stimulant, anti-fatigue, and even aphrodisiac. You will find them in all markets in Africa. No customary marriage without cola.


It is a tree 5 to 10 meters high with a straight trunk. The alternate, oval leaves have a long petiole. The flowers are grouped in clusters of yellow color. The fruits are formed of five carpels about 16 centimeters in length and contain 4 to 5 seeds, improperly called kola nuts. The alcades divide into two cotyledons. We can have more or less red nuts depending on the variety of conservation.


The composition of kola nuts is well understood. It is caffeine, a xanthic base, which is responsible, as with coffee, for the stimulating action on the nervous system. But this action is less brutal and more prolonged by the fact that the caffeine in the fresh nut is combined with tannins which allow a slow release of this one.


- Nerve stimulant - Hypnofuge

Eat a nut a day in small pieces.


The small roots sold in the market are used as tooth rubs

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