Care 222:  Absence of rules,natural Remedy Amenorrhea


Amenorrhea is defined as the total absence of rules in premenopausal women. This lack of menstruation can have several origins. The treatment will be that of the cause.

Understanding evil

The product

The Care 222:  Absence of rules,natural Remedy Amenorrhea is useful herbal emménagogue to return the rules in the absence of not associated with pregnancy or in cases of early menopause rules. This tea returns rules and restores the menstrual cycle of women. This is an effective way to delay menopause if taken regularly. The product acts quickly and well when amenorrhea are not of organic origin.





Cotton root vegetable extracts, china pride, etc.



Active subtances

 Alkaloids, tannins, etc.


Amenorrhea, rules Absence, early menopause


Powder jar or sachet


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Side effects


Duration of treatment

3 months 12 teas


30 euro

Presentation of tea

-Powder bag 50g


Extracts of organic vegetables

.Active subtances

Side effect slightly salty taste

Price: 30 €

therapeutic effect of Care 222:  Absence of rules,natural Remedy Amenorrhea

The Care 222:  Absence of rules,natural Remedy Amenorrhea is not an abortifacient and not think of any use for abortion. This is not his job. The product stimulates the ovaries and regulates the menstrual cycle in the event of sudden stop of the rules before the right age.

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Care 222: Absence of rules,natural Remedy Amenorrhea

No more amenorrhea!!!with our natural remedy made with medicinal plants and leaves.Get back your menstruation in short time.Please to know more about the remedy.

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natural Remedy Amenorrhea Care Absence of rules

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