Bio Remedy 012: Delaying Premature Ejaculation (Cream)

Understand how to delay premature ejaculation

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Cream to cure premature ejaculation

Bio Remedy 012: Delaying Premature Ejaculation (Cream) Heals premature ejaculation effectively. The product is a good remedy for premature ejaculation. Thus, this cream delays ejaculation and provides a hard erection like rock. The erection lasts with multiple orgasm .. It is a good therapy for premature ejaculation.

Duration of treatment

Bio remedy 012: Delay ejaculation But beware, we do not cure premature ejaculation with a wand and you must follow the program of the series E tonisex with soap, cream and powder tonisex E. Because it There is also a need to tone the PC muscle and other key points by specific exercises in the program. It takes three months of treatment for a complete cure.

Technical sheet




plant extracts

Active subtances

Tannins sedatives, anesthetics and delaying.


Pot Cream


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Side effects



Sexual weakness, premature ejaculation, impotence, decreased libido, muscle weakness pc pout erection, etc.

Duration of treatment

a month


20 euros



-pommade in 25g pot


Extracts of plants ..

-karité, Cumin oil, clove oil, etc.

Active subtances

-Tanins sedatives, anesthetics and retardants.

Price: 20 €

The therapeutic effects of the cream to treat premature ejaculation.

This Bio Remedy 012: Delaying Premature Ejaculation (Cream) to Heal Premature Ejaculation is a good remedy for premature ejaculation and soft erection. This cream to treat premature ejaculation reduces your sensitivity and delays ejaculation while increasing your libido. Indeed, the product is a local anesthetic and a sexual retardant. Once in contact with the penis and penis, it softens the excitement in the penis, insensitizes the glans thus delaying your ejaculation because it is difficult for you to control your ejaculation or to reconcile your pleasure and that of your partner .. The erection remains well supported during the whole period of the sexual act to allow the woman to reach with happiness her orgasm under your control.

Indications cream to treat premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation, sexual weakness, decreased libido, etc.

Manual :

Massaging the brake, the glans and penis about 30 minutes before intercourse. Success is guaranteed without side effects. The ointment tones the penis delays ejaculation, increases stamina and performance over time.

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natural treatment early ejaculation. Cream delaying ejaculation for a long time and provides a rock-hard erection. Please you obtain



Bio Remedy 012: Delaying Premature Ejaculation (Cream)

Delaying premature ejaculation with traditional cream made of medicinal plants of exceptional qualities. Its help to keep fit.

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