Afrique-herbal tea N ° 1: The super balm.


Afrique-herbal tea N ° 1: The super balm.

The super balm is a very effective balm against a lot of pain.

It is a natural product that wakes up the tired brain, refreshes the body, calms the nerves,

instantly relieves pain, fights fatigue, fights flu,

inflammations, hemorrhoids itching, sinusitis, toothache

dizziness, seasickness, rheumatism, neuralgia, fever, headache, boils

abscesses, insect bites, burns, sprains, stiffness, whitlow

coughs, sore throats, hiccups, colds, nervous breakdowns, asthma, etc.

It is a product that everyone must have at hand because of its

efficiency and its broad scope of action. You will not be disappointed because

Super Baume is the result of long experimental research.



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