Bio Remedy 003: Chito Chito Become Slim, to thin,how to lose weight

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Bio Remedy 003: Chito Chito Become Slim, to thin,how to lose weight. The natural treatment that we offer to lose weight fast and safely help to lose weight in short time. This remedy really  make to  lose weight . This herbal tea is mainly composed of several natural teas.The natural treatment that we propose  treat obesity successfully is mainly composed of several natural herbal teas. The active substances in these medicinal plants really help  to reduce fat, sugar, toxin, bad cholesterol.  It is very effective against obesity. otherwise this remedy purifies the body. The product Chito Chito how to lose weight is good medicine based on medicinal plants. It is good for detoxifying the body, lose the bad fats. The remedy how to lose weight battle obesity, belly fat, cellulite and flatulence. A solution to degrease and provides a flat stomach.

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mineral extracts, purifying plants

Active subtances

-Tanins astringent and absorbent, glycosides anti-inflammatory and anti-fibrinolytics, sterols, etc.


powder bag or jar


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Side effects

Sometimes a little too saddles minor

Duration of treatment

3 month renewable necessary

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white -Powder transparent sachet.

-Weight: 50g


50% organic natural chitosan, Opuntia ficus indica 10%, 30% securidaca longepunculata, Aframomum meleguette 10%, 10% Zanthoxylum zanthoxyloides

Active subtances:dietary fiber and micronutrients: tannins, glycoside, fibers, amino acids, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, iron, copper, zinc, manganese

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 The product how to lose weight is a great cleanser. The remedy how to lose weight captures the bad fats revitalizes. The remedy consists of herbs and organic products. With great absorbency, cleaner and mineralizing, herbal tea detoxifies the body.

Beneficial effect

Product purified body, revitalizing and rid itself of toxins. It detoxifies the body into uric acid, grease, heavy metals, tumors, poisons. The tea removes bad cholesterol, gas, waste, parasites, fungus, E. coli, staphylococcus, salmonella, worms, viruses, etc. Anyone can use them. Regular consumption is an excellent prevention of infectious diseases, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease.

other effects

The fast weight loss product is not bitter, tastes good and is easy to take. Chito Chito, also has a mild laxative effect but reduce the dose in case of diarrhea. Similarly cure protects muscle mass, grease and lose the inutiles.Le kg product is good for everyone: children of all ages, adults and seniors. Chito Chito revitalizes the same cell function, relieves fatigue and helps to slow aging.

effect bonus

The remedy same time help to strengthen the body's immune system, slow aging, prevent against diseases. The tea speeds up the recovery process and regulates the psychological function of our body. Its amino acid content allows it to regulate the normal function of our body.


Bio Remedy 003: Chito Chito Become Slim, to thin,how to lose weightThe product how to lose weight is also recommended as a preventive for the appearance of tumors, fibroids, cysts and big bellies. Moreover, Chito Chito powder also contributes to the proper development of the intestinal flora. Indeed it reduces the phenomena of flatulence, bloating and fermentation.

indications:Intoxication, obesity, diabetes, constipation, decalcification, internal wound, worms, fungi, chickenpox, shingles, gout, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, etc.

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Bio Remedy 003: Become Slim, to thin,how to lose weight to become Slim, to be thinner ,how to lose weight. Herbal tea to loose weight fastly fight against obesity. . It is a remedy made from organic herbs.

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Lose weight how to thin become slim obesity

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