Bio Remedy 050: Treating  Male Infertility, Natural treatment male sterility Herbal tea.

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Treating Male infertility,Treating  male sterility. Bio Remedy 050: Natural treatment  Male Infertility, Herbal tea. We offer you an herbal tea that help you to regain your fertility. This had help many men to  heal of her mal infertility in three months.This remedy  is composed of medicinal plants whose effects have been demonstrated by studies and hundreds of years of use for treating male infertility problems.


Male infertility, which adopted behavior? Male infertility can be treated better with plants. We offer an herbal tea that treats male infertility male infertility or sterility in men, the oligospermia, azoospermia, the asthénospermie etc. The product effectively treats many cases of non-organic cause of infertility in men. This is one of the best remedies based on medicinal plants. It restores all infertile man his entire fertilizing if the cause is not organic. Follow this link tounderstand the phenomenon

Beneficial effects of the Bio Remedy 050: Natural treatment  Male Infertility, Herbal tea against male infertility

The product treats male infertility Male infertility in 3 months. The tea helps in three months reproductive sperm quality and quantity, that is to say, strong sperm, powerful, strong and very mobile. The tea improves the quantity, quality and viscosity of semen in very little time. The product is an excellent natural remedy for male infertility. In addition it makes man stronger, more powerful and masculine with a heavy sperm.

NB: A semen analysis is required at the start of treatment and at the end of treatment to assess the state of play.

Technical sheet of Bio Remedy 050: Natural treatment  Male Infertility, Herbal tea


50 g


Plant extracts antioxidants immunoreconstituant


Functional food, stimulating, immunoreconstituant etc.

Active subtances

Tannins, glycoside, sterols, trace elements, etc.


Powder jar or sachet


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Side effects


Duration of treatment

3 months renewable below necessary.


50 euros


Smale térilité, oligospermia, azoospermia, asthénospermie, lack of sperm, etc.


NB: 050 remedy: Male infertility azoospermia heals successfully in three months, male infertility.

Remedy 050: Male infertility, male infertility, oligospermia, asthénospermie, azoospermia, etc.

Presentation of Bio Remedy 050: Natural treatment  Male Infertility, Herbal tea

-Powder bag or jar 50 g.

Composition of Bio Remedy 050: Natural treatment  Male Infertility, Herbal tea

Plant Extracts Bio Adenia, galangal, piper, Maca, voacanga, cissus, flugia Tribulus, ginger, etc.

Active subtances

Alkaloids, glycosides, tannins, sterols, plant hormones, micro-nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins of group B, C, and E, calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, copper, iodine, etc.

NB: All these elements give the powder immunostimulatory properties of activation, production of sperm and semen.How it works?

Price:50 euros

The product's therapeutic effects against male infertility

Most of the infertile men do not have erectile problems. They are often active in bed but with a sterile without sperm fertilizing ability. The role of our remedy is to give them that ability by a rapid improvement in the health of their reproductive system qualitatively and quantitatively valuable elements such as semen, sperm, not to mention the traffic in small vessels, etc.

The powder comes in the following casesmale infertility

-oligospermie: Insufficient sperm in semen. Normally there are at least 20 million sperm per milliliter of semen. A number less than 10 million / ml may be responsible for infertility

-Azoospermie: Total Lack of sperm.

-Asthénospermie: Sperm tired, less mobile and active. There is normally at least 50% of motile sperm in semen. Below this threshold, it is called asthénospermie. The fertilizing capacity is very small.

-Nécrospermie: more than 50% of sperm are dead. It is often due to infections. The fertilizing ability is almost zero.

- The teratospermia: more than 50% of sperm are abnormal.

- testicular stimulation fault.

The powder does not work in the following cases

-Varicocèle: we must first treat varicocele

Absence of testis or organic problem.

-Cancer prostate.

- Infertility due to alcoholism or chronic smoking unless the patient changes lifestyle: Total stop alcohol, tobacco and drug treatment before treatment.

-Poor lifestyle. The vagabond man, without public distributor of selected sperm.

-L'éjaculation retrograde: the sperm is not ejaculated but outward to the bladder

-L'exposition to excessive amounts of heat

-The presence of anti-sperm antibodies: men can sometimes be immunized against their own sperm: in this case, mobility and fertilizing capacity of sperm is reduced

-Some diseases of the liver and kidney

-Of repeated exposure to chemicals

-Obstruction of urinary tract (epididymis, varicocele, vas deferens or ejaculatory) to enable the output despite normal sperm quality sperm from the testicles

-A genetic disorder: Klinefelter syndrome, chromosomal abnormality, which combines testicular atrophy, azoospermia (absence of sperm in the ejaculate) and gynecomastia.

Why tea is effective against male infertility and male infertility

first property

The product has anabolic, antioxidant, exciting, stimulating the erogenous centers and has an activity similar to that of testosterone that influences the sexual sphere. It also contains substances that act not only on the sexual organs, but especially on the brain and blood flow in small vessels. The remedy facilitates the abundance of sperm and sperm production in sufficient quantities in three months of treatment.

second property

- The powder strengthens the vitality, increases physical, sexual and mental endurance, promotes training and endurance of sperm promotes organic liquid production, strengthens the will, determination and self-confidence ..

Other advantages

--In addition to stimulating, energetic, exciting product, sterols and phytohormones (plant sex hormone) products induce a stimulating and energetic activity which positively influences the hormonal action of the genitals (estrogen, testosterone, etc.). Indeed the product phytohormones act both on the central nervous system on the internal secretion glands with hormonal correlations and so are fighting very effectively decreased libido, impotence, endocrine or psychogenic in emotional subjects. The product also enhances muscle tone, restores physical strength, cures nervous exhaustion and senile psychoses.

-The micro-nutrients in the products (zinc, copper, iodine, magnesium, starch, amino acids, etc.) fight fatigue. They also fight frigidity, impotence, revitalize, enhance physical energy and sexual energy. You and elements that excite you, that stimulates you and others that give you energy and balance your body. These vasodilatory and balancing substances (tannins, trace elements, starch, caffeine, theobromine, etc.) stimulate the parasympathetic center of urogenital organs that provides erector nerves of the penis and clitoris stimuli erection and secretions.

indications: Male infertility, male infertility oligospermia, azoospermia, asthénospermie etc.

Manual :

--Faire boil one tablespoon of the powder in one liter of water for 5 minutes. Cool and filter.

Drink half a glass, once a day for three months.

--The morning at sunrise and 3 times per week for 3 months, take a teaspoon of the powder in a blend of olive first oil pressure and cold juice of a ripe lemon,

Note: Provide three months of treatment with 12 bags

Although the diagnosis before committing to the three treatment with 10 bags.

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Male infertility male infertility. 050 The remedy is one of the best ways to restore to man all his fertilizing power. Discover.

Bio Remedy 050: Treating Male Infertility, male sterility.

Natural treatment against infertility ,male sterility. We offer you our best remedy to fight against this sickness.Our product is efficient and have no side effect.It will only take 03 month to completely cure this deadly disease.Please to order yours.

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