Bio Remedy 088: Tabagiste, Quit smoking  with Herbal tea,

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 Bio Remedy 088: Smoking,Quit smoking with Herbal tea, is useful and effective herbal tea to help tabagistes, quit smoking, changing lifestyles and a healthy lifestyle without tobacco, the smoking envi disappear forever in a few weeks of care. Often the will is not enough but with 80 herbal tea, everything becomes possible. Just start taking tobacco to see a deep disgust gradually settle in you. You can not even stand next to a smoker without discomfort and nothing will please you in tobacco. With the Herbal No. 087: Disgust tobacco, smoking addiction processing natural tobacco; you have a unique opportunity to quit and I beg you, for the world, do not miss this opportunity. Success is guaranteed with a high percentage.





plant extracts


Sedative, immunoreconstituant, antioxidant, etc.

Active subtances

-Elements strongly antidepressants, psychotropic, sedative,, immunoreconstituant, antioxidant, etc.


Powder jar or sachet or capsule or potion.


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 Tobacco addiction, chronic smoking, etc.

Side effects


Duration of treatment

Six months renewable

Unit price

30 euro



-Powder bag or jar 50g or capsule or potion.


Extracts of plants

Active subtances

Price: 30 €

. The therapeutic effects.

Regular intake of this tea causes discomfort, nausea, choking, vomiting that result in real and absolute disgust and bring the patient to renounce forever the use of tobacco in all its forms .. This product is a real cure for smoking heavily dependent on tobacco. There is no smoking and sentenced to life any smoker can quit at any time, follow a detox and change of lifestyle for full health. Just follow the treatment with the herbal tea No. 088: Disgust tobacco, natural treatment, and everything will be better for you.


Addiction or dependence on soft drugs or hard tobacco, alcohol, cannabis, cocaïnes, heroin, etc.

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NB: Tea 088: Disgust tobacco addiction tobacco smoking natural treatment is helpful to quit smoking quickly. Good remedy to stop smoking and hate tobacco forever. Discover the remedy that will prevent you from smoking in a very fast time. This is real and serious.

Tobacco smoking addiction natural treatment, remedy This is a valuable aid to quit smoking in 21 days. Please find the precious remedy.

Bio Remedy 088: Tabagiste, Quit smoking  with Herbal tea,

Best natural treatment to quit tobacco disgust in short time. Please to visit our shop ,we offer you the best remedy with medicinal plants and herbal teas.

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Tabagiste quit smoking with herbal tea smoking

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