Bio Remedy 081: Natural detoxification drug and alcohol tobacco

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The  Bio Remedy 081: Natural detoxification drug and alcohol tobacco is a great way to cleanse the body of various toxins and replenish it vital to well being full. Whether alcohol, tobacco, drug addicts or not, this tea will be very useful.





plant extracts


Depurative, immunoreconstituant, antioxidant, etc.

Active subtances

Depurative, immunoreconstituant, antioxidant, etc.


Powder jar or sachet or capsule


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 Chronic diseases, poisoning, addiction to soft or hard drugs, tabagistes, alcoholics, drug addicts, etc.

Side effects


Duration of treatment

Six months renewable

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50 euros



-Powder bag or 50g pot or capsule


Extracts of plants

Active subtances

Price: 50 €

. The therapeutic effects of The  Bio Remedy 081: Natural detoxification drug and alcohol tobacco

The The  Bio Remedy 081: Natural detoxification drug and alcohol tobacco is a detoxifying herbal tea, laxative, purgative and immunoreconstituant. It clears and cleanses the body of various toxins, poisons and heavy metals (chemicals, nicotine, drugs, narcotics, alcohol, chemical drugs, heavy metals, lead, mercuries, calculations, pesticides, bad fats, plates, etc.) accumulated in the body of patients over a long period. The Herbal No. 081: natural detox, replenishes the body, the mind and strengthens the immune system of the chronically ill, weak people, insomnia, mentally weak people, drug addicts, alcoholics, tabagistes. and others.


Addiction to soft and hard drugs, chronic disease, infection, etc.

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A great blood purifier for full health. A Detox cure very useful to purify the blood.

Tea 081: Cure detox, tobacco, drugs, etc. is a great purifier. A useful Detox cure to rid the body of various toxins and replenish the body vital.

Cure natural tobacco addiction drugs alcohol to purify the blood, brain, lungs, liver and effectively protect risks.

 Bio Remedy 081:Natural detoxification drug alcohol tobacco

Natural detoxification against alcohol, tobacco and drugs with our natural remedy.This natural remedy help to eliminates harmful toxins from the body and reduces the need of smoking ,drinking and taking hard drug.

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