Bio  Remedy 049: Cream Hemorrhoids, Natural remedy Hemorrhoids

Bio  Remedy 049: Hemorrhoids, Natural remedy Hemorrhoids. A cream for a natural hemorrhoids treatment is possible and better for quick relief. The Hemorrhoid cream quickly soothes, tones the hemorrhoidal veins. The remedy is a good natural treatment of hemorrhoids. Reduced hemorrhoidal tumor and provides a rapid welfare.

The product

Natural Treatment of Hemorrhoids. A traditional cream, herbal grandmother cream and green clay for a quick recovery.





Species of plants, cumin oil, vegetable extracts.


Anti-inflammatory, astringent, absorbent,

Active subtances

Tannins, glycoside, etc.


Ointment pot


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External hemorrhoids, sebaceous cysts

Side effects


Duration of treatment

long duration


20 euros


NB: African herbal tea No. 049: koko cream absorbs external hemorrhoids and heals inflammation. Good remède.Bon cure for resistant cases of external hemorrhoids.

Presentation of Bio  Remedy 049: Hemorrhoids, Natural remedy Hemorrhoids

-pommade pot


Extracts of plants absorbents, anti inflammatory.

Active subtances

anti inflammatory -Tanins

Price: 20 €

The therapeutic effects of Bio  Remedy 049: Hemorrhoids, Natural remedy Hemorrhoids

The cream is rich in absorbing and reducing elements. She slowly and surely absorbs anal tumor until complete reduction. The relief is immé absorbs cream and heals inflammation. Good remedy for stubborn cases of external hemorrhoids.How it works?


Hemorrhoids, itching annals.

Manual :

Morning and evening, passing cream in the ass on the bad until full recovery.
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NB: hemorrhoid remedy cream absorbs and heals inflammation. Good remède.Bon cure for resistant cases of external hemorrhoids. The remedy may be used preventively and it is even highly recommended.


The cream is complex manufacturing because it is an essential blend of herbs and oil and it requires expertise. We received a cosmetic training for it but you can use this simple remedy.

Make a shea butter mixture and securidaca longepedunculata root (kpèta do in goun and Yoruba in Benin and Dioro Bambara RCI MALI French snake tree). You will associate the 048 remedy for a speedy recovery.

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Bio  Remedy 049: Hemorrhoids, Natural remedy Hemorrhoids

Natural treatment of hemorrhoid with cream.We offer you this natural pain in order to reduce external hemorrhoids pain in particular.Our cream work perfectly and have no side effect.

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Natural remedy Hemorrhoids hemorrhoids

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