Bio Remedy 031: Cream Hair Growth, a lot of hair

Cream have a lot of hair

The Bio Remedy 031: Cream Hair Growth, a lot of hair for a lot of hair and bushy hair, well cared for and very pretty is a bio ointment. The cream for a lot of hair is made of sheets and products rich in active and stimulating elements. It consists among other castor oil, shea butter, garlic oil, cassia siberianna, Lawsonia.

Cream Presentation to have a lot of hair

-Pommade in 50g pot

the cream composition grows hair that treats baldness

Extracts of plants repellents 7, rubefacient, antioxidant, stimulant rich in vitamins, plant hormones and growth. olive oil, cumin oil, shea butter.

.Active subtances

phenolic-acid, betaine, phytosterols, echinacoside, Selenium, Vitamin A, C, E, Omega 3 and 6

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The therapeutic effects of the Bio Remedy 031: Cream Hair Growth, a lot of hair

Where oil Nigel passes reborn life and add to the other ingredients, hair growth is rapid and dramatic, I would say miraculous. Even with advanced baldness hair will grow back with wonder. It'll just give body to your hair, to further stimulate hair growth, strengthen existing hair, to give them life. Use hair grows and abandon your wig. Cream, its composition is a great fertilizer of leather hair and your hair will grow with greater certainty.


Baldness, hair loss, dry hair, brittle or thin, balding hair and sparse

Manual :

All are night at bedtime, apply grows hair on leather hair emphasizing the bald areas. Attach the head and then leave the product on overnight. In the morning wash the head and maintain your hair with a mild shampoo. The cream is a good fertilizer.

NB: Some weeks are enough to have beautiful hair.

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The cream for a lot of hair is an excellent product that grows hair is proven. This product grow hair fast.

Bio Remedy 031: Cream Hair Growth, a lot of hair

Natural ointment for hair growth. This ointment help to have the hair of your dream. Its also help you to fight against hair loss and hair falling.

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baldness hair loss a lot of hair Cream Hair Growth

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