Bio remedy 018: Develop the penis naturally (cream).

Done quickly swell the penis and well

Bio remedy 018: Develop the penis naturally (cream) .made penis enlarge the penis in length and thickness quickly safely with excellent sexual performance. Hard erection like wood for a long time. . But the Bio remedy 018: Develop the penis naturally (cream). to develop naturally penis alone will not be sufficient and must involve the soap and powder tonisex GP. One does not go without the other two, and there must be 6 months of treatment. This is a serious program of penis enlargement in length and thickness safely. Our penis enlargement program is fattening the penis, combat premature ejaculation, sexual weakness, impotence and any form of erectile dysfunction. It's good and do not hesitate to commit.

Technical sheet




plant ingredients


Anabolic, stimulating, etc.

Active subtances

micro nutrients


Small penis, sexual weakness, impotence, etc.


Ointment pot


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Side effects


Duration of treatment

4 to 8 months


20 euros


Remède Bio 018 : Développer le pénis naturellement ( creame).

NB:Bio remedy 018: Develop the penis naturally (cream). naturally makes you fat very quickly penis. Although large, very long and very powerful with a hard erection like wood, defying any woman in bed Cream tonisex GP makes you fat quickly and well the length and thickness of penis. You will be amazed by the good results obtained in a short time.


-Pommade in 25ml pot


Extracts of 5 plants.

-Nigella oil, olive oil, sweet almond oil, argan oil.

Active subtances

plant sterols.

Price: 20 €

therapeutic effects

TheBio remedy 018: Develop the penis naturally (cream). to develop the penis size and ensures a reasonable volume of the penis in a short time. This 100% natural product made enlarge the penis naturally and simply stimulating your testes to produce more testosterone, hormone of masculinity and development of secondary sexual characteristics in humans .. In humans, it is called androgens ( whichtestosteroneis the main representative), and they are produced by the testicles. Thetestosteronegrown hairs, increases muscle mass and sizegenitals(Testicles and penis), and makes the voice molt.

Other effect

Tonisex generates the production of new cells and tissues of the penis with further development of the muscles. New fabrics are beginning to be born, and your penis takes muscle volume and firmness. This process is done just like during puberty in young boys. and the body starts to produce new cells each day. The product components ensure a healthy and proportional penis enlargement your size, without any risk of side effects or damage. Your natural human hormones and are prepared to take over after treatment.

How it all works?

The penis consists of three cavities, two cavities formed ridges of erectile tissue (corpora cavernosa) and a smaller cavity, the ventral portion of the penis, or there is a transition of the urethra (porous substance). When you are aroused sexually, brain secretes a hormone causing a rush of blood into your penis that fills your erectile tissue (corpus cavernosum). The cells of the body are filled with blood until an erection and penis stretches as well hardwood. The active elements of tonisex increase the capacity of the corpora cavernosa to an increased blood flow in caves creating a larger and longer erection. Tonisex stimulates cell growth at the same cavernosa and effectively combats premature ejaculation and sexual weakness. Tonisex makes you a man and your wife will be proud of your permanent performance. Your erection will become intense and durable good. Tonisex is 100% natural and has no side effects. Any increase is final.


To enlarge the penis combat sexual weakness, premature ejaculation and impotence.

Manual :

1-Spend some ointment on the penis and scrotum every night at bedtime after a shower and make a gentle circular massage ten minutes from the base to the glans until the penis is first erection (from 20 to 70% or more). Use both hands and always act with the intention of stimulating the muscles of the penis and testicles. Act in different phase of the erection to act on the circumference (90% erection max) and to act on the length (or mean rest erection). Remember that the erection begins in the mind.

2- Then, sitting on a table while putting your penis forward, slightly tighten the glans of your penis, and pull the front of your body until you have a good stretch in the center and in the database. Keep this stretch for about 2 minutes.

3-Then make a break for 30 seconds and then repeat the procedure three more times varying direction between course to break (front, left, right, down, etc.).

4- swing your penis against your leg on each occasion (left and right) so that the blood flows more freely.

Note: It will take about 25 minutes in the morning with soap and much minutes in the evening with the cream. That's two workouts a day and massage (massage, stretching, swinging). In a few weeks, your penis will increase in volume and size. You will have some difficulties at first, but do not worry, you will succeed better and better your exercises. There must be at least three months of treatment by acting with patience and perseverance because the cells do not form in two days. Your penis will be very powerful in tone, volume and length with a strong definitively penetrating power. Use both hands and always act with the intention of stimulating the muscles of the penis and testicles. In a few months, your penis will increase in volume and size. NOT'


Bio remedy 018: Develop the penis naturally (cream).

How to develop the penis naturally with a cream made from medicinal plants?This cream lengthen and increase the diameter of the penis quickly.Follow me to know more about it.

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Develop penis naturally penis enlargement increase penis diameter lengthen penis size

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