Bio remedy 019: Plants and recipes to enlarge the penis.

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the Bio remedy 019: Plants and recipes to enlarge the penis. makes the penis grow in length and thickness quickly safely with excellent sexual performance. Cure 019: Tonisex GP, enlarge the penis length and volume provides a hard erection as the timber for a long time.

Bio remedy 019: Plants and recipes to enlarge the penis.

duration enlarge penis naturally.

The powder enlarge penis naturally is not alone and must involve the soap and cream tonisex GP. One does not go without the other two, and there must be 6 months of treatment. This is a serious program of penis enlargement in length and thickness safely. Our penis enlargement program is fattening the penis, combat premature ejaculation, sexual weakness, impotence and any form of erectile dysfunction. It's good and do not hesitate to commit.

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plant ingredients


Anabolic, stimulating, etc.

Active subtances

Tannins, glycoside, sterols, trace elements, etc.


powder bag or jar


Small penis, sexual weakness, impotence, etc.


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Side effects


Duration of treatment

4 to 8 months


50 euros


The Bio remedy 019: Plants and recipes to enlarge the penis. cure makes you fat penis length and thickness quickly safely with excellent sexual performance. Erection dure.Poudre tonisex GP is fattening the penis length, thickness, combat premature ejaculation, impotence, male infertility and sexual dysfunction. But hold the combination to optimize your earnings growth.

Bio remedy 019: Plants and recipes to enlarge the penis.

We must enlarge the penis in length and volume to make it strong and power in the sexual act. The remedy enlarge the penis in length and volume is designed for this.


Many men are asking real questions about their sex lives.

-Am I satisfied with my sexual performance?

-Am I satisfied with the size of my penis?

-Can I increase my penis size? If yes, how ?

'I give everything to my partner, yet no peace! But why?

'I'm doing everything I can, however, that the problem of sex! But why?

Who am I and what do I do?

Be reassured because there is always a solution to every problem of sex and sex has no age limit. But we must choose the right way and act with patience and perseverance for a satisfactory outcome in the long term. Avoid overeating always exciting and always heal evil at the root. The exciting results provide good spot but with great risk of addiction and you will be forced to take increasingly hard to better respond. Remember that these are the key organs such as the liver, heart and kidneys as you tire in doing so over a long period. A chemical or natural drug still contains active ingredients that the body must be quick to remove and the active ingredient is violent, the action is fast.

To stay good in bed, each man must learn to strengthen his PC muscle and maintain his penis muscles through small specific massages. No drug can replace it without risk over time. Although the muscles of the penis muscles are not like the others, it is quite possible to strengthen them and make them volume without exaggeration. But it requires patience and perseverance because no muscle shape in two days. The product that we offer for this purpose is a food supplement peak, 100% natural rich in principle increasing, anabolic, vasodilatory, trace elements, repellents, etc. All plants are selected and well Bio combined in well-studied proportions in order to optimize the results.

Bio remedy 019: Plants and recipes to enlarge the penis. can change your sex life

-Tonisex GP contains unique plants well known for generations for their beneficial effects on sexual health and development of the penis in particular. Its natural ingredients bring a lot to the body, balance the body, activate blood circulation and improve blood circulation in the genital tract, key parameter in increasing penis size. I give you some of the plants used whose properties are reassuring: kigelia, Tribulus, albizzia, adansonia, Mucana, cissus, élaeis, Phaseolus, withania etc. Do your research on some of these plants and you will see that I am in truth.

-Tonisex GP will increase 6 cm length of your penis and 3 cm circumference.

-Tonisex GP will give you lasting erections with a bigger and harder penis.

-Tonisex GP will increase your stamina and sexual desire, which will make your performance in bed longer and more intense your feelings. It also provides multiple and longer orgasms for you and partner vote. In addition, you will gain confidence and your sexual performance will be boosted.

-Tonisex GP significantly increases testosterone levels to ensure increased libido and frequency of intercourse.

-Tonisex GP helps man to have good resistance during intercourse for a great performance.

-Tonisex GP you will not only achieve maximum development of your penis, but also improve your sexual appetite and strengthen your erections during sex.

-Tonisex GP contains a sophisticated blend of natural products that together assist the body's ability to produce more satisfying erections, optimize sperm, enhance sexual performance and size of the penis.

Note: You will begin to see results within the first month of use, but be patient and persistent because Paris was not made in one day. Puberty in children lasts almost 6 years or more and you can not catch up the development of your penis in a month. Ideally treatment 4 to 6 months to expect optimal results. The development of the penis will be faster if you associate soap tonisex GP and GP tonisex ointment massage. This is highly recommended, it is the combination of the three products as this helps tone also from outside the muscles of the penis (corpora cavernosa and corpus spongiosum).

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Big long and hard. Erection fast and very hard

The Herbal No. 019: Tonisex GP, enlarge the penis, natural care (To enlarge the penis, combat premature ejaculation and sexual weakness)

NB: powder tonisex GP bigger penis is an excellent immunoreconstituant, antioxidant, stimulating offset, large back and vasodilator. Good remedy.

Presentation of Bio remedy 019: Plants and recipes to enlarge the penis.

-Powder 50g sachet.


Extracts of plants which 15 (kigelia, Tribulus, albizzia, adansonia, Mucana, cissus, élaeis, Phaseolus, withania, etc.)

- Price: 50 €

therapeutic effects

Provides a reasonable volume and size of the penis in a short time. This 100% natural product made enlarge the penis naturally and simply stimulating your testes to produce more testosterone, hormone of masculinity and development of secondary sexual characteristics in humans .. In humans, it is called androgens ( of which testosterone is the main representative), and they are produced by the testicles. Testosterone makes hair grow, increases muscle mass and size of genitalia (penis and testicles), and makes the voice molt.

Tonisex generates the production of new cells and tissues of the penis with further development of the muscles. New fabrics are beginning to be born, and your penis takes muscle volume and firmness. This process is done just like during puberty in young boys. and the body starts to produce new cells each day. The product components ensure a healthy and proportional penis enlargement your size, without any risk of side effects or damage. Your natural human hormones and are prepared to take over after treatment.

How it all works?

The penis consists of three cavities, two cavities formed ridges of erectile tissue (corpora cavernosa) and a smaller cavity, the ventral portion of the penis, or there is a transition of the urethra (porous substance). When you are aroused sexually, brain secretes a hormone causing a rush of blood into your penis that fills your erectile tissue (corpus cavernosum). The cells of the body are filled with blood until an erection and penis stretches as well hardwood. The active elements of tonisex increase the capacity of the corpora cavernosa to an increased blood flow in caves creating a larger and longer erection. Tonisex stimulates cell growth in the corpora cavernosa and effectively fight premature ejaculation and sexual weakness. Tonisex makes you a man and your wife will be proud of your permanent performance. Your erection will become intense and durable good. Tonisex is 100% natural and has no side effects. Any increase is final.


To enlarge the penis, fight sexual weakness, premature ejaculation and impotence.

Manual :

-Mâcher two pinches of powder with fresh cassava.

-Take one teaspoonful of the powder in a homogeneous mixture of honey + lemon juice.

-You can also take the powder in a broth of oysters.

-You can also take the powder enlarge the penis in length and volume in a meat broth or boiled in soy or brown rice.

-You can also take the powder in a blend of olive oil and lemon.

-You can also chew the powder enlarge the penis in length and volume with some chocolate or cheese.

-You can also chew the powder and drink over the fruit or vegetable juice (papaya, apple, plum, mango, guava, radishes, tomatoes, garlic, onion, red beans, cassava, etc.). Make your own juice or choose your juice in health food stores.

-You can also take the powder enlarge the penis in length and volume in yogurt or honey.

Note: Allow 4 to 6 months of treatment and vary taken to assess the rapidly changing volume and the size of your penis. The usual dosage is 2 teaspoons per day until the desired size. Once you have obtained the desired result, you can continue taking tonisex low dose (one teaspoonful per week), this will ensure you optimal sexual performance. The effects of taking tonisex will notice right from the second month. During the treatment period and especially during the first 4 weeks, it is important to be disciplined and not miss any dose. Tonisex increases your libido with effective and durable erections. If you miss an en passant, that's okay resume as soon as you remember. If the latter is close to the next shot, cancel and resume your usual pace of decision. Do not take more than 2 teaspoons per 24 heures..Ce is not a joke, it's serious, it's makes you fat powder in truth the penis. Make it the experience with patience and perseverance over 4 months to demonstrate its effectiveness. It is advisable to combine the powdered soap and ointment tonisex GP.

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naturally enlarge the penis in length and volume. The remedy consists of herbs, roots and bluffs rich anabolic element.

Bio remedy 019: Plants and recipes to enlarge the penis.

Tonisex Plants is a recipes to enlarge the penis. This remedy 019 is available for immediate use. Netherveless we give you some secret of the recipe.

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