Bio Remedy 025: Recipe love philter, create a love philter

The Potion natural love

Recipe Philter d'amour, create a love philter, tighten the vagina, tone the penis, overcome the loss of libido, delay premature ejaculation, tone the clitoris, bandage strongly with a good love potion. Make love day by day without fatigue. To love and to be loved. The sex that unites the partners. The natural love potion calms the heart, facilitates multiple orgasm and relaxes. The filter is useful to ease tensions in couple.Bon for men who have a soft erection during the act and for women who are frigid.

Technical sheet

African herbal tea No. 25: Potion tonisex 2V (tones vagina, breasts and flaccid penis)




plant ingredients


astringent, tonic

Active subtances

-Tanins astringent and absorbent, glycosides anti-inflammatory and anti-fibrinolytics, sterols, etc.




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Frigidity, loose vagina, decreased libido, flaccid vagina, vagina no tonic

Side effects


Duration of treatment

7 days, renewable at will


30 euro

African herbal tea No. 25: tonisex 2V Potion

NB: Potion tonisex 2V tones vagina penis, provides great firmness the lower abdomen in men and in the femme.Facilite the muscles of the vagina and a good sex

025 Remedy: Potion Potion tonisex 2V love multiple orgasm


-Powder 50g sachet.


Extracts of 7 plants

Active subtances

Tannins astringents, toners and stimulants.

Price: 30 €

Therapeutic effects of the powder

Provides firmness to your lower stomach, your breasts and your genitals in a short time. This 100% natural product is on your different muscles relaxed, tightens, tones, wake your sleeping nerves, makes you more sensitive and sensual. This results in the production of new cells, new muscles with further development of the muscles. New fabrics are beginning to be born, and your being regenerated. This process will be just as at the beginning of your relationship where love was still fully lived and where one could not do without the other. Life together is beautiful and very nice if fully lived in love and fidelity of one for the other. Tonisex take you to relive that past time to make a new start. Try to testify. Tonisex makes you strong,


-Verge flabby, soft breasts, flabby muscles, loose vagina, clitoris released, etc.

External -Hémorroïdes.

Manual :


1-Boil for 5 min, a teaspoon of the powder in 2 cups of water, cool and filter at will. You can boil the night to use the next morning.

2-After a shower, let the rod in the cold potion for 5 minutes by taking a gentle circular massage of the penis.

NB: Tonisex tones the penis, fight sexual weakness and impotence.


1- Boil for 5 min, a tablespoon of the powder in 1 liter of water, cool and filter at will. You can boil the night to use the next morning.

2- After a good shower, do a vaginal bath or a cold bath seat with the potion by taking a gentle massage of the genitals.

NB: The potion tightens the vaginal tissues, tones the relevant bodies, fighting frigidity and activates circulation. Tonisex makes you sexy, sensitive and sensual.

You do the same for all your tone flabby muscles: breasts, abdomen, lower abdomen, thighs, arms, rod, etc. Tonisex activates circulation, wake up your tired nerves, tightens your tissues, making you active and vigorous. Tonisex restores your organs firmness and vigor.

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Love potion is useful torque and facilitates a deep enjoyment in sex couple. It is a remedy made from organic plants for sex.

Bio Remedy 025: Recipe love philter, create a love philter

Tonisex is a natural love recipe made of concoction and natural herbal teas .Its fight against loss of libido and premature ejaculation . Its tighten the vagina and strenghten testicles.

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lasting relation ship love potion create a love philter Love Philter recipe

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