To enlarge the penis

Pour faire grossir le Pénis.

To enlarge young men penis

Kigelia africana
French Name: Saucissonier or false baobab.

African  Name - Wolof: dabolé; Bambara: sidiamba; goun and fon nyablikpo.

The direction of use:

--Boil the pulp of the ripe fruit in water and used the solution in massage to enlarge a fewest the penis

--Small penis

Boil the pulp of fruit in 200 ml of water and rub the penis morning and night.

Note: The fruit contains sterol, a substance whose structure is near the hormones responsible for this phenomenon. The liana of this plant mustn't touch the penis or the breast directly or indirectly for fear of seeing them grow up uncontrollably. Young girls will have the same effects for the breast but always ask a professional to prepare for you the portion in order to get a good result. He can make you a cream at this effect.



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