Bio Remedy 028: Free Recipe for dysfuntion erectil

The tea that cures premature ejaculation

Supersex is the king of effective aphrodisiac against premature ejaculation. Where Supersex pass, never premature ejaculation. It is also a lasting pleasure, an unforgettable success and it always rebelote. Thus, With Supersex, premature ejaculation point. It is always a sure sex over time with good recovery. Supersex is a good remedy against premature ejaculation, sexual failure, impotence, decreased libido, sexual weakness. Supersex is also a powerful aphrodisiac mixed, made for the couple to last long in bed without fatigue during and after the carnal act. This is an original formula used by the kings and traditional leaders to manage their plethora of wives. Indeed, every traditional leader had at least 40 wives to manage daily.

Note: Only non-toxic organic plants for the kidneys and you can rest in your daily use of Supersex for the happiness of the couple. The Supersex is a non-toxic natural aphrodisiac, no side effects and no risk of overdose. Good couple.


regularly take Supersex single or couple is maximize sexual desire and frequency of sexual intercourse was. Supersex ensures the duration of the carnal act, sexual stamina, multiple orgasm. Supersex permanently eliminates the life of a man, sexual failures, form drops, premature ejaculation.

Technical sheet




plant ingredients



Active subtances

Tannins, glycoside, sterols, trace elements, etc.


Frigidity, sexual weakness, decreased libido, soft erection, fatigue, impotence, frequent sexual failure.


powder bag or jar


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Side effects


Duration of treatment

7 days, renewable at will


50 euros

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African herbal tea No. 28: Supersex

Africa-tea of ​​No. 28: Supersex sex king gives an erection as hard as steel, which holds good for more than 45 minutes. Good for sex

African herbal tea No. 28: Supersex (good mixed aphrodisiac and sexual stimulant)


-Powder bag 50 g.


Extracts of plants

Active subtances

--- Micronutrients: vitamins B, C, and E, calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, copper, iodine, plant hormones, amino acids ,, resins, etc.

-Stimulants, stimulants, tonics, repellents, toners, etc ..

Price: 50 €

The therapeutic effects of the powder

-The product is exciting, stimulating properties on the erogenous centers and has an activity similar to that of hormones that affect the sexual sphere. The product contains substances that act not only on the sexual organs, but especially on the brain. The mind finds awake and so acts of love are more original and creative. The battle produced impotence and frigidity by acting on the spinal cord and pelvis by stimulating the parasympathetic center that activates the mechanism erector nerves and secretions.

- The powder strengthens the vitality, increases physical and mental endurance, promotes learning and memory functions. , Promotes alertness, fights stress, fatigue, insomnia, promotes relaxation nervous, organic liquid production, strengthens the will, determination and self-confidence. The product will make service to everyone in case of fatigue, lack of appetite, cooling, etc.

-A due to the diuretic effect of the product, active ingredients, especially essential oils and resins, expelled with urine, cause irritation of the genito-genital tract with vascular congestion and stimulating nerve receptors that indirectly facilitate a hard erection and long. They also cause stimulation of nerve receptors and activate the act of erection. These same active ingredients by the same mechanism stimulate the clitoris and the G spot in women leading to a sustainable and persistent erotic action.

--In addition to stimulating, energetic, exciting product, sterols and phytohormones (plant sex hormone) products induce a stimulating and energetic activity which positively influences the hormonal action of the genitals (estrogen, testosterone, etc.). Indeed it contains phytohormones act on both the central nervous system on the internal secretion glands with hormonal correlations and so are fighting very effectively decreased libido, impotence, endocrine or psychogenic in emotional topics . The product also enhances muscle tone, restores physical strength, cures nervous exhaustion and senile psychoses.

-The miro-nutrients in the products (zinc, copper, iodine, magnesium, starch, amino acids, etc.) fight fatigue, frigidity, sexual impotence, revitalize, increase physical energy and sexual energy. You and elements that excite you, that stimulates you and others that give you energy and balance your body. These vasodilatory and balancing substances (tannins, trace elements, starch, caffeine, theobromine, etc.) stimulate the parasympathetic center of urogenital organs that provides erector nerves of the penis and clitoris stimuli erection and secretions.


decreased libido, disgusting sex, impotence, sexual weakness, premature ejaculation, sexual secretion defect, failure of semen, vaginal dryness, frigidity, general fatigue, decreased immune system, flu, aches, etc.

.Manual :

-Take one teaspoonful of the powder in a homogeneous mixture of honey + lemon juice.

- Take one teaspoonful of the powder in half a glass of liquid (water, virgin coconut juice, liquor, champagne, white wine, sweet lemon water, cup of cocoa, sweet tea, etc.) 30 minutes to 1 hour before carnal action.

-Mâcher four pinches of powder and drink over a liquid (water, liqueur, coconut juice, champagne, lemon sugar water, white wine, cup of cocoa, sweet tea, etc.), 30 minutes before the carnal act.

-You can also take the powder in a broth of oysters or meat.

-You have to take the powder in soy porridge or brown rice.

-You can also take the powder in a blend of olive oil and lemon.

-You can chew the powder with a little chocolate or cheese.

-Or take the powder in yogurt or honey.

-Or take the powder in a potion of 3 quail eggs well beaten.

-You can take the powder in a blend of olive oil.

Note: Vary taken to assess changes in your sex drive and your performance in bed Supersex improves your libido, your sexual performance, boosts your sexual pleasure, fighting frigidity and sexual fatigue couple. You will find your sexual instincts of youth. Use couple for shared enjoyment. After much mission accomplished, a bilateral sleep will follow for a perfect recovery. Do not be afraid the next day to work out, one to another. You can use the powder every day in your various dishes. Good for seasoning sauces, fried foods, broths, etc.

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You have a good remedy to cure and heal forever your premature ejaculation. It is a safe treatment to overcome impotence.

Bio Remedy 028: Free Recipe for dysfuntion erectil

Natural Recipe against dysfunction erectil, sexual impotence, sexual breakdowns and premature ejaculation.It help to strenghten testicles and stay longer in bed.

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