Bio Remedy 036 : Natural treatment  high blood pressure, How to treat hypertension naturally

Treating high blood pressure naturally

The tea plants to treat high blood pressure naturally regulates and stabilizes blood pressure. Good remedy to take the tension and prevent cardiovascular events. This remedy also facilitates good blood circulation. The product to treat high blood pressure naturally eliminates even the bad fats, cleanses the arteries, vessels and improves sleep and blood health.


-Powder 50g sachet.


Plant Extracts Bio vasodilator, diuretic and depurative (Cassia alata, olive leaves, leaves of Cajanus cajan, leaves Guiera senegalensis, Ficus exasperata, Rauwolfia vomitoria, fagara leaves, moringa, ginger, avocado pit, etc.)

NOTE: Failing to buy herbal tea, 3 or 4 of these plants Cassia alata and ficus exasperata sufficient for preparing home. Take care of yourself.

Active subtances

-Elements vasodilator, diuretic and depurative ..

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Therapeutic effects of the plant powder to treat hypertension

Because of his great power vasodilator, diuretic and purgative, this decoction rapidly reduce tension with maintaining normal while properly cleaning arteries, veins and vessels. The product has a muscle relaxant action on the muscles of the heart which lowers the voltage. The remedy rids the body of various toxins, bad cholesterol. He does it with selective intelligence, not destroying the good cholesterol,


blood pressure, blood circulation problems, heart palpitations, etc.

Manual :

Boil (5 minutes) a tablespoon of the powder in a pot with lid, containing a liter of water, allow to cool, filter and keep cool.

Drink half a glass three times a day.

NB: It is important to follow the advice of his doctor and not to stop her medical treatment. The tea will greatly enhance your overall health and protect you from additional diseases.

simple and effective recipe to regulate voltage


Boil 100 g of leaves of cassia alata (amasun in goun) in one liter of water. Drink half a glass once a day. Recipe obtained with a Senegalese doctor.

NB: Many doctors advise taking daily aspirin 100 mg once daily. This thins the blood, facilitates blood circulation and is good for the body.

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 Plants to treat high blood pressure naturally is a remède.qui successfully treats hypertension and prevents cardiovascular events. ypertension-arterial /

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One sheet at a Senegalese doctor to control blood pressure naturally and help people with high blood pressure to prevent stroke and to better manage the disease .. Whether you have high blood pressure or not click the link or the image to discover the precious plant image. Discover and actively share. Support our doctors who work tirelessly for the promotion of African medicine. We still have much to learn from nature.

Bio Remedy 036 : Natural treatment  high blood pressure

Natural remedy against high blood pressure.We offer you through our herbal tea natural treatment to slow down your blood pressure.Please to discover it.

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