Combretum glutinosum.

Combretum glutinosum.

Combretum glutinosum ( DIURETIC– HYPOTENSOR )



African names. Wolof: rat - Bambara: ageara - Peuhl: dokï- -Goun and Fon: Doso, magbevidé, bodomi in Yoruba and Ati sin sin in mina.

French: Elephant wood, chigommier Wolof: Ratt

Combretum glutinosum is widespread throughout West Africa and extends as far as Sudan.


Combretum glutinosum has diuretic, depurative, and cholagogue properties. On the other hand, the leaves are also recommended for coughs and bronchitis. They enter a mixture of plants as anti-icteric.


It is a small tree that can reach 10 m in height. The leaves are alternate. The inflorescences consist of compact axillary spikes with hairy cream-yellow flowers. The fruit has four yellowish wings, turning brown when ripe.

Direction of use

--Diuretic - Hypotensive

Drink a decoction of 30 grams per liter per day of leaves. Check the decrease in weight and tension.


Drink the same decocté after adding honey by tablespoons to calm the cough.


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