Bio Remedy 042: Fungal, vaginitis, vaginal thrush, natural treatment ( cream).

Cream to treat vaginitis

Fungal, vaginitis, vaginal thrush, mycosisis.Cream to treat vaginitis is a good remedy against vaginitis and vaginal infections. Discover this.. The Bio Remedy 042: Fungal, vaginitis, vaginal thrush, treatment that treats fungal vaginitis and is a traditional antifungal cream, antiseptic and antibiotic. The cream to treat fungal vaginitis itching remove ringworm fungi rapidly over time. The product also cleaned the vaginal environment. The remedy is effective and works very quickly. Evil healed and no recurrence.


-pommade in 20g pot


Extracts of plants

Active subtances

-Tanins antifungals, antibiotics, antivirals, etc.

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The therapeutic effects.

The cream to treat vaginitis treats any form of vaginitis. Vaginitis andmycoses have various causes (bacteria, fungi, viruses, parasites, yeasts, Candida albicans, Gardnerella vaginalis, trichomonas, mucous membrane irritation, hormonal imbalance, etc.). In all cases the cream kills pathogens and sanitized the vaginal flora, or mucosa or the sick part.


Vaginites, fungal infections, herpes, itching, scabies, ringworm, shingles, etc.

Manual :

Place the cream on the affected parts.


Mixing a powder ointment: sheets of cassia alata image, sulfide 12, root bark securidaca, mitrocarpus scaber (amasu, houemi, kpete do, akoligoé in goun Benin). Directions: Wash the affected areas with soap our 041 center and pass over the ointment.

Note: Associating necessarily a cure in our center for more efficiency if the disease recurrence.

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Bio Remedy 042: Fungal, vaginitis, vaginal thrush, treatment

Natural cream made of plants and herbal teas . It is the best remedy to treat vaginitis or any vaginal infection...Please to discover this cream advantages.

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