Bio Remedy 023: Plant Tonify penis, Receip tonify the penis

Product description to tone penis and vagina

The Bio Remedy 023: Plant Tonify penis, Receip tonify the penis is a native mild soap made from ashes, roots, fruits, leaves and bark. This product to tone penis and vagina facilitates sexual enjoyment, tightens the vagina and fight premature ejaculation. The vagina is tone and fortify the penis for long report repeatedly. The remedy provides great sensations of sex. This is a good remedy for soft erections and loose vaginas

023 Remedy: Tonisex 2V product to tone penis and vagina




non-irritating and gentle soap native


Frigidity, loose vagina, decreased libido, flaccid vagina, vagina no tonic

Active subtances

Tannin astringent, glycoside


well packaged soap


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Side effects


Duration of treatment

3 month renewable necessary.


20 euros


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Bio Remedy 023: Plant Tonify penis, Receip tonify the penis

NB: African herbal tea No. 023: Soap tonisex 2V tones penis vagina. Provides firmness of the lower abdomen muscles, muscle vagina and facilitates orgasm. good medicine

Bio Remedy 023: Plant Tonify penis, Receip tonify the penis


native -Savon in 50g


Extracts of plants .. 4

-soap, black cumin oil.

Active subtances

-Tanins astringents, toners and stimulants.

Price: 20 €

therapeutic effects

Provides firmness to your lower stomach, your breasts and your genitals in a short time. This 100% natural product is on your different muscles relaxed, tightens, tones, wake your sleeping nerves, makes you more sensitive and sensual. Useful for both the woman and man. Tonisex 2V narrowed vagina and tone the penis. This results in the production of new cells, new muscles with further development of the muscles. New fabrics are beginning to be born, and your whole being regenerated. This process will be just as at the beginning of your relationship where love was still fully lived and where one could not do without the other. Life together is beautiful and very nice if fully lived in love and fidelity of one for the other. Tonisex take you to relive that past time to make a new start. Try to testify. Tonisex 4 lets you give new life to your relationship.


Verge flabby, soft breasts, flabby muscles, loose vagina, clitoris released, etc.



Every evening and once a day, after a shower, wash the penis with soap and a soft sponge and make a gentle circular massage of the penis, about ten minutes.


Make an intimate and regular toilet with light massage at bedtime nightly for a month and this is enough to give your vagina, your vulva and clitoris your good firmness.

NB: You do the same for all your tone flabby muscles: breasts, abdomen, lower abdomen, thighs, arms, rod, etc. Tonisex 4 activates circulation, wake up your tired nerves, tightens your tissues, making you active and vigorous. Useful for both the woman and man.

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Tone penis and vagina. The remedy is an excellent product to tone penis and vagina. It facilitates sexual pleasure in men and women.


Bio Remedy 023: Plant Tonify penis, Receip tonify penis

Tonisex is a natural soap made of plants and natural products.Its help to tonify the penis and also to tighten the vagina.please to discover this natural products.

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Receip tonify  penis Plant Tonify penis

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